Classic Release will need more Servers

From the Interest I have seen in Videos, Blogs, Forums ect I am starting to believe that Blizzard will not be ready for the influx of Players on 26/27 August.

If there is an indication that Classic’s release will emulate how it was in 2004 ( I was there and it was Hell) they better have enough Servers for the Masses.

Maybe Today’s Stress Test will determine if they need to open more at release. :wink:

We shall see.


‘I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more servers.’ :smiley:


If the 8 servers rumor is true…that is laughably low for launch.


Call me crazy.

But maybe wait till Blizzard actually releases an official statement on servers?

I know, crazy.


It’s gonna be all day with this. People who have no idea how many servers will be up at launch will read two lines of the China thing and run to the forums to say this.

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I thought they were just gonna put multiple layers into the server to bypass the need for more servers. Not sure where I read that but for some reason that’s the reason I thought was behind layering among a few other things.

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Lucky for me I’m not one of Those People. And I have an Idea how many will be up, but that is my Opinion which I will keep to myself, so people Like You don’t find a reason to spew off at the mouth (As you already started below) because you don’t agree.

If that were true, you’d be able to tell us exactly how many realms US players will be able to play on.

Sooooo…you are 100% one of those people. Got it.

kk j00 cr@2y

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Ignorant much?

It’s a Discussion.

You took it out of context to start a Flame War. I’ve dealt with many like you. Stop while you are ahead before your foot goes deeper into your Mouth.

Defensive Epeen Reply incoming…

Nice Edit on your Previous Post.

LOL, don’t get Mad, just go away.

Ignorant? I’m not the person claiming to know how many servers there will be and crying in advance that its not enough.

I’m just the person pointing out that yours will be one of many annoying, needless threads on a subject today complaining about something you have no facts to support. You started the flame war, toots. Sorry you’re too sensitive to handle this.

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I sure hope they have enough at launch. Imagine people taking the day off and not able to play. cringe lol

Call me crazy.
But maybe wait till Blizzard actually releases an official statement on servers?
I know, crazy.

snarky bullsh*t like this is unnecessary and childish, grow up. we’re also 2 weeks out from launch so people’s concerns surrounding launch are completely justified

@OP I think the issue is that once population stabilizes after release you don’t really want a case of too many servers with struggling populations. I agree that I’m not confident Blizz is competent enough to get launch right though sadly. especially in regards to layering

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It is not 2004.
This is not the begining of the Mmo boom.

There are 2 mmos with over a million subscribers.

Classic will likely have a couple hundred thousand at most.

Classic is not the next big thing. It wont revolutionalize the video game industry.

None of that will mean classic failed. A game can be sucessful without being the best selling game of all time.


There will be exactly one US East PvP server. They’re planning to have 1 realm type per 1 time zone and stuff as many ‘layers’ inside each as needed.

We’ll find out Friday.

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thats why they have layers

I’m not worried about it…

how many servers you think are necessary?

They can open up more servers at a moments notice if there aren’t enough.

No they are not justified by any means.

People are acting irrational about something they dont even have an official statement on or know all of the facts about.

But yeah I’m the child because I’m reserving judgment till AFTER I know all the facts.