Classic - sad to not be able to script downranking ='(

Hi all, so I’ve just come back to give classic a shot since there’s nothing much to do during quarantine =’(

I remember playing vanilla and getting really into macros, editing them to apply different ranks to heals, and even autotargeting. I’m perfectly comfortable with blizzards changes to the targeting part, but it seems inefficient to have to use a different modifier for each rank of a heal to be used in a mouseover macro. I’d much prefer to be able to use a different spell, and activate trinkets etc with a modifier (which I can do) but I’ll run out of modifiers if I want to use my [nomod]heal, [mod:shift]trinkets&gheal, [mod:alt]fheal, similar to what I did when I left at the end of cata/wod. As this would enable me to put all my active spells onto an action bar to use with a naga.

Does anyone have an example of those old macros for one to reminisce? It’s been >15 years and a few computers since they were useable.

I’ll get back to playing a priest shortly, but was curious of how others were fitting everything into their actionbars

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So I’m trying to write a macro to Pw shield my mouseover, but I’m having trouble in testing it as it works on my group, but if I mouseover someone not in the group it fails.

/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][@player]Power Word: Shield

Is there anyway to specify the mouseover must be in the group with me, and if not instead of failing, cast pws on me as intended?

You can only test if you’re in a group, not if your target is.
Assuming this command works in Classic, you can however get rid of the hand if you attempt to cast on an invalid target /stopspelltarget

Also, change [@player] to simply [] and enable Auto Self Cast in your interface options, it’ll give you more versatility.

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Thanks! So I should add


To the last line of the macro to get rid of the hand?

Could I add it between the commands to still ensure it casts at me if @mouseover fails? As classic can cause issues with tank threat generation I’d prefer not to have it accidentally going onto my target’s target, thus limiting it to @player

Would this work to cancel the hand if both mouseover failed (from target not being in group (world pvp etc) and weakened soul), and also if it failed on me (weakened soul active)?

/use [@mouseover,help,nodead]Power Word: Shield
/use [@player]Power Word: Shield

Thanks heaps! It’s funny, I don’t remember having to spend this much time worrying about this spell in the past!

I don’t have someone high enough on classic to test (that can cast buffs on others), but an interesting experiment would be to drag Power Word: Shield (the raw spell from the spellbook, not in a macro) to one of the right action bars and then create a macro to /click that action button rather than /use. (I mention right action bars because you can’t hit shift+3 and stick it in a bar that pages, you need the spell to be in a slot that doesn’t page because you will be clicking the button and not the action.)

If the reason that downranking doesn’t work is due to some api asserting a rank (appending a subtext to a spell), it may work if you let the server handle the cast.