Banned for no reason like many here

Bot ban waves use data collected in the weeks and months prior to the ban. It is VERY rare to get banned for something you did the same day. The only thing Blizzard uses when reviewing bans is their own logs.


imorph and jmorph are severe violations of the ToU, if someone is using those their bans are not going to get overturned. Some people decided it would be a good idea, since vanilla/TBC don’t have transmog, to make a tool that modifies game files so they can get their transmog. That’s definitely not going to end well for anyone using it, and IMO those people absolutely deserve it.

Consoleport and wowmapper do not violate any rules, and from what I’ve heard, bans for those are getting removed because it was a false positive. I think wowmapper superficially looks like some of the tools that people used for multiboxing to Warden.

I think it may also be related to retail having limited support for consoles whereas classic doesn’t. something that may be ok as it’s part of retail console support may be a TOU violation, or appear to be one, in classic.

Just speculation on my part though.

My 6 month ban was overturned today. Took 3 days, so if you were using consoleport and have an appeal open be patient.


Oof how many ban appeals did people have to do? Thought one was the max allowed? Just waited 3 days for mine and was told “na we gonna keep you suspended” guess I just need to play the game with mouse and keyboard and no addons … i was actually really freaked out and spent an entire days cleaning up all my computer making sure nothing got compromised… but now that I have calmed down, I feel better. Except how I was made out to be a cheater on a game I’ve played for 16 yrs… probably time I throw the towel in and stop giving this company any more of my money. Good luck all of y’all on your appeals hopefully it is a mistake. Thanks bliz for the fun times, please just stop trying to be like apple.


You can keep appealing until they explicitly tell you no more.

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They did that says literally “We will not accept further appeals.”
So guess that’s a RIP then. I’d like to keep appealing but if it’s just “guilty until… oh always guilty” here at bliz then I’m not gonna waste my time.

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Literally, or exact?

Mistakes and false positives do happen. That’s the whole point of having an appeals process - it’s a new set of eyes going over the log evidence again.

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XD yeah exactly like that but :man_shrugging:

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I’m sorry you have to go through this, I’m also sorry Customer Support has to deal with this bizarre ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ type of security. Good luck to you, hopefully this mess gets sorted out soon.

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Not even close to what happened. There was an error and it was fixed. Those suspensions have been overturned Please don’t portray it was intentional.


I kept hearing that players were suspended and had to appeal multiple times before someone listened. What would have happened if they didn’t appeal? The optics are not the greatest, that system is certainly far from perfect. You have yourself a wonderful day my friend.

My only issue it people keep making the comment “Shoot first ask question later” Like the whole thing was planned or intended and Blizzard only acquiesced when people complained. There was an error in the detection and it was quickly fixed.

Blizzard even made a statement about it.

The only optics I see are those pushing an agenda that Blizzard is an evil entity out to screw everyone, that’s based from your post history.


I’m not pushing an agenda, I don’t do stuff like that.

You may not have intended to, but your comment gives that appearance.


I don’t agree with that. I am an honest person however, if I see something I don’t like I’m going to criticize it.

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The CS forum isn’t for this kind of thing. If you want to shoot off random things that come to mind, best to do such not here. It helps no one and only cause issues.

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Have a great day bud.

Go ahead and criticize it, but an issue with a detection routine isn’t a “bizzare ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ type of security”. It’s not what normally happens. I think I’ve only seen one case similar to this since I started playing back in Vanilla, and it didn’t seem to affect as many people.