ClassicLFG addon

The game itself also wouldn’t exist without anyone playing it.

They can make all the changes they want, and if it results it no one playing, it will be a loss, they will lose income, game would stop.

They are a buisness, we are customers, it’s a buiness-customer relationship.

Highly recommend more people try this addon. Really makes grouping while doing other things way easier!

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The game would still exist. It just would have been forgotten.

That’s also not an argument supporting the idea that the game is yours. As long as they can make unilateral changes and you can’t, it’s 100% their game.

No, it’s a product that they have created which they want to sell.

Disney owns disneyworld, they charge tickets for access, but if no one goes, it gets closed down. Yes, they are free to set rules and so forth, but they all received all the consequences of those decisions based on how its customers respond.

They posses the rights to sell the game and make a profit from their sales, and they can also sell those rights, or share them, as they have with activision.

The real question is if you think producing a video game makes the product anything more special or different from a different commercial product?

So? It still would have existed and been released in 2004… and then it would have failed.

And Disneyworld is owned by The Walt Disney Company. It is not owned in any way by the patrons.

Your question makes no sense.

as long as you don’t limit our ability to type “/who warrior” to be able to send tells and find tanks (as welll as heals and so on) we don’t care

this is very very important

Your question makes no sense.

Because I’m trying to understand the point of your posts.

I know there is this strange mentality among video game makers that the video is always theirs. So once sold to someone, if that person re-sells it, they expect a product.

More to your point - What is your point?

My point is that WoW is a commercial product, like all commercial products, where the goal is sell the product, rather than just hold it, so it needs to be sold in a way that appeals to customers.

If they refuse to allow features that many players want, and then players choose to leave, Blizzard must suffer the consequences of those decisions.

Now please tell me how you disagree.

You have to ask questions that makes sense, then.

That the game and the rights to change it belong to blizzard, and NOT the community. That was my original response to Greenshayna.

Kinda. But the problem with that statement is that the owner can make changes that the majority disagree with. Sometimes those changes are ultimately beneficial, because they extend the longevity of the game.

The owner can also make changes that narrow or expand the target audience even if the community as a whole disagrees.

Also, in the context of THIS discussion, you don’t actually know what the whole community wants. You only know the opinions of a few forum-goers and your clique.

And even if you DID know what the community wanted, that still doesn’t mean anything. Blizz could easily turn around and ignore the community. In the case of the LFG addon, I sincerely doubt blizz would lose more players than they the extra they retained because of better dungeons.

Ok, great, here’s where we have a difference of opinion.

Technically, you are right.

At the same time, you need to recognize that completely ignoring your customers is bad business and will lead long-term losses.

In this case, they know enough about the add-on, and its demand, to actually make a blue post about it. Thus, they’ve already acknowledged there’s a large contingent of players that want it - enough for them to post about it and explain the rationale.

Blizzard made that decision while keeping in mind if it would be a positive or negative in the long-term; they decided it would be negative.

Now, after a couple weeks of the game being live, people experiencing it, and understanding what the add-on does, there is a renewed demand for it to be allowed.

No buisness on this planet works in isolation without a consideration of how it’s customers will respond.


Then by definition, your opinion is technically wrong.

No matter what they do with ClassicLFG, they’ll be ignoring some of their customers and catering to others.

Also when it comes to game mechanics, it’s best to pretty much completely ignore what the players are saying. What players want is contradictory anyway.

Blizzard made their decision for a variety of reasons. Player demands are probably a small part of it.

My last response here because It’s clear you are trying to score points more than anything. The notion that any company should ignore its customers is laughable.

Second, player demand is what led to their decision because it was a demand of the players to be able to use this add-on in the first place.

There wasn’t a demand to remove it, there was a demand to use it.

You are contradicting yourself. You are stating Blizzard made this decision without considering what players were demanding while responding to the player’s demand for this add-on.

Given some of the recommendations made in these forums, I completely disagee.

Player demand also lead to BFA.


Players contradict themselves.


the addon takes common lfg words from chat /lfg /lookingforgroup, etc. people do not need the addon to find a group but it is convenient that it can organise them by dungeon for use while we grind and can look at every once in a while instead if just staring at chat.

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  • The Addon automatically parses all chat messages and lists them as groups to queue up (even across layers!) Note: If you apply for such a group it will whisper the leader of the group with the message that you provide.

this lets us grind and not have to stare at the spammed lfg channels. addon isnt needed obviosly , it’s just convenient. you must remove special chat channels to end this addon LMFAO

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Latest round of api nerfs are coming in

  • C_FriendList.SendWho() is hardware event protected on Live and Classic
  • SendChatMessage() is partially hw event protected (it still works while inside instances/raids) on Live and might be coming to Classic

It’s basically the death of Census addons and a lot more

Dear Bornakk,

I have a question about addons. I am currently using Lorti and Z-perl which change the look of Classic’s HUD.* Are these type of addons compatible with Blizzard’s social design?

  • I have several chronic illnesses which have affected my perception. I use these addons to see the raid frames and action bars better. These addons are not used for any advantage over another players. :face_with_head_bandage::hourglass_flowing_sand:

Well looks I’m not making groups anymore, too big of a pita to spam post.

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Break all addons as far as I am concerned. Maybe keep the QOL ones, but nothing that does with gameplay.

This breaks QoL addons like Prat and WIM by removing SendWho() from the API. I don’t see how an addon being able to get /who data is a danger. If it’s automation you’re worried about make it be bound to a hardware event like a click. That would be far more logical.

I am Retail fan boy and I don’t support removal of addons!