Common misconceptions of GDKPer's

So does everything in the game that you can buy, which was proven with RMTs inception in WoW way before GDKPs existed.


Gdkps being banned wont put a dent in gold buyers.

Actually, we’re parroting what Bizzard has stated explicitly on the official forums.

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I love that you’re still here Glinda.

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Well then, you should lobby for Blizzard to remove all forms of commerce from the game.

I wish you well in achieving that goal.

Then ban the problems, aka gold seller/buyer. Why ban the most fair/drama free loot system.

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Because GDKPs make the problem much, much worse.

You literally did it to yourselves.

Blizzard can’t even keep up with banning bots. What makes you think they can enforce an actual GKDP ban? I’m interested to hear this.

How is a loot system where the richest person IRL gets all the best gear fair?

The AH makes it worse too but they aren’t getting rid of that. My guess is the dev’s grey parsed and got denied a cut.

How is a loot system where a grey parser gets carried but has a hot dice and gets all the loot fair?

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how the f that’s related? In AH I am selling materials that I put in time to farm or got lucky with a good blue world drop. There is value there. What the hell do you do in your GDKPs to earn that much money. You go in a joke raid and click a couple of random spells and make money equal to hours of legit farming. The only reason you are making that much money is that someone paid the $ for it, so it’s cheap for them. If it was legit gold you wouldn’t even make 1/10 of those amounts.

Secondly, AH is a legit tool that might be used by some RMTers here or there. But GDKP is specifically designed by gold sellers to advocate their RMT crap.

Thirdly, in AH you are selling and buying the materials and items that were designed to be traded by the game designer. In GDKP you are selling and buying items that were not designed to be traded, they were designed to be loot council-ed by guilds or rolled on in pugs. By adding a price tag on everything in the game, you are reducing the quality of the game. That’s recently has been acknowledged and recognize as a violation of service by Blizzard, that’s why they are after you now.

Or the one who is sharing naughty pics with the RL :stuck_out_tongue:

The biggest base cut I ever sent out was 80ish gold. I’m going to gamble all my gold that you’ve made more off the AH than that.

Just admit you don’t ACTUALLY like World of Warcraft and stop playing. Stop pretending you like this game.

It is literally the fairest system that exists lol - thebluck of the dice. How is a system where whoever swipes their card the most “fair” either?

So your dice roll should be equal to mine if you get carried through the run?

No, you aren’t.

Ofc she doesn’t. How can you support GDKP which is one of the main enemies of classic and wow and love the game??

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I doubt we’ll agree, but let’s hear it.

I am with you always.