Crickets Chirping

Is ‘Wrath of the Lich King’ also going to have the Lich King? Gonna need a twitter post for that one.


You joke about this, but like, we’ll probably get an article from them telling us about it. There won’t be any other feedback before then, maybe a few major features will be stealth removed from the game too, but we’ll at the very most, get clarification on who the main raid boss will be.

Not sure what you want more… they announced realm consolidations on August 9, it’s rather evident they won’t announce prepatch before that is successful.

Plus, you know, they need to put the pre-patch on the PTR.

The realm consolidation is relatively independent from the other communication items we’re asking about, especially considering by the time potential locks from the consolidation end, we will be 4 weeks from launch.

Well, not really, if it fails it will push back the prepatch. They had problems in the past connecting realms, granted this time they are closing realms so they have never done that before.

So I expect the announcement next tuesday after the extended maintenance.

They have never in the history of WoW mass migrated characters (which should be incredibly simple by the way…like minor database actions simple)?

After building global communications networks with tens of thousands of users accessing petabytes of data through custom software programs, I don’t buy it, sorry.

What I do know is that we always treated everyone of our customers as they were the most important thing to our company.

If they didn’t know it was going on, what was planned, or what challenges we were facing, we weren’t doing our jobs.


Someone had to say it. You articulated what we were all thinking very well.

Gonna call it right now, they’ll push back WOTLK launch and we will get prepatch on Sept. 26 or later.

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I can’t imagine what y’all are like when your girl goes out and doesn’t text you for 5 minutes

Most of us don’t consider ourselves customers of our girlfriends, but you do you.


They’ll announce it when they know the date for certain

I agree with your post. However…

… I lol’d irl at this :slight_smile:

That’s fair…haha.

there is a phone line try that, this is a forum

Yeah, the fact that a major game developer doesn’t have certainty of the delivery date for a major deliverable makes me question the competence of the product owner and/or the project manager. I’m sure the development staff and the QA teams are being driven hard, but it’s not their job to communicate. That’s the manager’s responsibility.


The prepatch is August 30th.


Last week the game was offline for 7 extra hours because something happened with the clone copying. When you’re talking about technical things they don’t always go as planned no matter how simple they should be “on paper”. You should know that if you work in the field.

Not that it matters so much for the release date of the prepatch and the question is fine but poor communication is typical from Blizzard.

They are backpedaling on the longer than TBC prepatch idea they were saying a few months ago. Beta is behind schedule and we are getting a 2-4 week prepatch at most.

Blizzard, as always, is cowboying it & will determine at some point what level of bugs are acceptable to push the launch-button on pre-patch.

If their internal planning, preparation, and sample testing is anything like their external communication, I’m not surprised something simple would turn into a full blown emergency.

What’s truly funny is the “great” communication they had during that outage too.