Confirmed - armor, resists values on pservers is wrong

This is 80% of the classic forums community everybody. Jeeee zuz.

um… I’m thinking that the beta will include some public stress tests during the early summer, with classic releasing in august.

Really, if this isn’t good for people… then you really need to take a break, go for a walk, and ask yourself whats really going on and why are you so angry

I thought this was very well known. It actually helps alleviate some of my worries for endgame.

Just making the point, everyone seems giddy to bash on private servers, guess they can’t bash on them for that.

I’m impressed that I represent 80% of the community, am I an influencer now?

Blizzard doesn’t have access to the original code either. If they did we’d already have Classic right now.

Man wouldn’t it be weird if back in the early 2000s there were comprehensive guides and websites that broke down mobs to their identity within the code itself that people could use to rebuild Classic?

Damn. So weird.

Already calculated it out there. I don’t see how you can possibly argue that the 2 main private servers don’t have accurate armor values considering that post calculated it to within 100 armor.


They do have the original code, they in fact have one up and running that they use as a reference, the issue for not using it is stability with new hardware. Along with security issues of the old client is why they are used the new engine and stripped it back to 1.12 settings.


Gee, that sure isn’t what we were told before.

What about it isn’t stable on new hardware and how exactly is it that fixing security issues demanding using a brand new engine and adding things that weren’t in Classic before?

They said they had the code back when Classic was announced. They said they were having computers crash with new GPUs when they had it up and running in house. Botting issues, hacking issues, theres a bunch of security issues in the old engine and system.

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I’ll take the bait just for some fun discord.

Let’s just gloss over the fact a large majority of the forum users here didn’t play Vanilla, nor private servers, yet still want to talk down to the projects and passions that alerted Blizzard and urged them to pursue remastering their timeless content.

Having played with Esfand and Tips and Staysafe and even having had a beer with Staysafe irl (Portland, OR represent), they would all tell you that the original private servers and Nostalrius generated the platform to this return. Did you forget the “You think you do, but you don’t” that quickly? Blizzard has been far off the mark as of late. Classic assured them recoverable income and some legitimate hype to their premier franchise.

If you think private server players are going to suffer because a few spells miss and a couple dungeons take 20 minutes longer you’re still going to be sitting on the sidelines giving subjective opinion without having objective knowledge. And still ultimately asking for numerous changes and adjustments all alone sucking your thumb and holding your pillow shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy.


It’s hilarious to imagine Classic launching without layers or dynamic spawns… I see dozens of 5-man parties camping Northshire for level 2 kobold spawns with the give-up-and-log-off rate roughly matching the rate of character creation.

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They do but they don’t want to just release that game because it has no integration, bad anti cheat, and security vulnerabilities.

They are using it as a reference client for the new game. Anytime something gets reported as bug they go to the client they have inhouse and test it.

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Of course anybody who watched the surprisingly technical Blizzcon presentation on the making of Classic that’s been on Youtube for half year now would know all of this, but it seems some can’t be bothered.


They could fix all of that without adding sharding and other features that were not in Classic before.

That guys voice annoys the crap out of me. Every word out of his mouth sounds like he’s chewing gum obnoxiously.

Who is arguing that Nostalrius and the other dedicated servers didn’t pave the way for this release? Do they not know about the Nostalrius team that made the presentation straight to Blizzard at their HQ?

The problem now is that there isn’t a Nostalrius - at least not one I’m aware of. The current ones are rife with corruption, overpopulation, and problems due to language barriers and cultural differences.

So… besides the ad hominem, anything to say? Staysafe is one of the biggest contributors to Classic being developed.

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I would completely agree. Taking away from the point of the topic to focus on those other servers allows us to look at both sides of the coin, and is a stalwart reason why Esfand and Staysafe swore off private servers. The corruption and the fact Blizzard was taking input serious enough to bring Nostalrius in led many people to the defense of Blizzard, myself included. But I also won’t sit by and say every single private server was so dead wrong on so many accounts when it has been proven to be incredibly accurate; such as what Ironsides as proved.

Having played Vanilla at a 60/hour per week clip and beyond, generating server firsts on Shadowsong, and having actually played on Nostalrius and beyond, there is a very similar line drawn. The 1-2% or 3-4% differences are going to be noticeable. But again, I think people without knowledge of private servers watching speed runs on YouTube and making grandiose assumptions is just subjective tomfoolery. Those guys making those videos have been playing far far far longer in the Vanilla and private server scene than almost any single person on these forums. There is a reason it looks so easy. When you don’t have to work, live in Denmark, and spend 100 hours a week playing WoW, you tend to get good at it.

And when those same players transition to Classic, the content is still going to be blown away. Vanilla was not as technically difficult and dynamic as content is in BFA at the extreme edge of progression. But it does require an inordinate amount of time and preparedness that is simply and wholly different.

The kobolds in Elwynn were hard on private servers even if they had less health or armor or hit less hard. They dynamically respawned on the latest iterations causing hundreds of deaths due to mobs respawning and overrunning areas and not being adjusted far after release. End result; you’re still running back to your corpse.

Now we transition into layering and sharding and we will be given a tremendous gift of a relaxed Elwynn that is not congested with 3000 players, and a slight tuning increase to the overall difficulty compared to private servers.

Players are better, more prepared, and incredibly eager. Classic is still going to be crushed regardless of preconceived notions, just on the basis of desire and for some, time allowance.


Yes, yes they can lol wtf

First off, when finding an original value you are required to know the original calculations of the source you are using. Therefore, when using your damage done you must know your calculations involving individual stats and the like. Simply doing it backwards creates a massive margin of error.

Also they calculations are server side with a base value easily found on databases. So no, you do not know what they are. You did half of the problem not the entire problem.


It’s done using bloodthirst, which is a constant 45% of your attack power.

It’s the entire problem. I don’t consider 70 armor a “massive margin of error”–you might. but that’s just being contrarian for the point of being contrarian.
One from Naxx, and one from Molten Core. Same armor values.

Maybe they aren’t as far off as some devoted might want to believe. What are the chances a boss in and end game instance has the same armor as the 2nd raid boss in the game? Pretty high if…say…every boss in the game has the same armor values.