Continuation of New Customisation Options for: Void Elves, Blood Elves, & misc high elves


She looks awesome, I would so love to play a character like that in WoW.

Colbert reveals he’s a secret spider.

Spider Empire rise!

Fal’dorei AR!

who are you addressing that to?

eek lol you have summoned the avarie

Yes. I am very familiar. But I don’t see the “night theme” of druids.

You in this case. But also kinda the guy who said velfs are night based. Grandbrae I think.

well wow druids are sorta like a moon/drow based lore.


The Sunwalker order of paladins and priests was created as a tauren rejection of druidism’s pre-occupation with the Moon.


What they said. They beat me to it.

Yet we see that WoW druidism is more of a yin and yang of Sun and Moon. If the Night Elves are the moon aspect then it would be easy to make the Blood Elves the sun.

I mean we blatantly see this with Balance druids.


i am not debating druids for velfs as much as pointing out that velfs dont have access to some classes because they are hamstrung being perma-shadow. so seems most easily solved by a helf mode, since we cant have helf race straight up, where they can access non-shadow classes. i dunno what brae is thinking, tbh


That’s a weird way of spelling ‘tauren’.


i like this argument. hehe

Think he was suggesting that their void aesthetic lends itself to the darkness of night and that since Druidism in wow is rooted (ha pun) in the moon and night that velfs should be fine to get druid.

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I mean adding druids to velf wouldn’t be hard if we explore more into Ardenweld and find out more about the Death Magic the followers of Gurak Tul utilize. We don’t know a whole lot about the Winter Queen yet either, she seems to be powerful enough to have created her own realm in the land of death. So I could see velfs learning and gaining a link to the dream via Ardenweld.


/raises eyebrow
well then…

Well initially I’d just say the Sin’dorei druids were asleep in the dream continuing the bargain made with Ysera at Nordrassil. They’ve been a hidden sect of the Farstriders who were scrutinized by the Magisters so they went into hiding. Only recently awakening feeling the barrier between life and death shattering.

Just continuing the night elven style of druidism as it was something learned from Cenarius and Ysera. As in the Chronicles states the blood elves do still have a link to nature. But it’s really up to Blizz how they would write it. I think there’s lots of paths. The most simple just being they were in hiding.


… While I hate everything you just said, I can say I wouldn’t be surprised if blizzard came up with that story. Lol

oooo, belf sun druids … the tauren could teach them.