Could we get a more indepth clarification? - sod

Can i sell Guild clears, or sell/buy items from a raid to another player? As in its MS>OS another guy rolls, wins, and i buy that item from them.

Can i solo an instance and sell boss loot to another player?

Because how i interpret the rules is that it is allowed to sell Guild clears, since were selling slots to clear it, and not the items that drop.

Im just asking to avoid my arch nemesis the Ban Hammer

The only information available is what has been posted by Community Management. If you haven’t reviewed the following, it was posted a few hours ago.


I get that GDKP’s are against TOS for SoD, But it doesn’t Clarify Selling raid slots for clears, nor swapping out gold as a currency to lets say some high value material item, or even Buying an item from a player that won a roll.

They’re saying selling stuff from raids/dungeons isn’t allowed, Trying to reword it won’t really change the end results of it.

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i get that, But selling guild clears isn’t selling the items, its just selling dead bosses. the items that drop are not being sold.

Also if someone wins an item and you buy that item from that player, would that Constitute a gold bid? same with winning an item and selling it. ( as it happens ALOT in pug MS>OS runs) where people roll on gear they dont need through MS>OS and try to sell it.

I’ve bold the related parts as no one is going to let a loophole in this thinking. Blizzard made it clear that selling items from dungeons/raids, inside or out of such, is against the rules. There isn’t going to a way to slip around it when it’s clear the loot in the end will be sold, so I’d recommend not try to find a way to word something to get a ‘Yes’.

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No one is going to give you permission here. No one, not even the few Blizzard employees, have the power to rules-lawyer and say what’s in and what’s out.

If you have to ask, the answer is probably “no”.


if it was clear i wouldnt be asking for an indepth clarification.

its not a loophole, its actions that are not covered nor mentioned. swapping items in Lou of gold could be considered a loopwhole but again, its not covered aswell.

im not rewording anything, as i came here for clarification, as i do understand the CS rep probably doesn’t have the authority to make a decision or could possible interpret the rules, But im sure he’ll pass this up the totem pole to some degree.

Thus the point of me asking my line of questioning, There will be ALOT of people that do what im saying, and creating more work for them in the future.

Foresight helps buddy.

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This wouldn’t be the first time someone trying to find a way around a rule to get to the same end goal. There isn’t a way to get to sale items for goal, regardless of trying to reword it.

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This is what they mean when they say they are not a path to contact the developers. No, they are not going to “pass it up the totem pole”.

And they are not going to “clearly define” it, because while your intentions may be good and true, a lot of other people will have shadier intentions. The moment they clearly define something, someone will be there saying, “ah ah ah. you didn’t say THIS is against the rules, so…”

Dead bosses are “items”. Slots in a raid are “items”. They may not be equipment items, but you are still selling something.

If you want to test fate, then try to end around the rules. If you are truly trying to avoid the ban hammer, then always live by the rule Sniperorc posted above:


You can directly leave your feedback at “the totem pole” here:

Or at the relevant super useful sticky thread where the policy change has been announced. Any changes made will be reflected in that thread!


ty, because i didnt know that.

Thats generally how vague rules get more defined.

Dead bosses, and items are two separate things though.

That wouldn’t answer my question, it would just sit in a box somewhere next too “pet battles should have guns and be rideble mounts” and " raids should should support retails AI player function."

You can lock the post down now.

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