ConsolePort now bannable?

Hi all,

I have just been getting back into classic TBC since I stopped playing retail years ago. I am due to go into hospital in a few days for a week and I wanted to play on my laptop and had heard about the addon ConsolePort. I installed it and used it a few times today and kept getting disconnected I then did some research to find that this is happening because the addon is now bannable.

Is this correct? I used it maybe 3-4 times today and that was it. Am I on the way to a ban or is the d/c a result of wow not allowing us to use the addon no longer?


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Did you use legacy 1.X consoleport with wowmapper or did you use the 2.0 consoleport without wowmapper?

Do not use it. It runs off external software and flags blizzards anticheat. It’s in the same category of software as ISboxer or HKN in the way it maps and broadcasts keys… both banned by blizz. If you get banned appeal it asap and explain what happened

I used both as the wowmapper with 1.x didn’t work well, then I used it without either wowmapper or console port but I still kept getting disconnected then I found the TBC version and it worked great but again it was disconnecting me.

Thanks for the replies. I will stop using it. But the question is. Can I use a controller normally without addons? I will be in and out of hospitals and would like to game without using a trackpad.

I haven’t experienced any dc’s while using it. Consoleport version 1.X requires wowmapper. Wowmapper is bannable. If you’re gonna use consoleport you need to use a 2.X version that doesn’t rely on wowmapper. Try uninstalling consoleport and wowmapper, deleting your wtf file, and then re installing consoleport 2.X version. If you have wowmapper uninstall that also.

I will do all of that today. Thank you so much for your reply!

It’s hard to say exactly what might be causing disconnects.

Nonetheless, I want to clarify that we don’t intend to take action against players who are using any sort of typical hardware to play the game in a typical way.

On Tuesday we had an error in our detection routine that caused us to accidentally flag some ConsolePort users, and we reversed it as quickly as possible.


The DC is happening due to a bug in the movement handling for gamepads. It’s getting fixed next patch, and it happens whether you have the addon or not. For now, you can limit your max foreground FPS to 100 or less and you should no longer get disconnected.


Can confirm on Tuesday I was hit with a six month ban, but within 2 hours blizzard reversed it and I was back online.


Thank you so much for clearing that up Kaivax. I appreciate the support.


I’m having an issue with my keyboard’s software. When i’m using it with macros associated to some keys, the software would crash and have to be started again. Am i being targeted by some anti-bot/anti- multibox mechanism? The software is ICue by corsair and it usualy happens when doing instanced group content. (Not related to the addon but still related to the policy i believe)

That doesn’t make any sense. Consoleport lets you use a controller for WoW, why would it be bannable? Do they wanna force everyone to play with KB and M?

Reason it’s bannable was cause it mirrored keystrokes like MB software and the system detected it like that. Least from my understanding of it.


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Oooh yeah I forgot about that. I saw someone briefly mention something regarding this on reddit. I agree they should have a version of wow for linux based systems.