Classic TBC Prot Pally Threat Issue

how can i fix it ?

Simply relogging fixes it for me.

What this means is every time you release from inside a tempest keep dungeon you have to relog currently as a prot pally.

While this bug is occurring it isn’t just concecrate it’s all holy damage. I tested with seal of corruption. Healing however, still generates threat. I tried relogging while in Meccanar and it did not fix the issue. Relogging in Terokkar did fix it though.


This explains my repair bill last night! lol. Kept getting snarked at for seeding too soon, like dude I waited until the second consecration that time.

so essentially it’s a coin flip if you’ll get threat or not

This makes it seems like theirs two bugs associated with this. All I can say is that you can recreate this every time you die and release from tempest keep. It also seems to affect DoTs overall since it causes sporegar shield dot to also generate zero threat when happening as well.


It’s not just Tempest Keep. It’s happening in normal (non-heroic) dungeons like Sethekk Halls as just one example. This is serious Blizz, please acknowledge that you’re looking into it and will resolve soon.

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This definitely happened to me in botanica a little bit ago. Everything was fine working as it should. We died, released, no threat from consecrate. Relogging seemed to fix it.

Confirmed in crypts. Healer ripped with healing while waiting for half a conc to test. Pally relogged and it didn’t fix the bug

Confirmed, bug occurred after having to resurrect in a heroic. Only relogging fixed the issue.

Just happened to me, SV normal. 2-piece Righteous with the Libram.

Yep. Consecration doing squat in BM. Healer peeling right off me

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I have noticed that the shaman earth elemental doesnt generate threat either. might be a related problem

Definitely bugged, I’m literally in pre raid bis/ some kara pieces, can no longer hold threat in normal dungeons that I was able to easily before gear. Help

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Yeah severe threat problems tonight

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Yeah noticed a BIG difference in threat, had to salvation the healer to hold threat to them.

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This exact same issue has also occurred Classic.


What you’ve most likely encountered is an extremely rare bug in which you’re not properly registering on mob’s threat tables, such that as soon as somebody in your party/raid uses an ability that generates threat, you immediately get removed from the threat table, or you get reset.

I have currently not found a way to replicate the issue, however, there is a workaround for fixing the issue.

First potential fix is to relog. Don’t alt-F4, but do the 20 second log out before logging back in.
If that doesn’t work, the most consistent workaround I’ve found for it is for everybody to leave the instance, have everybody drop the group and reset their instances, then reform the group and try the instance again.

Its not “extremely rare” if its common…

Wipe on last boss, call it quits and restart? doesn’t seem like a realistic expectation for a work around.

Personally I am just doing non tanking tasks fishing, doing quests I skipped while the server continues to scream louder and louder for tanks… blizz need to fix, or at least acknowledge there is an issue they are working on ASAP.

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To be fair, it was extremely rare back in Classic since few people tanked as Paladins back then :stuck_out_tongue:

still a problem as of this morning