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Thank you Piper & Rozen!


Still lots of confusion out there…

Hey look another salesman… weird…

I’m not selling anything. There’s a lot of misinformation going around. I hope you mess it up and are back here crying when you have to pay 35$ to play on the server you wanted. Blizzard specifically said they will not fix it if you make the wrong choice. You don’t take the time to read that though do you. I’m just trying to help people.

People are going to buy the clone regardless. I’m not. I don’t care about it. I’m just putting the info out there for people. What is wrong with you?

Also, people are going to mess up their free choice if they’re not paying attention. If anything I’m preventing more clones being bought.

There is more confusion today. Bumping so maybe someone sees this and saves themselves 35$ when they activate the wrong toons.

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Thank you Rozen!

We know we will still get questions because people don’t want to read, or would rather believe what someone on discord said, but at least we have some place to reference without jumping through the off-forum hoops.

If I choose to leave a character in classic forever, they no longer show up or count on my TBC character list, and that slot is now available, correct?

Not correct. All your toons will be on both lists. You just pick which ones you want to activate in each era. The ones you choose not to activate in tbc will still be there they will just show as inactive.

I saw someone say you can delete inactive toons and restore them later but I haven’t verified if that is true or not yet.

We are not choosing what era our toons are going to. Blizzard is putting them all on both and we just activate which ones we want to play.

Thanks. Yea deleted characters have time limits on restoration according to level. A friend deleted one in the mid 40’s and eventually it was gone.

That was probably me, and to further clarify I was talking about on Retail, I don’t recall if Classic has such a system and this is the first I’ve heard of any limitations (a couple months ago I got curious and looked at my list and was able to restore my very first character that was level 58 and was deleted aaaaaaaaaall the way back in Wrath)

It was a hunter talking about the inactive clones.

Just highlighting it in case it slipped past. I noticed it on my read.

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Well there we go. I hadn’t read that part because I have no plans to clone lol. Just trying to help everyone else who does plan to.

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Ok there’s still posts of people who don’t know. Maybe I’ll edit the name to be more official.

Is there any time limit to cloning? I plan to go TBC with everything, but if 6-12 months down the road some friends want to do classic things again, will the option still be there to clone any of my chars at pre-patch state?

No. They want your money whether it’s now or a year from now. Clones will only be at prepatch state. Any progress made on a toon in vanilla era after the prepatch will not appear on your tbc toon. Your inactive toons will forever be in their may 18 state.

And all of us lazy players thank you.

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It’s a good thing I was planning on re-rolling, this cemented my decision. I was still debating cloning my guild leader, or re-rolling all classic characters on opposite faction.

I am now certainly doing the re-roll.

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Glad this helped you.

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Lots of new clone confusion posts. Bumping so maybe this will help someone.

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