Common misconceptions of GDKPer's

There seems to be a lot of back and forth from people trying to prove 1 side or the other and there is basically 1 pretty good way to check how much inflation gold running through gdkps are.

Generally videos on you tube will have a lot of Make this much x gold in a hour videos and you can see how many quests there are in the zones and how much gold you can make doing these at level 25.

If you assume there is 20000 active level 25s (very generous number) on your server all playing the game (no gdkps) then using the you tube vids you can say you can make an average of about 250gold from every single quest in the game at level 25, which puts around about 450k total gold in the economy. You could say it would be slightly larger due to drops but this is the raw gold made.

I did a gdkp yesterday the pot was 530gold a rogue bid 120gold on a the quest turn in trinket on his alt, i got a split of 48gold after the leader took his cut and extra cuts went out for tanks/healers/dps, it took under an hour and the phase it about to end.

My total gold i can make on my toon remember is about 250gold + about 5gold an hour farming greys at 11 hours /played i have a theoretical total of about 320gold. I just made 48gold in 1 hour and this guy ran 6 runs all getting pots of 30-60gold.

You can deduce by these totals that a lot of the total gold in these runs is bought or from other gdkps that have bought gold and thus the problem of gdkps it will just get worse and worse until you have classic era where i sell elemental earths for 50g a pop.


The entire case against GDKPs revolves wholly around a bandwagon of hate, fueled by manipulated fears/anxieties about something they don’t understand, guided by the dopamine of putting others down to make themselves feel better.
There was never any critical or rational thinking involved, just hate for those who don’t like the terrible slot machine system for loot that can leave players clearing every lockout only to not have anything to show for it.


You would rather profit of 2nd hand illegal activities then go empty handed? Something like a drug dealer? or the guy who allows that drug dealer to deal on his street if he is paying you?


It’s foolish to deny the connection between RMT and a loot system based on having more gold than someone else. This is known via the blue post explaining this decision and from people who received RMT gold from a GDKP payout and caught account actions.

You personally may never have bought gold, but that gold bought and brought by another does enter into the discussion on GDKP strongly, regardless of how you feel on the subject.

INB4 smooth brain “but the auction house!”/“but warlock portals/mage portals”/“level 60 mounts”.
Those are false equivalences and super reductionist takes.


This is exactly what I mean. You’ve been whipped and cajoled into believing that GDKPs must equate to RMT. They don’t.
RMT could be gone entirely tomorrow, and GDKPs would still have ample reason to be.
When the AH sees orders of magnitude higher gold throughput, the AH is likely to receive more illicitly obtained gold than GDKPs even could.


My example rules out other forms of gold laundering and shows hyper inflation in tight knit gdkp circles, which can only be cause by laundered or bought gold.

Nope. It is because - as the Devs said - GDKPs are strongly associated with RMT and illicit behavior.


Except that’s not the case. You either win items or gold. Do a few GDKP runs, and now you have quite a bit of gold to bid. The blue post said the primary reason was to “preserve the purpose of guilds,” which is only true for dedicated PvE guilds. The RMT connection was an afterthought, but even then - the solution then, is to ban RMT.


I refer to this


Except that’s not what they said. This is what I mean - it’s nothing but a bandwagon.
The primary reason was to not have pugs as a better solution than a guild. Anyone with an irregular schedule, or who doesn’t like being subjected to an exploitive slot machine system designed to keep people hooked are unwelcome.


Except, again, it’s a false assertion that GDKPs require buying gold.
RMT could stop existing as a concept and you’d still hate GDKPs because you were told to.


You should read my main post that gdkp has about 3500 gold worth going through it on 1 day and runs multiple times a lockout for the last 2 months which puts the gold higher then every toon on the server doing weeks of questing and farming. Just that gdkp not including the rest.

Most gold on servers is owned by bots due to the demand that gdkps have stroked up.


That’s not the case, but I’m not going to change your mind


Except I have no reason to believe your made up anecdotes when you clearly have an agenda.
If you can post a screenshot of pots that high in SoD that didn’t come from an average player and not a “content creator” I’d be much more inclined to budge.
The bids I’ve seen reported in SoD range from 10-50 gold, and more often 10-20, which is in line with the prices I’ve seen on the AH for spicy items.


Does not mater blizzard even says it drives bottling and rmt!


As an afterthought. Probably after seeing it on the forums a billion times.
When GDKPs are banned and you still see botters and RMT, what’ll be your scapegoat then?
The reason that fails scrutiny is that RMT crippled economies without GDKP. RMT cripples games that don’t have anything remotely like GDKPs.
To assert that GDKPs are the biggest driver of RMT is to pretend that RMT only became a problem with GDKPs, which is to assert that RMT is only a problem for WoW. Neither of those are true.

There is a solution to this problem: Blizzard actually put resources into policing their own Terms of Service and permaban Gold Buyers.

Problem Solved.


“Just ban drugs”

This change is pushing more against RMT. Unless you have a magic “no more RMT button” saying just ban it does nothing.


This is what I’ve been saying since the start of the GDKP rage. They can clearly detect bought gold, but don’t ban the gold buyers. That’s what drives up RMT.


Except it doesn’t push against RMT at all, unless you mean to say that RMT isn’t a problem in other games, or wasn’t a problem before the popularity of GDKPs, and conflating prohibition with RMT is comically dishonest.
Blizzard can clearly detect illicitly bought gold and doesn’t ban those players. That’s the problem.

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