Common misconceptions of GDKPer's

Show me on the doll where the GDKP touched you.


Most of these grey parsing slobs have no idea what logic is.

They can’t do decent damage, but now they have PHD’s in economics from Harvard. They just graduated this week didn’t you know that?

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We don’t play with dolls here kiddo this is classic. Go back to retail. Wait, take your crappy GDKP with you too.

Go back to retail isn’t really the insult you think it is. Keep hurling them though. Your tears are delicious homie.

I rather think that with the firing of Mike Ybarra and Microsoft forcing Blizx to clean up their act before WoW goes on the GamePass thingie, along with their new AI anti-cheat software that we’ll see an improvement in this area.

Plus, you know the price of gold on RMT sites dropping more than 50% in less than a day means fewer bots will be needed.

You don’t seem to know how GDKP works with this comment. Did you miss the part where you get a cut? higher bids means bigger cuts.

Those prices went back up 50 percent not long after. It’s just the ebb and flow of the economy near the end of a phase.

Keep parroting reddit though bud. They all have PHDs in economics from Harvard over there.

Dont take greys in the first place and this isn’t a problem? And yes, technically, a dice roll IS always fair - it has no outside influences, unlike gdkps.

X for doubt.

So when I deny you loot because you grey parsed that’s fair. Seeing as how it wouldn’t really be fair to give you loot for being carried.

Don’t take grey parsers into your raid lmao that’s your fault noob

Actually, humans have never managed a truly random random number generator.

If you want a headache Google instance seeds in gaming.

I don’t read Reddit.

It makes you stupid.

I won’t and when they cry on the forums about it get ready for personal loot.

Like reading this forum does. Brain rot is real here.

Well, you’re here.

Pretending GDKP is an activity mostly for people abiding by the ToS is like pretending Backpage and Silk Road were websites for people abiding by the law of their country.

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Those who don’t want the “terrible slot machine system” for loot can join a guild with a loot-council system where you get loot based on loyalty and performance. Getting loot by power of your daddy’s credit card isn’t something we value or like in classic. I know for you retail kids that may sound socially weird, but this is classic.

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