Could someone from the Community Council ask about this?

Last year a “bug” or “mistake” put the minimum player level for the event to lvl 60.

Continuing the discussion from Big Love Rocket:

It’s not a big thing , but Blizzard could confirm ahead of time if they plan to move the minimum level at least to the players that would like to farm this insane drop.

Since 7.3.5 on which they moved the minimum from level 14 to 98, and then 8.0 was moved to 110 and now Shadowlands 9.0 moved it to 50 (previous 120).

I won’t ask about an increase drop rate that a lot of players will comment as always, “it should be rare”…etc but at least a Quality of Life on which the minimum level doesn’t move every expansion release.

Or a Community Manager could mention that they plan to move the minimum, right now if i don’t get it on this year, i’ll have to level up all my alts to 60 because i don’t know if next expansion release will be before Feb or if they plan to move that minimum.

Also, this is actuallyz Blizzard invalidating player progress, because if someone left during 7.3.5 Legion with all his characters max level and returns now, those characters are 45 due to squish and can’t loot the epic box when 4 years ago, those characters could.

Please it’s an easy question for devs to answer, just ask if they plan to keep moving this every expansion or set a limit.


I found they plan to move this minimum each expansion since 7.3.5
The minimum level requirement will increase again in Battle for Azeroth, and will continue to increase in future expansions.

Still it keeps invalidating player progress, see below comment for full input from Blizzard on why this was changed to a minimum per expansion, it was an issue that never existed and only benefit players that got it before the changes.

It’s already been set as a precedent that only current expansion levels can loot epic boxes from holiday bosses.

Yes it’s stupid and yes it screws over returning players, new players and current players who don’t keep all characters in the current expansion. It’s terrible design and makes holidays restrictive when they should be for everyone of every level and not exclusive to new content. Especially when most holidays take place in old content.


Exactly, they moved this during 7.3.5 to kill the Allied race creation/delete for loot that players exploited since those started at level 20 and the minimum for the epic box was 14.

They need to stop killing fun.

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They do this crap all the time without respect to the player.

Ask a sub-level 50 how their LFG experience is for questing.

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Ok i found their input:


Hey all,

A quick update on changes to Holiday Loot with the launch of ‘Love is in the Air’ today:

When we changed Holiday dungeons to scale based on a player’s level, we aimed to increase participation in those dungeons. We also wanted to avoid a situation where a player with an army of low-level characters had a better chance at receiving account-wide rewards than a player with one or two max-level characters. At the same time, we didn’t want to impact the amount of chances that players who maintain several max-level characters had in previous years.

As a compromise, we made account-wide rewards a random drop for any character capable of participating in current-expansion content. For the remainder of Legion, players level 98 and above fit that criteria. The minimum level requirement will increase again in Battle for Azeroth, and will continue to increase in future expansions.

I think one contradict the other (highlight parts) and put more effort on players while this wasn’t the case from Cata to the end of Legion, so basically players that got it before have it easier compared to players looking for it now. If they put a limit like 50, it’s not an army of low-level characters as they mention that there was an issue, that never existed.

They just increased the time sink for players and players that did it before got it easier.

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As a community council member who’s invite got lost in the mail I can say that this is working as intended and that you think you want these quality of life changes but you don’t. Also, we’re sorry, we’re listening and we will do better.

As per Blizzard input, they don’t like that players create lower-level characters to beat the odds but at the same time this kind of drops aren’t designed for players with few characters even at max level.

Thanks Halite for the following thread, please also address that we must level our characters each expansion, that’s a big burn out with current desing around that mount.

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I added an edit to my original post to mention it.


Thanks for the love, i feel that if they want to keep the drop at least some QoL, that movement of the carrot each expansion, causes me a burn out effect, i just level up 11 DHs from 15-50 for more attempts, this year i go with 50 characters, i don’t want to level up 31 alts from 50-60 for 10.0 because they keep moving it.

Also, we’ll face the instance lockout every 10 characters on the same realm :confused: there’s another post on GD about why tank, healer, dps are required for this event because dps have a long queue and the fight almost doesn’t need a tank/healer, it’s not even fun gameplay, its a sloot machine.

Also, Blizzard changed during 9.1.5 some drops for Mechadone achievement, they know there’s a limit around RNG.

I don’t understand the point of the hourly instance limit. Who benefits?


I didn’t understand the constant requiring of high lvl alts. It just made me keep leveling a bunch of alts for this mount. I finally got the mount last year…

I don’t understand why they just let anyone be able to get the mount if they can mount.

That mount turned me into an altoholic and had me have like 20 alts or more a day. Drop rates and drop qualifications should be more lenient imo. Took me 10 years to get the mount. The name change also feels weird.

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It was used to avoid gold farmers i think and idk what other function it has, however they could do something for this events at least, they know the problem with really low drop and that players use a lot of characters to beat the odds but they don’t care to help us at least with some QoL.

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Thanks Halitee for your feedback, I understand the point from the other CC that don’t want BLP but there’s limits for everything and this game isn’t designed around 1 character for some cosmetics, you must do alts if you really want to collect, otherwise it’s near imposible and Devs know about that becuase they changed during SL, Mechadone meta achievement requirements due to low drops and the Anniversary Doomwalker mount.

Every CC member should just check the post around this mount on GD, every year players farming it with 20-50 characters each day, the issues around instance IDs and the fight isn’t fun to do it, we’ve farmed this mount for 10+ years, that “WOW moment is more a relief that you don’t have to level up alts again, that you achieved the goal” instead of something that provides enjoyment, it’s just a relief after suffering frustation.