Closed Beta Shutting Down Today

(Kaivax) #1


The time has come to shut this thing down. We’re going to do that at 2019-07-13T00:00:00Z.

Look for something quite unusual starting at 2019-07-12T23:00:00Z.


Where is the Communication Ion wanted to get better at?
No more classic update till Queen Azshara fall

Thank you to all the testers, who not only got people excited, but also did their ‘jobs’ and got bugs reported and squashed.

(Tastymanwich) #8

Cryptic, but intriguing.


Enjoyed my time playing and thank you for the opportunity. Sad to see it come down at level 40, but ah well! I’d love to join the closing “ceremony”, which I am sure will be full of death, but that is when I leave work and start the commute home. :frowning_face:

(Fellína) #10

Im am intrigued to see what and who ends up showing up in the beta!


Thank you for beta was nice.


All pump no dump


Blessed? hrm.


The original Beta stopped at 40 as well.


Did someboday say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] ?

(Fellína) #16

The closed beta was through 60 since you could do strath scholo ony etc


Called it.

(Esfand) #19

Thanks everyone for such a great Beta experience! It was so fun to get to play Vanilla again with old friends, making new ones, and seeing such great progress being made with proper testing and bug fixes throughout the beta :slight_smile:


Ret prio baby

(Jklockedout) #21

RIP beta. I never knew ye.


thank YOU Esfand, for not having me killed at tournament # 2 where i appeared as TrollgodsEX haha - it was all in good fun, remember the name Gravity im sure see you around twitch <3

in other news, how long until this 8pm they speak of??


No one could play on it anyway.


Good, this gives you guys plenty of time to add the original unarmored epic mounts!



One step closer!


Both for the end of Beta and the countdown to Classic.