Classic Release will need more Servers

I want as few servers as possible to avoid dead servers later on.
With the sharding tech they’re using I always assumed that each new “server” was potentially multiple servers back in the day.

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However much you like obsessing about this, we will find out how many servers there are probably today or tomorrow. Then you can obsess about there being too many or too few. See how that works?

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I honestly don’t think it’s that far off than what is necessary. My estimate would be 15-20.

This is the truth right here. Also keep in mind they would have servers spuin up and unlisted from the server list so they are prepared to put more in should the numbers be higher than expected. On the other hand should they go way out of control. Well get ready for the ACTUAL 04 experience with queue times now with layering!


Blizzard is right in taking a careful approach. The truth is, current retail subs have absolutely no barrier to try Classic. A 10 minute download and you are a tourist, enjoying Classic but for how long? Sure 1-20 is a no brainer but from there… who knows.


Like I said…

Dissolving into childish insults does nothing but make you look like an immature child. Please grow up, present yourself in a mature, and professional manor. And refrain from insulting people because you disagree with them.

Now understand this. You do not need weeks to decide which server you are rolling on. Were not building rocket ships here. We’re decided on which server we want to roll on with our friends. These decisions take minutes, not weeks, minutes.


lmao, the irony. professional manner? this is a forum not a job interview. this isn’t just about deciding what server to roll on. it’s about having enough prepared to deal with launch. “spinning up servers” is already too late considering most people will be playing from launch, not wanting to jump servers constantly after already investing in a character

your entire argument is just weak deflection trying to defend blizzard for no reason. you don’t need a concrete idea to realize classic is going to be extremely popular based on websites like twitch alone. people who haven’t played the game in a decade will be coming back and many on retail will try it simply because its included in the sub. 2 PvP servers on EU is laughable and it shows how much they’re going to use layering as a crutch. now is the exact time to raise these concerns. if anything it’s far too late


No, the only irony here. Is your failure to comprehend that the way in which you conduct yourself here is a reflection of how you conduct yourself in real life. If you can’t take pride in the small things, you will never be able to take pride in the large things in life.

I’m done here. You’ve shown your true character. Which leaves much to be desired.

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I’m assuming he’s an Alexensual fanboy. Alexensual’s BfA server is Tichondrius and a ton of the insufferable, ignorant trash talk comes from low post Tich players.

Lol, thanks for this. I never even thought about that. But now that you mention it. That would explain a lot!

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some good points to be sure but…

a couple hundred thousand at most…truly cracked up at this one.

Yea, I thought the layering was to give you the same basic effects of having 20 extra launch servers, and once the pop gets spread out and its not the entire population in the starting zones, they reduce then remove layering.

Layering as it exists should be able to “give us moire servers” without giving us more servers.


If it behaves like it did in the stress test this wont be the case. There is still an overall server cap which triggers a queue. When we got to the height of the stress test 3/4 servers were “High” with queues and one was at Medium. Not making any predictions, but I hope they are ready to quickly pop up some servers if turnout follows the increasing interest/trend.

Calm down. There will be an “unlimited” number of layers per server. It will be like having 100 servers running for launch.

But two months in and everyone expects the population to drop by 80%.

This is a way better solution than have 30 unpopulated servers like retail is now.


Huh… You think they’ll use name reservations as a way to measure demand? That’s unfortunate. I’ll probably go and claim my name on a handful of servers, but I really have no intention of playing Classic again.

Looks like you were more or less correct.

Don’t believe it works like that. If there was no layer limit then we wouldn’t hit queues like we did in the stress test. There is a total capacity server limit even with the extended layers. If they didn’t have a cap, then you could risk too many players on a given server that never reduces low enough to get rid of layering.

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2 oceanic servers to cater for all of south east asia, Australia, and NZ… mmmmk


The amount of servers they announced was enough. If they add more we’ll just end up with dead servers in a few months. A good chunk of people will play classic for maybe a month before realizing it isn’t for them and quit.