[Community Council] Dual Spec, But Different [Fedback Needed!]

Honestly cap the respec price at like 30g and increase the respec price decay to like 5g per week and you’ve pretty much solved the issue

Those restrictions would let people change specs every 2-3 bosses at no cost and very minimal downtime.

But you’re not interested in a middle ground, you want as close to dual spec as you can get away with.

Okay so now you are actually willing to discuss details.

3 hour cool down, there that’s longer than most raid nights, you will not be switching more than maybe once and you’ll be stuck in that off spec. And keep in mind just having to be in a major city will instantly be a turn off for an real guild to frequently try to switch specs.

The only way to enforce a spec that is to be PvP only, would be to make it so that you can only switch to this spec inside an arena or a BG during the time before the match, and when you exit the instance, you revert back.

Sorry guys, afk while I’m sorting my u8, idefilers den is clear.

stop bringing retail as a seemingly legit argument, people dislike retail for many reasons, duel spec is not one of them.

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Well, maybe for you.

And yet a middle ground has been proposed which addresses your issue with dual spec.

But you refuse to comment on that.

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I’m not a fan of adding dual spec early at all.

That being said… if you’re going to do it, don’t put any restrictions or costs on it just because we’re getting it before wrath.

If it’s worth doing, then it shouldn’t come with a penalty for being early because “it wasn’t in the game!”. No stupid long cd. No absurd gold price tag. Either don’t do it at all or do it as good as it was later with no pricetag for being early.

I don’t agree it’s a good feature to add, but if you’re going to add a feature, don’t make it worse as a comprimise… that’s not going to make anyone happy.

Ideas like this

or this

or this

are good examples of what I mean. If the good feature is important enough to add early, then don’t make it suck on purpose just for the sake of it being early.

just so you know, a lot of people, including many of my friends would participate both pve and pvp contents purely for the availability of duel spec, it would expectably bring more popularity, make sure game contents are accessible for players is the key of success of games like wow, of course there is always a balance.

people dislike retails majorly because it removes a lot of uniqueness from races, factions, classes etc, and the content is just overly-bloated after all these expansions, also it removes a lot of the social aspects

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I’d much rather they just add it as is, the only downsides have been massively overblown by fear mongering.

But yes it could impact raids to a very limited degree and that’s actually a legitimate complaint, so any restrictions that would prevent that would be fine as then it would really be no impact.

Pvp Dual or full Dual Spec, either is welcome.

A lot of people have indeed picked one thing or the other, and they disappear for the week instead of participating in the rest. Or they buy gold to fuel the habit.

Me? I sit in pvp spec and casually pve in it. So far I only get weird looks, but I also know I can’t raid. Not without full tree form.
And none of that, is ever worth giving up my ability to survive in the world and solo. Because I need that spec every day of the week.
So, I simply don’t raid at this point.

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see and this is why you shouldn’t do it. You’re comprimising because you think it’ll get it done, or get people to agree not because you genuinely think it’s a good idea.

If all the reasons you want dual spec in the game for are actually good and valid, you don’t need to water it down- do it for those reasons.

And again, I consider myself in the no dual spec til wotlk camp here. I’m trying to say that from my position, the one that doesn’t want it in the game at all, making it punishing with cooldowns or gold costs doesn’t make the pill easier to swallow, not even slightly. It just turns it into dual spec, but deliberately a pain in the butt as well.

I have commented on it.

I am fine with a pvp only duel spec.

I’m also OK (but don’t like) a 24 hour CD dual spec that requires a major city to change at.

If you are changing spec more than once a day you should have to pay for it.

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Okay so you are just being whiny about dual spec beyond how it impacts your raid logging.

No, it changes a lot of factors.

The raiding scene is the biggest one, but not the only one.

Adding a requirement to be in a major city pretty much nullifies any argument that it would impact raids as that would be a major time sink, your rofl guild might be willing to spend many minutes porting people back and forth to respec but yeah… And adding a cooldown further does that.

You are just blatantly #nochanges but want to pretend you aren’t.

One of the most annoying things is farming on a toon in pve spec and being ganked by someone, having no recourse except just accepting your fate.

This is why I would prefer Dual spec to not only be in pvp instances. Aswell as for helping people spec as tank/heals for dungeons.


I’m willing to compromise and you still use the lie that the argument against dual spec is no changes. This is why I don’t bother going into details on the issue with you any more.

Yes please.