Community Council Forum Invites - Wyrmrest Accord

Good stuff to hear, man!

In regards to your edit, however: Terrible and shame on your plagued cow and chicken.

I think blizzard has made a huge mistake and I think I may not listen to the rulings of the council. This is despicable. Who cares if you led successful campaigns bringing horde and alliance together as well as having one of the most active and large RP guilds in the realm? This is a new low for blizzard.

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In the wise words of the greatest Warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner, I will bring but one sentiment to the current approach to WoW’s storytelling and character cast:

“Burn it.”

I mean.


Probably not wrong

Still, good stuff to hear that we got RP’ers up there on the Council.

The monkey paw’s curled pretty hard.

I await to see who the others that got access are.

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I have only made thirteen of my enemies kneel under threat of character arrest or execution. That’s not that bad.

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Name two ways that I will benefit the roleplay voice in this council (which I am waiting to see if they take me and the other two roleplayers seriously) and two ways that I will detract from it.

rather rude


I haven’t even heard of you? I think I may have seen the name of the guild before but its sorta generic? Well whatever, if you think your up to it. All the more power to you mate.


player housing, but with the Halfhill market farm as the base, not the garrison (better for guild base)

if we can customize it with racial buildings and upgrade the cooking mats to current, well that would be just dandy


Name at least three.

Might wanna re-read what this narcissist said, he said ways HE BENEFITS THE COMMUNITY, not things he can do for us. He’s such a selfish person


definitely read shellfish

boil him

I’m honestly unsurprised by anything anymore, but am pretty disappointed lmao

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Loki ‘Your Savior is here!’ meme.

Note that actual council members are tagged on the forums


Looks like an actual RPer was chosen, they just posted their introduction. But of course they’re from an EU server. :upside_down_face:

Alright everyone, the odds are only getting lower, so that means the payout is higher. Place your bets on who is going to be chosen!


Don’t worry, the winnings for you are very low