Club for people that used Creation Catalyst on non-tier gear

It’s a pretty awesome name.

This is a quote.

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Thank you, Rejectdegens, for creating this absolute banger of a forum thread. Just the dosage of WoW forums that I needed to remind myself why I don’t frequent the forums often anymore. :+1:


I don’t wish for this often, or really ever, but I truly hope that Asmongold does a video on this post. If for no other reason, to display just how stupid this playerbase can be, and why devs shouldn’t be listening to 100% of the WoW population when it comes to ideas.


Like every item ever in wow?! How could anyone possibly think they’re need to roll over the item?

Fixed it. Tier set = part of a gear set. Gear set does not = part of a tier set. This has been true for a long time.

If you can’t take one second to roll over a tooltip I’m a little confused why you’re complaining.

You clearly don’t care about your character’s gear if you did not mouseover the tooltip. Why care about your character’s gear now after it’s said and done?

Are you saying absolutely no one else has looked at tier pieces this season or the last decade?

So you’re saying people are so dumb and illiterate that they cannot fathom to read their screen in a game that they’ve always had to read their screen?

I’m finding this difficult to believe that you think people are this low in intelligence.

A person is not this dumb.

Quests are on the maps and along the routes very blatant to see. If you open your map, they’re right there, not hidden.

I’m not arguing anything. Just giving information.

What?? Who are we talking about here, 5 year olds? The interface shows you exactly the item you’re going to get. You don’t need to do any out of game research to see that some items don’t have a set bonus. And honestly, if you have no knowledge of the system whatsoever, you’d think you’d be even more inclined to was the tooltip

Even AQ in vanilla didn’t have 8 pc.

then you didn’t open them all if you think it is that straight forward or opened them by accident


My Cypher is 6/6 with all quests completed and everything unlocked. Once I hit exalted, I’ll have every single achievement for the zone.

Every single quest is on your map and along main routes. I never had to look up quests. I only had to look up a few of the convoluted puzzles.

The first type is the ultimate troll.
The second type is a noob troll.

I’ll take ‘Things that didn’t happen’ for $200, Alex.


yeah so you opened them up by accident

What don’t you guys understand?


Those are the pieces with set bonus. Why the confusion

How is it by accident? You progress through the system, you unlock the ability to interact with new automa and you get new quests to do so.

It was very straightforward.

Why not use the existing upgrade item interface that shows you the before and after without a tool tip?

Where are the charges you have left listed?

Why is the only in game instruction a small amount of quest text?

It’s obviously a last minute and barely finished implementation.

And if this is common the correct assessment as a game designer is not “They should have known how to use this novel interface”

geez - of course you aren’t going to argue…