Crickets Chirping

Here we are inside the 6-8 week window before Wrath launch and we are getting very little communication from you Blizzard.

We don’t ask for much, but we don’t like things like the XP buff being released like a thief in the night days after communicating just fine with the retail side of the house for similar function.

  • If you don’t know the date of pre-patch, say that.
  • If you don’t know the names and number of servers for Fresh, say that.
  • If the beta is so ridiculously borked that launch may slip, for the love of God, say that.

We are people with lives, and schedules, and planning and you get to enjoy our patronage as our major hobby for many of us. I feel you at least owe us a bit more communication, even if its something we won’t like.

You were quick to communicate and resolve (although still cost people points) the Arena season debacle less than 16 hours ago, but you can’t be bothered to write a few, leadership approved, lines on the current status of things?

Even in the beta forums, there are bugs that are weeks old and break classes that aren’t in the patch notes and have no communication.

The XP boost was great, but the fact that you snuck it in instead of something communicated still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of even your most stalwart supporters.

Is anybody listening?


Are you new here? This is normal.


I saw a post last night which showed a Twitter reply saying that they don’t know when pre-patch will be but it’ll be within the next month. Which also isn’t helpful but yeah.

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I came here to say this, but I knew it my heart is had already been said.

Yeah, I saw the twitter post reply to another user, but I’m not sure I would qualify that as any form of real or official communication to its player base. Thank you for reminding me.

The best part is that this is the same company that wants to mandate players “communicating” more with each other by removing RDF.

“Do as I say, not as I do.”


They might actually not totally know because they are trying to work out bugs which IMO it’s best to be patient with that. Who wants a buggy game? The Wrath beta is pretty buggy.

I’d say August 16th at the very earliest since they need to close down those servers and get the Fresh ones ready. It’s understandable why people want to know this though, at least we have Wrath C the release date and that’s way better than what we got with TBCC.

Blizzard is bad at communicating period. My guildies just laughed at what happened with the arena thing last night… so typical.


That’s actuallt a good point. We could use some “social interaction” from blue at the moment.


Normally i would say they owe us nothing. But in the era of one-time purchase & free-to-play games, a legacy game with a $10-15 subscription fee does entail that we are owed something.



Thanks, I needed a good one today.


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I don’t think the point of this is us saying, “Blizzard, release it already!” It’s more, “Blizzard, communicate with us, and let us know things!”


Well, you won’t hear me disagreeing with that. I’ve been saying it forever.

We have had plenty of feedback so far. They just condensed it all into a few twitter posts. So to cap it all off: We are indeed still getting death knights, as well as the inscription profession. Dungeon finder will not be part of the expansion as it was originally, but the patch they are starting everyone off of is a late patch. You can no longer farm dungeons, or have a character that is purely your aoe alt anymore, because that’s not a supported form of gold making because people from third world countries have mastered it after 15 years as well.

That’s all we have so far, stay tuned! They have not forgot us!


I really hope you’re kidding.

They litterally told everyone they havn’t forgot about us the other day when they released the exp boost for retail out of nowhere.

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you’re asking a company to give communication when they only give 8hr notices for arena seasons ending

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Thank you Lenkov for cataloging the hilarity of what has thus far been received. Haha.


They sure did, after releasing an exp buff to Retail that was promised to TBCC, and never even mentioned for retail, and then delayed its actual release for TBCC servers.

is this a joke?

Well, you’re half right with that question.