Community Council Forum Invites - Wyrmrest Accord

I agree but also…

I would want those thigh high heel boots for Juspion.

Venthyr mogs all a waste, not one single set with thigh high boots for me to strut around in!

Otherwise agree with all your points! There’s so much opportunity to expand on the different races in the game in unique ways that don’t require a whole expansion to dedicate to. Mage Tower is a good start but I don’t like how it’s locked behind Time Walking.

Could be something as simple as an in game holiday focused on events in the world vs what we have now which mostly just mirror IRL holidays.

Blood Elves and Void/High Elves could have something related to the Scourge invasion or perhaps something less somber but a celebration of their survival and maybe you get a few extra mog pieces here and there. Could get ranger style shoulders that Sylvannas wears or a hood that doesn’t make you bald and shows your hair??

Humans have plenty, maybe the fall of Stormwind or celebrating the retaking and reconstruction of the city? Dwarves and the War of the Three Hammers, Pandaren and overthrowing the Mogul and so much more that shaped the history of many existing races in the game.

I’m just spit balling ideas but again, agree it’s an understatement the appeal and affect Allied Races and the heritage sets had with player retention. It definitely kept people playing (myself included) well into BfA. Even the new core race customizations was what got me to resub after burning out on BfA! I even turned Priest Juspeon into a LFD so I can have bubblegum pink hair!

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I’ll be the more optimistic one and say until the end of the week. Not much to do other than sit on our hands and wait- until then, I’ll pour us a whiskey. Cheers Ted, and to our luck.


raisin a can of mtn dew to that

Ion I promise to spend 100+ hours in this game if you give us Ogres


So far only one person posting the CCF intro thread mentions RP and says they “dabble” in it.

That gives me a whole basket full of nothing. Better see some RP folks show up in there.


Blizzard I promise to never troll another forum poster or try to get suspended again if you promise to send me a council invite :innocent:

The one guy saying he primarily applied due to concerns about the story and lore was nice to see


He’s officially my favourite so far

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There’s another one who also almost RPs.

So far, they’re looking like what you’d expect. Most focus will be about raiding, gearing, balancing, PvP, and mechanics. I don’t expect anything to really touch on lore or RP. And I don’t expect any of them to understand how to draw in new players from a marketing perspective and actually make suggestions to push those along. Back to Conan I go.


Only 17/100 revealed so far tbf.

Though I couldn’t help but guffaw that they picked this Kiraser fellow, but he is rather neat.

We actually already had a number of community councils in the past, but they were largely ignored, so I’m not sure I trust the sincerity of this whole thing.


  1. They’re making a new one but will actually engage with this one publicly and will listen this time. (sincere route)
  2. They’re making a new one and will engage, but not do anything suggested and maybe quietly disband when things cool down. (PR route)
  3. As Tops mentioned. They’re specifically looking for people to groom/promote as content creators who will put positive spins on news and controversies. (long term PR route)

Seeing the first two threads posted in the community, and maybe this is me being pessimistic and bitter, but it seems kinda like people being picked are very specific about the topics they’d like to talk about. One track mind. Is it just kinda like…. “Let me post what is bothering me about the game and hope it gets fixed” and less about, making changes that benefit the community as a whole. Maybe I was foolish to think it was anything else and maybe it’s out of pocket to judge so quickly but it’s honestly reading very poorly to me.


Best case scenario would’ve been effective forum engagement from the devs, leading to feedback being presented from everyone

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I would have loved a “So glad to be here! Let’s talk about how best we can utilize this council to make meaningful strides towards a better relationship with developers and players!” But that’s just me :pensive:


gets email from blizzard
sudden spark of hope
cod: vanguard news


the pvp guy posting is infamous for his hot takes and combative behaviors on the pvp board and the 18th guy didn’t even post an intro and is just rambling about nonsensical TBC stuff.

kicks rock looks like hope’s slippin’ rapidly.


They won’t put a WRA person in there because they know they’d get raked over the coals.


I got my email invite so I don’t know why Key is trolling.

Edit: Yes I plan on representing not just WRA but ALL roleplay interests. I submitted War Council activities of 300+ RPers during BfA.


I don’t believe you but if you are genuine, I am not surprised they would put the absolute worst representative ever. You’ve been known to LOVE blizzard and everything they do.

Out of all people,



What? I submitted a huge post of evidence from BfA’s beginning to Shadowlands’ first patch. I’m not the only one from WrA / MG who got in by the way. I know of two others, at least one of who I have seen the email for.

I will represent what roleplayers need and want. That’s a fact.

Edit: The rebel RPers in BfA will not be represented >:D