[CS Lounge] Centaurian Autumnal Celebration

Yes and against the Vikings! I’m giving my Buddy that lives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area a hard time for it too! 1 win for the Lions; At least they won’t get skunked this season Misbecky. :beers:

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Wait what? Lions beat Vikings?

Better check on my dad.

Mom is a Viking fan.


Mom’s disappointed


in spongebob narrator voice 24 hours later…

crawls out from the pillow fort


smacks his lips, scratches his backside, and lets out a little belch

slept for about 11 hours last night. aside from waking up once to go to the bathroom, then again an hour later to grab a drink. need to venture out later to get something, though unsure if they’ll have it or not. also, it looks pretty cold out today.

but i feel like i could use the break away from the PC, as well as some fresh air for a short bit any way. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s morning time.
It’s also Monday.

Neither of these are my fault, but I am sorry nonetheless


Well the :lion: won and it has become a frozen tundra in the Twin Cities. Was a win worth 8 degrees above zero?


In a word…



Minnesota? At least it’s 8 above zero, winter is coming.
Also if you lived in Celsius land it would be even colder at -13°.


-13 here about 8 degrees warmer then yesterday id call that a win.
If ur not folowing pixie and brutus u dont know what ur missing she so innocent.

reminds me of that scene from the Simpsons where Homer learns about the birbs and the buzz buzz’s.

also, is Brutus like a retired war dog? i could’ve sworn i remember seeing something similar to this.

Yep RMWD retired military working dog the stories are amazing leo and sampsons are good as well.

At the phone store. Debating on getting new phones. If what i read on the website is true i will most likely have a new phone, as well as one for my son for Christmas.

Though, i am concerned what i saw monthly on the website is for a new line not an existing

the look on Brutus’ face when he realizes what the pigeons are doing is priceless, then quickly shields Pixie’s eyes like “yeah, you really shouldn’t be seeing that kid. o_o” :laughing:


P&B stories are hilarious the ammount of mischief she gets into and what brutus as has to do to get her outa it are even funnier.

reminds me of that sailor moon meme i read:

Usagi: i’ve done a lot of dumb stuff…
Ami: i witnessed the dumb stuff.
Makoto: i recorded the dumb stuff.
Minako: i joined you in the dumb stuff.


Thats pretty spot on of P&B.

Well i got errands to do if i dont make it back its all yours.

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eh, i’m sure someone else will beat me to the punch. :stuck_out_tongue: i’m not even really trying to be the last to post any more. others have better skills at quoting the rules in the first post than i do. :crazy_face:

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Well what i feared was true. New customer price, not existing customer price. So no new phones.

For being with the company for almost 9 years i would pay 4x the price per month as a new customer.

Ummm yeah no


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