Continuation of New Customisation Options for: Void Elves, Blood Elves, & misc high elves

You cheaky sob.

Anyway Nott is a goblin only because she got turned into one. She used to be a halfling.

so how do we solve for belf druids and velf paladins?

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If it were me, I’d retcon both.
Blood Elf Druids have existed but have been hidden in a barrow protected and kept secret by the Farstriders. They are descendents of those who witnessed Yseras gift to the elves at Nordrassil and have been in the dream.

Then I’d just change the definition of paladin to warrior of faith. Then customize each races paladin spell effects to represent where they are getting their power from. An example would be Blood Elf Paladins effects would be tinted red as they pulled their power from a Naaru and it’s what fuels the Sunwell. Sunwalker Tauren Paladins spell effects would be fiery and orange-ish. Which would make the Void Elf Paladins spell effects a shadowy / void spell effect.

But that’s just how I would do it.


thats a cool idea but having to remove the word paladin and replace it with the words warrior of faith for thousands of instances where it appears in the code, not to mention the lore, which is spread all over the internet and the world, on non blizz websites…is not a very tenable position. new player goes to google the words warrior of faith and thus misses out on countless videos and other forms of info that all have paladin as the keyword

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As stupid an idea as I think changing the fundamental basis for one of the most integral classes in WoW lore so dat de pwetty awwiance ewves can be paladins, he said change the definition not change the name.

Not this again!!!

Ve paladin =

my point exactly. velfs have a limited set of playable classes. how do we fix that without going boom. this is why i suggested helf mode for velfs as they could access other classes they’ve been denied because they’re perma-shadow

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When a he paladin uses void racials =

so get use to the idea that velfs are just out of luck when it comes to other classes? i mean, a velf druid isnt logical either and they wouldnt necessarily go boom. i’m not a fan of the idea velfs have to be limited due to something that’s possibly fixable


Druids is an option (they are night themed anyways) I suggested shamans before in the past.

We could also add half-elves as a race or add multi-race customizations for the army of the light to include HE

do see any of that happening? we’re having trouble just getting our own underoos.

Not anytime soon unfortunately. Same problem lfd has

and how would you solve for belf druids?

Yeah, I’m sure the spirits would love to cosy right on up with void abominations.

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Let them have druids if lore permits, though again druidism is night themed and BE are all about the sun.

i dunno if they always were, which is another reason for helf mode. their city is not called yellowsun, its called silvermoon. limiting their access to classes based on some immutable characteristic, seems self defeating in much the same way as limiting velf helfs from paladins. if they cant use void, then a velf helf doesnt use void. seems an easy fix

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What do you mean by night themed?

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familiar with drizzt?

Drow are more night elf nightborne stuff.

Velfs ain’t that.