Consecrate is not generating threat intermittently

Then provide proof of such a claim since you do nothing but want to complain and snap at people on a game forum.

It’s not bugged.

That could explain it, thank you sir.


Your not generating threat because there’s no one else attacking, gotta try it with at least one person, my threat meter works the same when it’s just me, it won’t show up unless another person attacks.

On a side note, are you not generating threat in a party because your SP is too low? Maybe your cons isn’t doing enough damage to keep threat, at 70 you have to balance SP with your set too. If that’s not the case then I’m not sure

No he’s right this is a new issue atm. Me and other guild prot paly had some problem yesterday. I was able to close all WoW and client and fixed it. However before that I couldn’t hold aggro on my target on high king or maintain threat for hatefuls on gruul. Once I reset the Client it fixed it for me at least……and we were able to kill gruul. (This wss last night)

That’s not how threat works. At all.

His threat meter is obviously working because when he melees the mob it shows up.
I had a guildie log in and immediately test this and one small heal was able to pull a mob off him that he prox aggroed and had a full duration consecrate on. He restarted his client and then it was working correctly. Seems very strange that a client issue would cause this but idk what else it could be.

I went prot on my paladin last night and I was noticing issues like this and wasn’t aware of the cause. I doubt it’s client side, it starting to work normally was likely a coincidence.

I was noticing a difference on my threat Gen from pull to pull with cons. Sometimes mobs would stick like glue, sometimes I’d have 3+ pingponging between me and either the healer or one of the ranged. I even specifically had them keep extra distance to ensure they weren’t inside the melee threat range (110% vs 130%) and it didn’t make any difference. Very frustrating.

That’s not what any of those words mean.

Another “my tank isn’t generating the amount of threat I want therefore bugged” thread. I’m glad to see paladins finally getting into the mix. I was feeling kind of embarrassed for druids.

It’s very clear from the video that the game is bugged.

How about we stop trying to “gotcha” each other and actually watch the evidence presented. What is presented in the video is a bug. Whether it’s a reporting bug or an actual behavior bug, who knows, but in a spot where consecrate should be generating threat, it generates none. If it’s not just a matter of the game misreporting or the addon not misreporting and actually affects the behavior, it is absolutely gamebreaking.

seems good to me
seems to be a player issue

Happened to me saturday in BM, healer was pulling adds standing in my conc for a few seconds just by casting one heal. Was getting rather annoyed, glad it wasnt me. Seems to have been fine yestarday, has it been hotpatched or just because i restarted my client sense then?

What if this is client side and those elite tanks you hear about have been adjusting their clients to hold Aggro like gods. Wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

Do you understand what the word intermittent means?

I’m declaring this fine. nerf pallies

Guess what blizzard just confirmed?

Have a great day!

confirmed where, not seeing anything