Common misconceptions of GDKPer's

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Inflation comes from buying gold.

Gold is not magically created in a gdkp. Gdkps cannot create inflation.

Gold sellers are the problem. Gold sellers create inflation.

Say it louder for the grey parsers in the back

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It’s not pay to win if you are literally not beating the people who are not paying.

At best you can call it pay to be exactly the same as those not paying.

By having the best gear possible because this game is 90% gear regardless of it being PVE or PVP. Gear makes you win. See: Twinks

If you are buying gold in any version of classic besides Wrath you are a cheater.

Man how are people bidding for 120 gold? I’ve been playing since a week in + selling everything worthwhile on the AH and im about to hit 70 gold. I farm the razor quill guys with a priest friend in barrens dungeon. Hoping that a blue drops to which we would split half and half on the ah sell, but that has yet to happen!

And that’s because twinks actually end up with better gear than non twinks.

That’s simply not the case at max level.

Lol the only misconception here is that you think that’s legit gold, but the gold you made there is just the dirty gold some loser RMTer paid $ for. You don’t deserve that gold as you didn’t earn that gold by farming or getting lucky or putting any real effort that worth that much money, you just laundered some gold sellers gold for them.

So selling stuff on the AH and taking botter gold makes you what then?

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Better stop selling on the AH. You’re laundering too.

This is true. I suppose I just have to come to terms with it yet again.

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So next phase when theres no gdkps but inflation still exists because people will buy gold for their mounts, professions, consumables, enchants, etc, what is everyone going to blame then?

What’s the next boogeyman?

At what point will people use logic and realize gold sellers are the problem?

People on Era right now can’t clear AQ and you think they have comparable gear to Naxx players?

I don’t use the Auction House.
I stockpile everything on bank alts for leveling alts easier via gear or to DE for DE mats.
I run 5-6 bank alts on any given server.

Congrats. Not everyone does that.

And if there was a large enough influx of new players into era to form guilds working from fresh 60’s up they would be able to get that gear.

That’s not an issue with pay to win it’s an issue with a stagnant player base.

The anti-gdkp crowd just parrots what they hear on reddit. Somehow harvard just pumped out a lot of economics degrees in the last couple days.

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t believe the gold sellers are the problem.

Not even the gold sellers.

GDKPs simply add a tremendous amount of gasoline to the fire.

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There’s also a difference between incidentally getting some bought gold through playing the game normally by doing something as innocuous as using the Auction House and participating in a GKDP that you know has a high probability of having bought(cheated) gold in it.

One of these things is beyond player control.
You can never remove all RMTs from the game but you can remove the things that incentivize their bad behaviour.

Gold Buyers are the problem.
WIthout buyers there are no sellers.