Mizzen is a troll

Please stop spamming my mailbox with small rumble purses… I have no intentions of participating in it and I get sick of getting another one every single day on every one of my toons… I can’t even delete the mail without taking the attachment. I am officially reporting blizzard for spam here.

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Unfortunately CS does not make development designs. Your best bet would be to put in a suggestion or bug report in game, via the help menu.


I have reported it in game about 5 times now and still getting the spam mail. This is a customer services sub forum and I’m a customer.

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In this case the “Support” forums are more of a Player to Player discussion and help forum, and does not go directly to Customer Service, nor the development team. Part of that is that players can help other players seek help on various topics. Your concern is more developmental feedback , putting your feedback game is indeed important, but Support can not give it more traction. There is also the General Discussion forum, fortunately there also have been plenty of threads related to this there.


and it doesn’t look like blizzard has answered any of them. Clearly blizzard doesn’t care about their customers anymore if they won’t answer any of their customers. and development feedback doesn’t stop the issue that is currently happening. Especially if blizzard can’t even be bothered to answer any of the threads. I’ll just report it to the better business bureau. Last time I did that they answered me.

The BBB is rather a joke if you want to use it as thread; they was found red handed taking money for ratings. But eh, you do you, mate.


additionally their support page gives no option to talk directly to blizzard about the problem. You can leave feedback but can’t talk to them directly and they don’t even bother to answer you. Blizzard’s customer service has really suffered over the years and they don’t seem to actually care about the players anymore if they are completely unreachable.

Live chat was changed, along with the call-in number, because folks was wanting to ‘talk to blizzard about issues’ when those routes ain’t there to simply talk to someone as they can’t fix every and last thing in-game or about other players. Along with that, because of those kind of ‘wanting to talk to’ issue, they had to go to a call back system, and set list of things that folks can help with to weed out unneeded and fixable issues that’s outside of their field of work.


You can put in tickets for things Customer Service can help with, or provide feedback. CS unfortunately can not help with your current issue, and most likely the answer if you put in a ticket would be what was already provided. The feedback route.


Few points here.

You are welcome to leave feedback - but this isn’t something CS has any part of. This would be a developmental decision.

This forum is mainly a player to player help forum. We monitor it, jump in when we can with answers - but this is NOT a point of contact for CS.

Lastly, even when we are here - social media is not covered 24/7. Tickets are answered around the clock, however.