Crickets Chirping

Again I can’t disagree with that.

Or they could just say nothing until they have something to announce. They have nothing to say right now.

Why do you have to hear from them? Are you mentally unstable? You that addicted? Or mom never taught you to be independent?

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I don’t know when you were knighted my friend, but their behavior is not how any developer should treat any of their customers.


They have plenty they could share, by the way. A status is not hard to put together. Stop being okay with mediocrity.


I mean do they not run these things on a testbed first? They certainly have the money for one.

Most their crap is on Twitter. Go follow Brian because legit all he uses lmao.

Sad, but yeah.

It is, but it shouldn’t be. Not like the game’s F2P.

Kaivax has 10 posts in the Dragonflight Alpha forums in the last 5 hours.

…just saying.


Tell me of another game where the developers are communication slaves to their player base lol

Customer service is a part of everything

correct. they have customer service. they are absurdly more interactive with their player base than nearly every other game.

the forums have just become an angry mob of cry babies mad because they arent getting what they want in their favorite game.

You all treat the forums not only like a ticket system but a suggestion box where your suggestions should automatically be implemented.

I feel so bad for blizzard employees for having to deal with entitled, unsatisfiable players complaining about everything they do.

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Normally, its not the developers job to communicate, its their project manager or product owners job, but since Kaivax is the only one we ever see, that is all we have to go by.

The reality is right now, I imagine a poll would find communication on pre-patch and Fresh servers to be fairly lacking, Expecting basic details is in no way making them a “slave” to the player base. Things they already know like number of servers, names of servers, a better window than a 2-6 week period. Those aren’t crazy expectations, especially when “Everything is really bad and it will be late.” is also an acceptable response.

Silence is the customer insult, not bad news.


We arent talking about specific features here friend, we’re talking about specific deliverables related to timing. This isn’t an RDF thread, this isn’t a XP buff or boosting thread. This is a thread about a very basic level of communication. There is no reason to not expect that kind of respect from a company.


And petitioning for advance notice instead of the rug being pulled out from under us like they tried last night, oh by the way the arena season just ended!

well, fair enough

Your car will be ready in 2-6 days. Your flight should land in 2-6 hours. Acceptable? Or do those ranges usually require a little more output from the servicing party? Again, I think you’re confusing disagreements over features with basic status updates.

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And yes, the arena “bug” and the classic XP drop were two pretty sad affairs.

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Sometimes the anticipation of not knowing makes things more exciting? :man_shrugging:t2:

No, I just think people ask too much of them.
Sure, this one post might be somewhat reasonable. But I think you are failing to consider the bombardment of other posts complaining and making demands.

All the while this game is their lowest priority. It’s a free game we get for being retail subscribers.

And no matter what they say, the response is negative. I wouldn’t communicate with my user base either. This isnt a vacation or a rental car lol. It’s a video game.

They have 0 obligation to reach out to anyone at anytime at all. They are just making a game for people to play. And I still feel really bad for them and hope they continue to put up with the angry mob and continue to give us content to play regardless.