[Community Council] Dual Spec, But Different [Fedback Needed!]

Pvp only dual spec is worthless. Go all the way.

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Honestly I don’t care about it at all. Hard core guilds can demand anything they want if they can get their people to do it. It doesn’t affect me and it shouldn’t affect them when there are many casual guilds often recruiting that wouldn’t require it. My Wrath guild didn’t require two raid specs and the few times a guild member respecced from dps to tank or heal they were happy to do it But I get that it’s a concern for some people. That’s why just about everyone who supports dual spec on the forums has agreed to the compromise of having it on a cool down and changing specs only in a major city. I don’t get why that doesn’t solve the problems you see. And no one seems to be able to explain how it doesn’t.

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Uh…no. he made a valid point that you couldn’t reply to.


In all fairness, the criticism Feywaif is constructive. You asked for communtiy participation, after all.

Ultimately, the “PvP only” idea does not seem reasonable. It’s convoluted, contrived and too restrictive.

Guilds may very well choose to “abuse” it by requiring its members to maintain 2 specs, that has ZERO impact on my game. Not putting dual spec in to prevent this behavior would.


A PvP only dual spec was never implemented in TBC… Therefore I vote no.

If you wanted to make Classic+ Features to implement into TBC then you needed more time to play test them. Now isn’t that time. Focus on WotLK classic perhaps? We are about to start phase 3 already……

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Boosts, buyable mounts, HVH, layers. I vote yes.


There doesn’t need to be a “middle ground.” If we’re getting dual spec, do it right. Let us pay the 1,000g fee (wrath unlock cost) and use the builds anywhere we damn well please. If someone only wants to use the 2nd build in BGs/arena, that’s their choice. No need to force that upon everyone else.


Oh yea I forgot about all of that… True. Ok fine Ship it…


Make it activate when you enter a BG only otherwise it will be cheesed. There is no “pvp” spec, its just a spec that is better in pvp

No, just give us DS.

I couldn’t care less how it affects parses or raid clears.


How do you define right? How long did dual spec last (as it was in WotLK)? What changed, and why (as early as Cata)?

Are you solving problems with dual spec? What are they? How are you measuring the effectiveness of solving these problems with dual spec? Does it work?

The logic in me says we probably shouldn’t… But I’m starting to not care anymore. So send it.

Ultimately I agree with you but if they want to do a pvp only DS then it should only be active in BG’s and Arena. I would prefer the real thing as well.

Dual spec is a new feature. Server health/imbalance is a major bug. It is reasonable to point this out in this thread.

Basil, I’m curious if you’ve read my post on the server imbalance topic: Solution to low pop/imbalanced servers: Incentives. If you see any value in this idea, I’d be thrilled to see someone on the CC adapt it to their own vision (and update it, since things have changed since I posted that).

Thank you for representing us.

I understand your approach to enable PVPers. There are hybrid classes that would love to DS as well, tank and healers in particular. However, to code up something unprecedented may be too expensive. Since Classic is a cash grab, they would minimise development cost.

In other Threads, I often advocate for another middle ground, a simple one that the developer can get behind, which requires very little input. Make the respec cost cap at 20g . That is super easy to code, and would not cause anything disruptive to the game.

The only downside is that the gold sink is reduced because this is a pricing adjustment. I guess more people will use the service if it’s reasonably priced. So they could run an A B testing to see if the increase in usage can offset the lost “revenue”.

Tank, heals, and PVPers can have cheaper respec, and be happier as players.

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I make far more than 20-30g by raiding ssc and tk.

Are you not I counting the raw gold bosses drop?

But I do agree the want for dual spec boils down to “my gold bro” and they try to hide it behind fabrications of “it will make more tanks appear out if thin air” and other nonsense arguments.

I would love this option for PvP. Currently going through 100g per week just in respects so I can enjoy another aspect of the game feels bad.

It will also provide flexibility on when you can PvP. If you raid Tues/Thurs, you can actually PvP on wed instead of raid logging to conserve respec costs.

This would be a very welcomed addition to TBC.

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People switch specs for more than pvp so no this is not a middle ground.

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While I personally would use it for pvp I don’t see why anyone should be restricted to just that.

Major city i think is a must as well as a relatively short cd, 30 mins to 1hr. Its long enough to make you consider swapping but not so long as to be preventative.

This is a reasonable middle ground, not full dual spec but understandable restrictions.