Classic TBC Prot Pally Threat Issue

Several, but not all, Prot paladins are experiencing threat problems today that we have not had prior to today. We’re talking same groups and dungeons we’ve been running for days, and suddenly we have issues with them. This is not related to mechanics or strategy like our dungeon team being somehow suddenly better geared or us changing our routine on pulls and fights. Primarily seems to be noticeable on larger mob packs, and some people have tested and report that Consecrate is doing damage but generating Zero threat. Please look into this issue so that those of us impacted can get a remedy.


^^^ beginning today I noticed Consecrate causes literally 0 threat.


Also experiencing this issue.

Also experiencing this issue, we figured out in the middle of heroic Shattered Halls which is not the ideal place for Cons to break.


Also experiencing this issue. The hotfixes that went out seem to have broken things lately. Please look into this and get a fix rolling asap!!

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This would explain a lot. Mobs standing on my consecration for 2-3 ticks and still going for the healer.


I have been experiencing this issue aswell, like it happened while i was playing and i just couldn’t hold threat at all anymore when I’ve had no problems holding threat before.


I thought I was losing my mind earlier today when I started having threat issues for the first time in a long time.


Can confirm. Experienced issue early in normal Shattered Halls. Had my priest healer constantly pulling aggro off me. A couple of hours later did the dungeon again 5x to finish my exalted grind and had zero issues. Weird random bug not sure what the cause is. Had no special consecration gear. (Righteous 2 piece / Libram)

Mobs stand on my cons for like 4 or 5 ticks and getting no threat for it, make prot paladin unplayable.


Found it occurring randomly on my paladin as well. Please look into this asap! Kind of game breaking for us protadins…

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Got a Bloodmaw Magus-blade and some t4, never had issues even before that gear. Couldn’t hold anything tonight from healers and DPS alike unless I was focussing it. Was there any hotfix that ruined things?

Same thing happening to me today. Thought i was going crazy. Same runs, same players, threat was an absolute inconsistent mess across the board. Having to salv people that never needed it, and that still didn’t help.

I knew something felt off. I ran several heroics today and even my healer was ripping aggro off of me randomly. This bug kind breaks the class, so hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I am seeing this same bug as well. Driving me bonkers playing with one of my guild warlocks.

Also experiencing this right now

Having the same issue, threat today been absolutely awful.

Can confirm, does damage still but zero threat

I can cosign this. Was just doing Botanica runs, yesterday I had two Atiesh Warlocks doing 2.1k DPS and no threat problems, today one warlock doing 1k DPS and he is yoinking off of me. Final pull of Bot with all the flowers I had a hunter Volley pull off a full 3 ticks of Conc, even used Scryer’s Bloodgem for spellpower boost on it, pulled right off, the entire pack with Volley.

Having the same issue here. I have Improved Rightous Fury talented and although the tooltip on my action bar shows increased threat by 90%, the buff only says 60%, which is what it would be if it were untalented.