Introduce Yourself Here

Hello everyone. I am Wochi, a EU Horde player borrowed here on the NA forums. I started to play WoW during the early days of TBC and fell in love completely with the game. During Wrath of the Lich King i met the woman i then married. I created my guild in 2008 and have been the GM since then, adding on top of it the position of Raid Leader, through all the expansions. I am not a Cutting Edge Player, nor a super mythic + farmer. I have my KSM and my AOTC, achieved with patience, not rushing or going mad about them!
I have create a discord channel, the Dungeon Dojo, to help those players who are uncomfy to pug m+ enjoying this content in a judgment free environment.
I love loosing myself in the game, Azeroth has been my home for over a decade, and i dont have any plans on moving out!

Edit: this is the link to my main on the EU server, for context :slight_smile:


Hi All,

I am Tsujigiri. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since March of 2005, and in that time my primary focus with the game has consistently been raiding. While I’ve never really pushed the boundaries of that aspect of the game (going for world first or world top 100), I’ve immensely enjoyed the content for its social engagement as well as its challenge. Presently I am an officer of a Heroic only guild, where our primary focus is to help new and returning players get back into raiding and find a family/community that they feel comfortable socializing with.

Outside of raiding I enjoy running M+, enjoying it for the same reasons of having a challenge but also giving me an opportunity to be social with my guild, as well as random players. One thing I love the most about running M+ is I don’t always need to try and push keys I’m comfortable with; there are plenty of times where I’ll queue up for a lower key just because I want to help people succeed, or have an easier go.

One part of the game that I’ve really come to enjoy since its introduction is the new comer chat. Often times I’ll find myself logging in simply to see if anyone needs help - whether that’s with questions they have, running a dungeon, fighting an elite, or something else entirely. It’s been an amazing opportunity to be able to help people out where I wouldn’t have been able to before.

One of the things I feel I’ll spend most of my time walking about while on the council is the Semi-Casual player base of the game. The people that aren’t pushing cutting edge, but they aren’t doing just LFR/Normal either; this is a group that I feel often gets overlooked when it comes to the overall discussion of World of Warcraft. Another area I’d look forward to speaking about is new player experience, because I feel like I have a lot of interaction with them.

Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to join the council. I look forward to speaking with everyone and having healthy discussions about the game!


Hi! I am Mirasol. You might recognize me from Tech/Customer Support MVP input since 2013 on multiple Blizzard games. I also answer general game questions on the forums for WoW, Diablo games, etc.

My gaming journey started with D2 where I got hooked. I started WoW in Open Beta 2004 and have continued to play since. How did 17 years go by?

Combat/Outlaw Rogue since day one and still am. I have 3 at this point to cover my original PvP server, a PvE server, and Horde. I enjoy other classes as well and have some max level alts. I started casual with a focus on being the server shirt seller and fishing for those stonescale eels. The AH can be a very fun aspect of the game! Eventually I was raiding MC and the rest of the guild, including a decent part of Naxx. I was a Guild officer, acting GM, and raider. We continued raiding through Wrath although I had to step down for RL work reasons. That gave me a real incentive to enjoy WoW as a break instead of almost a “sport”.

These days I spend most of my time on Achievements, collecting pets and transmogs, old content, etc. Our guild is just old friends who are happy to say hi once in a while. No pressure.

For the Council, my biggest areas of focus are:

  • Customer Support in game and out - to include player tools, feedback mechanisms, etc.

  • “Casual” should not be a negative term the way it is often perceived in the gaming community. The majority of players enjoy aspects of games that are not just the cutting edge of raiding or dungeons. Further, the gaming audience has expanded to include people of all ages and abilities. My hope is to contribute to a well rounded game that engages high end raiders, but also challenging and fun activities for those who game on their own time schedule. Non raiding activities should not feel like an afterthought. They should be fulfilling in their own right. IMHO.

  • Accessibility - I was diagnosed as an adult on the autism spectrum, have sensory and social anxiety issues, have a short term memory issues, and have the usual vision and arthritis that comes with getting older. MANY of us play and enjoy immersive worlds like WoW. I want to contribute to content that is engaging and welcoming for that broader range of players. I also hope to learn more about what the Blizzard Accessibility team does.

  • Last, I have concerns about the culture in-game and am interested in things that might make WoW a more welcoming place for new, old, and returning players.

Welcome everyone!


Hello everyone, my name is Mao and I am a new player in World of Warcraft. I started playing Shadowlands and got very involved in the raid world. I created the guild “Grimoire” with some friends and we quickly obtained the “CE”.
My goal is to represent the French Canadian community and to get involved in discussions to improve the game. I also love doing m + with my guild.
In short, I want to get as involved as possible in the community of Wow and bring the vision of “CE” players into the future of the game. Looking forward to talking to you and working with you!



Some may know me or not if you’re familiar with the Classic/TBC community. I’m excited to be here and see what comes out of this!

A little bit about me - Most people call me Sixx, my character is Sixxfury originally from Incendius during Classic initial release… transferred to Netherwind when the queue times were 6 hr+, then abandoned Netherwind in TBC when it was increasingly frustrating playing on an ally dominated server and transfers went on sale…

I originally started at the end of TBC and played most of my time during Wrath and Cata. I spent about 7~ years of my life playing thousands of hours of this great game and eventually it’s appeal wore off completely as systems and “feel” of the game completely shifted with each expansion.

With the announce of Classic I was excited to experience vanilla for the first time. I’ve always been keen on mathing out stuff and figuring out the best way to DPS or whatever so I started making a spreadsheet sim for Hunter in classic. Then that led to me being super interested in classic when the beta released. At the time I was a moderator on the classic Hunter discord but I wasn’t subbed to WoW and obviously wasn’t invited to the beta. So I sat there and watched people play, heard about a ton of bugs and all these issues with Hunter… Eventually led to me making a list and tracking down every issue I could find wrong with Hunter - pouring through old videos, patch notes, and having many people test things for me on the beta.

This eventually led to me being invited to the beta, further helping my ability to debug and help Aggrend and Co. find as much bugs as possible before launch. A few of us players worked directly with Aggrend and QA to bring classic to a good state from different perspectives. Honestly if it weren’t for Blizz being across the country for me, I may have ended up working for Blizz…

Anyways, I put in a ton of effort into making the game the best version it could - Although I was focused on Hunter issues in particular; it wasn’t the only thing I cared about. This continued into TBCC, and hopefully will continue on into Wrath Classic! I’m super excited to experience wrath again (even though it’s not officially confirmed :wink: there’s no way they don’t do it!)

Over this time I’ve devoted a ton of time towards the Hunter community, bringing a small Classic Hunter discord from about 300 members growing to about 48,000 members throughout Classic and TBCC and attempting to maintain that server as a friendly place to discuss huntery things. I also spent a lot of time theorycrafting the modern Classic and TBC Hunter (a lot of info was either unfinished or not fully thought through). Ask me anything Classic Hunter related and I’m sure I have the answer!

Basically I’m a Classic-focused PvE Hunter nerd with some hardcore tendencies, desire to play the best I can, and desire to help make the game the best I can. I’m not really sure what role I’ll play in something like this, but I know that I care about the direction of at least the Classic community and want it to continue to thrive and grow as it has over the last 2 1/2 years.

P.S. - Basîl does amazing artwork!


Hello, my name is Kiraser and I have been writing a fantasy-geek themed blog with a large following for over 7 years. It’s in Russian and it’s mostly focused on Blizzard games and the Warcraft franchise. I stick to the text format, and I’m probably the biggest remaining Russian-speaking writer in this field (often referenced by Russian Lore Youtubers, who, of course, have far larger following).

I started seriously playing WoW in WotLK, and my current account is active since Cataclysm. I never skipped a major patch since then.

I’ve also been a huge lore fan since Warcraft 3 days, hence why I started the blog as Warcraft-lore oriented. I translate book previews, interviews, summarize lore events, analyze plot twists etc. I was invited to host an official re-stream of Blizzcon 2019, and I was in good contact with old Russian community managers. I also helped translate the official Russian release of The Art of Blizzard art book.

While I’m mostly interested in the story and lore, I’ve also grown to really love WoW as a game. I really loved PvP back in WotLK days, and since then moved to PvE. Raiding is fun, but in huge part thanks to the very friendly guild I play in.

I applied to be a part of this WoW Community Council (with pretty much the same letter) partially because the game has issues with how it handles the lore and the story, and I feel like it’s because the players and the writers don’t see eye to eye. Of course, I understand that historically Blizzard has been a “gameplay first” company when it comes to lore versus gameplay, and WoW is also not a single-playing story-focused RPG. It can’t be the focus. Yet, the story remains important, since it allows one to immerse themselves in a new world, it also helps to sell the game, sell books etc. It’s profitable. But as overall player reaction shows, the last two expansions weren’t that great in that aspect. Personally, during the first year of BfA I just couldn’t stomach playing as Horde because so much of the first arc was about being forced into the villain role (of course, there’s nothing wrong with playing as a bad guy: it’s about the circumstances). I feel like the biggest issue here is miscommunication between the players and the devs (maybe even between various devs). But I trust that it can be changed for the better.

So I want to communicate with the fellows here and maybe translate how many people feel about Warcraft lore these days. On top of that, I love my guild and if there’s anything I can do to help guilds like ours to keep going, I gotta try.

I’m also a huge Timewalking enthusiast, with my bank being full of old epic gear for testing new wacky timewalking strategies and just fun combos (like summoning pets with trinkets and sets). I think this field of the game serves as untapped potential. One of the WoW’s strongest points is just how big the game is, but this strength isn’t utilized.


Hey all, i’m Yuckie! I’ve been playing off and on for the last ~16 years. I’m just your average player who spends an above average amount of time in Azeroth.

Currently focused on M+/5-man content. I play every class/most specs and am eager to continue learning more. I earned my first KSM in S1 (Druid) of Shadowlands and 6 more so far in S2 (Druid, Shaman, DK, Monk, DH, Warrior).

I look forward to contributing my thoughts and experiences about M+, class design and balance, with an emphasis on the multi-class experience.


Hello, everyone!

It’s a pleasure to see all of your lovely virtual faces here. :slight_smile: I’m Artemisha, and I’ve been enjoying this game and community since Wrath on both EU and NA. My experience has been all over the place as I enjoy so many aspects of this game, from RBGs and mythic raiding to achievement hunting and transmog collecting.

I’ve been casually to semi-hardcore raiding since 2009, but have stepped back dramatically since Legion due to real-life commitments. My experience is with warlock raiding, PVP, and M+, but my focus is primarily mount collecting and achievements. I multi-alt and currently have 15 60’s and 39 characters total above 50 for mount & transmog farming. You can usually find me in game 4-10 hours a day.

It’s an interesting experience as someone who made the switch to a more “casual” approach, as I can see the barriers that exist for new/inexperienced players, especially when it comes to doing group activities required for completion of certain content in the game.

I look forward to discussing the nuances of past and present content, and barriers some of the newer players may have to it and ways we can improve that and make inaccessible content more accessible. Outside of the pixelated world of Azeroth, I’m a nurse care coordinator and educator. I absolutely love helping others and sharing knowledge, and hope that will be reflected in my time here on the WoW Community Council.


Greetings Travelers,

My name is Mist/Misty. Hmmmm, myself as a wow player… Well, I am a legion baby. Started off RPing for fun with friends, and pet battling. Which led into raiding casually… Which led into guild hopping at the US100 level… Eventually, at the end of BoD, I found a home with an amazing group of people on Stormrage and have been with them ever since.

I guess most of my experience would lie in all things required to raid at the… 2nd highest level? While I have never been in a guild who is attempting world first, obtaining highish world rankings is good enough for little ol’ me.

My second most experience would be in all things healing. I main Mistweaver/Disc Priest, but I actively play all healers.

Third most experience would be in Pet battling. I have a passion for collecting/battling pets. Was actually very upset this expansion when they took out REP for defeating pet battle masters in zones. My guild members used to borrow my pets just so they could beat them :).

During my time on the council, I hope to talk about what we can do as a community to make Azeroth a better, more inclusive place for EVERYONE at all levels of gameplay.


Hi There!
I’m Eth, GM of Cry Havoc - Cenarius (NA). I also raid lead for both of the guild’s teams. I main a holy priest and my focus is our guild, raiding, and m+. Questing and farming are my least favorite activities in-game. I feel that my experiences over the last thirteen years as a female, visually impaired/disabled gamer could offer a unique and insightful perspective in this community. I have a genetic condition called Stargardt’s. Stargardt’s is a form of macular degeneration and is causing me to lose my sight. Learning and adapting to playing WoW has been quite the journey.


Hey guys,

I’m, Xanlorash. Many of you may know me as an MVP here on the Forums since late 2018. I’ve been a World of Warcraft player since 2004. Shortly joined the game after one of my friend’s showed me the Alliance city of Stormwind back then!

Before playing World of Warcraft, I played games mostly on consoles with the exception of Warcraft III and Diablo II. In World of Warcraft, I really enjoy earning achievements and working on them.

I additionally really enjoy collecting items such as mounts, pets, and the various transmog sets! My main character has been an Arcane Mage, Which I created shortly after the expansion, The Burning Crusade launched!

As part of the WoW Community Council, My parts of focus will be:

Achievements: In this aspect regarding achievements, I’ll be pushing for more collection achievements to be added! I understand at this point from reading the Forums, That many would love to see more achievements added in respect to the Mount and Pet Collection Achievements!

I’ll also be posting feedback regarding many various other achievements in the game as well. I’ve got a lot of feedback I wish to share regarding many achieves.

Dungeons & Raids: I really enjoy raiding. I’m a Heroic raider at this point, Hoping to get into Mythic raiding eventually. Personally, I would love to see Flex raiding when it comes to Mythic raids. I’ll also be posting feedback on how Dungeons & Raids themselves can be improved upon. Weather it’s a new dungeon or raid or a new one to the game!

PvP - In Battlegrounds & The Open Game World: Got a lot to share regarding PvP in General. I’m hoping to see a lot of changes take place when it comes to PvP. One aspect I’ll be posting feedback on is regarding “Premades” in Battlegrounds.

I would love to see a feature added to PvP where you can form a premade group and fight against another premade group. Possibly have it as a feature in the Battleground Finder! I’m hoping if this were to take place that in the current random Battleground’s that if you queue for a random - It would be a random and not a random against a premade.

I know from experience this has been an issue with some premade’s from farming kills and not doing objectives causing the match to take forever to end. And, I know players don’t want to leave because they would get deserter for leaving. So, I’ll be posting some feedback regarding this in General.

I’ll also be posting feedback as well for Open-World PvP and how this can be expanded in General in-game! Maybe add some cool rewards you could obtain for participating in Warmode! :smiley:

I also welcome all of the new people that got invited to this new program by Blizzard. Hope you all enjoy your time and looking forward to seeing what you all have to say! :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’ve been playing WoW since mid 2005 on EU realms, hence the level 10 character I leveled up real quick so I could actually post on US forums. :slight_smile:

My current main is the same human warrior I started playing back then, but I have a few alts of various other classes as well. I primarily play on RP servers due to the generally nicer atmosphere and have a history of going through long roleplaying campaigns (and dungeons/raids) with a group of friends although I haven’t done this much these last few years due to friends leaving and other interests taking up most of my time.

The biggest of those interests is in the technical behind-the-scenes parts of WoW. I’ve made and/or helped with various tools that support fan artists, machinima artists, addon authors and those wanting to get information out of WoW that is not available through official means. I’m hoping to be able to give some feedback from that very small, usually “behind the scenes” yet important part of the community that supports many other things WoW players regularly see and/or use. Since I am planning on spending less time in this category in the coming year, I’m hoping to maybe get the ball rolling on some more official/alternative (but reasonable) methods for getting such information (such as expanding parts of the web API to include more data) and if not at least a clear answer as to why not.

Additionally my interests include accessibility, game performance/stability, exploration and as mentioned earlier; RP. I also particularly enjoy testing/figuring out (and breaking) new features and systems on PTR/Beta such as the controller support added in early Shadowlands Beta or more recently game systems like the Cypher/Pocopoc stuff in 9.2.

As for what I do on retail, I play through the latest story content but don’t actively seek out to do other content outside of what is required for story progression. Every now and then I’ll join in some casual RP, and while it is not as great as the long RP campaigns I used to take part in, it is still a great way to escape the real world sometimes. I also sometimes enjoy jumping back into older content and doing things I haven’t done yet or am missing.

Hoping to give feedback/ideas on all the stuff I mentioned and will wisely refrain from giving feedback in categories I don’t know anything about. :slight_smile:


Sup ya’ll, glad to be here.

I’m coming over here from EU (, unfortunately this lvl10 trial toon is the only way I can post here, but my Armory from EU will always be here.

I’ve been playing since late 2008 almost without a break, although my current account was made in Legion. I’ve spent my time doing a variety of things, but I’ve always participated in PvP the most. Every time I was raidlogging, every time I was hanging out with my friends, if I wanted to have more content, or if I wanted to challenge myself, I always played PvP in one of its many forms, be it levelling BGs, open world PvP, dueling, random BGs, or rated PvP.

WoW is incredibly blessed to have one of the best hotkey based PvP in the MMORPG market, and as part of the Council, I would like to cultivate that, as it has been for the most part either been ignored or has fallen victim to poor decisions and slow reaction times. Let it be class design, progression systems, rewards, content outside rated, tunings, theorycrafting, or artificial barriers of entry, anything that even slightly brushes with PvP, I will be here to give detailed feedback.


Hello everyone, my ign is Petitdalf ! It’s the username I’ve always gone by since I started playing WoW at the very beginning of vanilla.

I’m not special in any way, no stream or youtube etc, but I have been an active member in various discord class communities for many years now. Especially in the Monk and Paladin discord. This led me to meet tons of people, with various experience in the game at different skill level - from world first raiders to more casuals players. I’m hoping I can mesh their feedback in the council rather than focusing on what i personally think.

Although if you do know me, you know I have always loved to try and make different talent choices, different covenant - legendaries combination work. And I think that it is something that i will personally try and focus on. There are some seriously undertuned talents/covenants in the game, and some that could be fixed with very minimal effort, leading to a much more healthier class gameplay.

If I can give a specific example, the Brewmaster monk barely changes talents since Legion. Some rows have been completely dominant for years. I personally believe smaller, a bit more frequent, tuning patch/hotfix could be very healthy for the game instead of focusing on major patches. A small 5% here and there. Obviously, we still need the big patches changing the game and classes, but why not try and give players more choices?

As for myself in WoW, I was a tank main until Shadowlands where I have been playing primarily Holy paladin, although i have started to invest in Mistweaver lately. I raid with an amazing group - slurp on Mal’ganis. A two days raiding guild that achieved World 272 / US 88.


Hello fellow gamers, most people call me Winter due to an old nickname I use on various platforms :slight_smile: I’m also an EU player so I’m currently using a Trial character to post here.

I’ve been playing this game on and off since end of TBC and started playing a lot more during Legion when we made a guild with a bunch of friends with which I’ve been raiding mythic since.

I don’t stream or write guides however I am a very big blaster on basically every class/spec in the game and I occasionally help people either ingame or on class discords.

Currently I raid around rank 1k world and do dungeons around 20 and I would consider myself as casual as it gets while still trying to perform as best as possible for whatever class I play.

My main focus on the game is basically raiding and doing dungeons with friends with the occasional pugging every now and then. I am also a big fan of warcraftlogs because I simply like reading information like that.

My main reason for applying is because I want to provide feedback related to classes/class design and possibly activities tied to raiding such as korthia/nazjatar etc.

Also shoutout to all my fellow EU DRAENOR Horde /1 [General] raid chat enthusiasts :partying_face:


Hello everyone! I’m Halite / Everpyre from Argent Dawn EU, stopping by with a trial character to take part in this wonderful endeavour :>

Although I have been playing WoW for 15-ish years, I haven’t engaged too much in so-called endgame content for a while, instead having been sucked into the roleplaying community - which I aim to try to represent! I still play the game on a regular basis, mostly doing daily and weekly content and probably fiddling around with some alts, and enjoy collecting things both for the sake of collection, and also to make roleplay more exciting.

Beyond that, I suppose I am a somewhat familiar face in the Argent Dawn RP community as I am part of an in-character newspaper project called the Lion’s Roar, but I am largely a fairly private and reserved person, working behind the scenes more often than not.

WoW is pretty important to me, and I really hope that my voice, and the voices I can elevate, can help it be as good as it can be, for everyone. I’ll be reading and commenting where I feel my input can be good, and I’ll likely create a few topics of discussion of my own down the line.

Thanks to Blizzard for this opportunity, and happy to see all you fellow councilmembers :>


Hello everyone!

I am a RPer from Argent Dawn-EU. I play both Alliance and Horde, and have done so since the beginning. I have been familiar with the Warcraft universe since 2004-2005. From playing Warcraft 3 to playing WoW on my brothers account, to then getting my own account in 2010, I would say Warcraft has had a huge part of my life. Consistently RPing from 2010 to now (Note; had a break from early 2013 to the release of Legion), I have experienced a wide variety of gameplay, storytelling, changes and so on in; RP, PVE/PVP and the general gameplay.

I would say my biggest areas of experience would be; RP, visuals, alts, mounts/pets and mogs. I am not strictly only a RPer, I have also done PVE and PVP, but never anything other than casual. What I do want to focus on is the RP aspect of things. While WoW may be RP friendly, comparing it to other MMORPGs and with the general feel of RP the last years, it could be massively improved.

I will keep in touch with my fellow Warcraft RPers and will try my best to be a voice for the RP community as a whole, not just my own views and opinions. I will soon make a forum post about RP ideas and thoughts like; new cosmetics, customizations, visuals, updated graphics, emotes and so on.

I am not happy with the current state of the game, but as many people say; RP is what keeps them here and RP is also a part of the game. But with the massive focus on raiding and mythic dungeons, people feel left out and the whole point of getting to level 60, is gearing up and being able to do these challenging raids and dungeons, which not everyone is interested in or has the patience for. The amount of focus on the end game and the grinding leaves out a lot of other possibilities and ideas, that I hope this Community Council can highlight and push.

With every expansion and patch, I try and do as much of the content available for a casual player (Not mythic raiding etc), and keep up to date with what is new and added into Azeorth! I pay very close attention to physics, model updates and in general the visuals of the world.

I am looking forward to see what this experience can do and bring us, and I am humbled to be elected as part of the council. I will try my best and I will keep myself updated on forums, suggestions and other things related to the things mentioned above!


Hi all!
I’m Bornakk on the WoW Community Team. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since it was released and I’ve done my best to experience as much of the different content as possible over that time. I look forward to discussing the game with you and sharing our experiences on current and future content.



I’m coming up on 11 years as a Community Manager here, and I’ve played WoW almost exclusively as a healer since the first time I stepped foot in Warsong Gulch in 2005 and found myself desperately wishing that someone would heal me. Fortunately I was playing a Paladin at the time and I learned that it was easy to switch my focus, which led directly to being pulled into my first raiding guild. With the launch of Burning Crusade, I started a new priest on Earthen Ring and that is still my main to this day.

I can honestly say that I enjoy every kind of WoW gameplay and over the years I’ve constantly invested in them all as a player: group/guild play, questing and world exploration, economy, and solo activities such as pet battles and collections. That diversity of interactions with the game entertains me greatly and, since I’m a communicator by trade, it has given me a ton of shared experiences to talk about with other players.

Some of my favorite experiences over the last decade have been getting to spend all of BlizzCon standing near the Darkmoon Faire arch/entryway, meeting WoW players from all over the world and talking about their game interests and their communities until I practically lose my voice. One year I literally lost my voice, but that wasn’t from talking to convention-goers. It was because I went to Medieval Times with my guild and cheered on the red knight in a dangerous fashion.


Hello everyone, my name is Oak! :deciduous_tree:

I’m very humbled to have been selected and invited to join the World of Warcraft Community Council. I’m joining you from Argent Dawn (EU) so please forgive my NA trial account character’s uninspiring avatar!

I’ll share a little about myself, how I enjoy WoW and what my focus will be as a member of this council.

:deciduous_tree: About Me :deciduous_tree:

Most people know me online as “Oak” and I have been playing World of Warcraft since mid-TBC. Here are some things about me:

:uk: I live in London
:hear_with_hearing_aid: I am Hard of Hearing. English is my first language and I oral. I use British Sign Language (BSL) as my second language.
:man_teacher: By day I am a Teacher of the Deaf and work teaching d/Deaf/ Hard of Hearing children/ young people who are staying in hospital.
:rainbow_flag: I am Gay man with He/ Him pronouns
:video_game: I’m a big fan of Overwatch, and currently head up the London Spitfire’s fan assocation and volunteer as Head of Community hosting viewing parties here in London for the Overwatch League. I also set up Watchpoint: Pride for LGBTQ+ Overwatch content creators.

:crossed_swords: World of Warcraft :mage:
I am a big fan of the story and lore of the Warcraft universe and play WoW on Argent Dawn (EU) which is a Role Play server. During my long time on Argent Dawn I’ve lead several guilds (Druids of the Forest, Aldori Axiom, The Tirisfallen to name a few) and I’ve organised lots of community RP events such as village hours and markets. I enjoying a quieter life in RP right now as I focus more on work, but I can be found on “Kirelanar” when I’m online and am a member of the Covenant of Lordaeron heading up their mage division “The Northern Circle of Magi”.

:books: My focus as a member of the Community Council :books:
As a member of this Community Council I will endeavour to contribute to discussions on lore, story and role play along with wider community and game play topics such accessibility, mental health, safeguarding and equality & diversity.

I am looking forward to joining these discussions and being part of the narrative. Given recent events I appreciate now, more than ever, the importance our voice as fans and members of this community and hope I do not fall short of this tall order or opportunity.

I would also love to help feedback ideas from the community so please don’t hesitate to contact me when I’m online on Argent Dawn (EU) as “Kirelanar” or to drop me a message on Twitter where you’ll find me under “BearlyOak”