Club for people that used Creation Catalyst on non-tier gear

So you are intentionally trying to start an argument.

I tried to avoid the argument - she was the one who responded to me - just like you as a matter of fact.

There is only so much hand-holding they can do before they drive off all the normal players who don’t have cognitive issues, attention-span problems, or illiteracy. You can’t always cater to the lowest common denominator or bottom of the barrel…if you try it all goes to trash.

Sometimes a bare minimum of mental effort is required to not shoot yourself in the foot, and that is ok.

Pay attention. Try it, I promise it’s not that hard.

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You responded back. If you didn’t wish to continue the conversation, you could have just not responded.

I gave information on how it works and asked a question. If that’s considered an argument, I’m not sure what to tell you.

If you don’t want to talk, then don’t. :woman_shrugging:t4:

So, has this turned into a pissing contest for the fate of the lesser intelligent portion of the WoW population?


So you just grab anything out of the vault all willy-nilly without looking at the tooltips?


You provided incorrect information. This is the same pattern always with you.

I told you the conversation was pointless because I filled in a survey and mentioned it in game as well. I had no desire to walk you through the process and explain everything.

What was incorrect?

As you progress through the system, you unlock the Cyphers, which unlocks the ability to interact with more of the zone, which unlocks quests, which show up on your maps and are along major routes.

What about that is incorrect?

That’s nice, but has nothing to do with anything.

Then you refuse to tell me what’s incorrect about what I’m saying. Alright.

yeah I am not doing this with you - I have a headache just from this so far.

Okay. I’m not sure how this was construed as such an issue for you. If you feel like explaining it to me later, please feel free. I’m just trying to figure out where I’m wrong in how the quests work.

I was one of the fools that thought the Creation Catalyst was to turn your non-tier gear into tier gear. I moused over the resulting gear and saw that it had the same name as the rest of the gear set and transformed it. my bad…I guess.

Which side is currently winning? I suppose we should keep score to see which side reigns supreme in the end.

For me, no new appearance unlocked whatsoever? Items kept the conquest piece appearance. Not a fan of that since it not only didn’t unlock the normal tier appearance I was excited for; but actually just cost me gold to re-up the transmog I already had.

I’m glad I am not the only one. I wouldn’t care as much if it wasn’t time-gated :expressionless:

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Fortunately, I am not in this club.

I used Creation Catalyst on my 259 helm from the ZM world boss. It converted to tier with the set bonus. I was surprised it worked since the world boss is not mythic+, Sepulcher raid or pvp.

However, I agree that the system isn’t intuitive.

  • It should not be necessary to read up on how the system works outside of the game just to prevent from making a mistake.
  • This is the first week the creation catalyst is out. The fact that the set bonus is not displayed if you insert a non-set bonus slot item into the creation catalyst does not provide enough warning that you’re not going to get the set bonus. Especially so for players who maybe did not have an alternative piece they could slot in the Creation Catalyst to actually see the difference.
  • Blizzard should have added a warning along the lines of “this is just for transmog”, to the non-set bonus items when slotted into the creation catalyst. That would have prevented confusion and solved the problem.

That said, while this is poorly designed on Blizzard’s part, it is not actually a major problem. That’s because the players who made this error this week will likely figure out what they did wrong and be able to make tier pieces with set bonus next week. They’ll only be 1 week behind on one tier piece.

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That is the thing it really shouldn’t be. Double dipping timegating systems like this is a new low.

A fool is born every se…

I think you forgot about something called accountability.

Take a look. It’s in a book. It’s a reading rainbow.


Usually that is the case. Sometimes it’s a nonissue but due to the shear volume of complaints, I’d venture a guess that this one is valid.