Continuation of New Customisation Options for: Void Elves, Blood Elves, & misc high elves

There’s no such thing as sun druids, there’s just druids.

/sticks word, based, inbetween sun and druids for mr. congeniality


I mean if it were me… I’d expand the lore of the Ar’candor Tree. And a deal made with the Winter Queen, or bond if you will. Branching into a new style of druidism as Ardenweld is the autumn and winter but also rebirth. Definitely lends itself to the Phoenix crest of the Blood Elves.

Without writing a weird headcanon novel, that’s the broad strokes.



Always do your part to remember the Alamo.



the rpg even had belfs using moonwells via a friendship with nelfs, to relieve their magic cravings.



alrighty then.

The Blood Elf males are very cute. I will enjoy playing my Voidies with the new customizations!

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I’ve always wanted Blood Elf Druids myself. It would be interesting to see both the Blood Elves and Nightborne have Druids and create their own league of magical Botanists to rival the more Night Elf centric Cenarion Circle.

For Void Elves I would like to see them eventually get another class if and when more combinations are added. My top pick was Paladins, which would be more representative of High Elves, though I’m certainly not opposed to Druids or Shaman in lieu of Paladins as far as Void Elves go. There’s always the possibility of Night Elf Paladins as well.


I too, would love a Blood Elf Druid. It would make it so they can be every single class, except for Shaman. We could use a race that can be every class except Shaman, and Blood Elves can be that race! Nightborne, I’d like to see them get either Paladin, Druid, or Shaman…we could use an Elf race as Shaman.

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I made a mockup of what could be possible if Blizzard allows asymmetrical shoulders and gloves. The right glove is Eagletalon Gauntlets and the left glove is Stonemaul Gauntlets. The right shoulder is Eagletalon Spaulders while the left is hidden.

I also added the lipstick and nails from one of the blue velf skins to show possible lipstick and nail polish options.

Finally, there are Ranger tattoos based on Alleria’s. I mirrored them on each arm as apparently player models can’t have asymmetrical tattoos on the body, only on the face.


I would honestly have Void Elves be the Shamans as it would make a fairly unique combination and the first Elven Shamans

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The only one that would work at all is night elves, which I have no problem with personally. The thing about shamanism is that unlike Paladins or Druids where their powers are under their control and basically as long as they think they’re doing good those powers work, shamans borrow their powers and every time they cast a spell, every time, they have to ask the elements to lend them that spell. As we’ve seen with Thrall, shamans can lose their powers very quickly and it can take them a long time to regain them. I just don’t think Nightborne have that kind of connection to the spirits, especially since they’ve literally never been shown to honour them up to this point.


Not gonna lie, now I kinda want Night Elf Shaman.

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so back to my original question: how would you solve for belf druids and velf paladins? or velf anything?


Belf druids are easy, there’s at least one Ancient still in Quel’thalas, all it would take is for blood elves to go talk to him/her again.

Void elves don’t need any extra classes, they have a perfectly adequate number and the only classes they don’t have either make no lore sense because they’re corrupted by the Void, (paladin, druid, shaman) or because they simply haven’t started opening up to other races yet, (demon hunter).

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not only do they need more, so do mag’har, mechagnomes, pandaren, nightborne, lightforged draenei and high mountain tauren.

lfd and hmt only have 5. the rest i mentioned have 7, and everybody else has 8 or more.

zandalari, humans, kul tirans, nelfs and vulpera have 9. belfs and dwarves have 10.

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Void elves have 8 classes. Other races with 8 classes include:
Orcs, gnomes, draenei, Forsaken, tauren, worgen, goblins, pandaren, nightborne, Mag’har and mechagnomes.

Like straight up you’re having a whinge because void elves have the same number of classes as almost every other race. Sorry they don’t get special treatment?