Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


No matter how many people try and attempt to say that flying killed wow I’m going to disagree I always wanted flying back in 2004 and I always have enjoyed flying in fact there’s been two expansion since that didn’t release flying right away and I completely ignored them because it’s such a waste of time running around on a mount vs. Being able to fly to a destination
I can find PVP wherever I go and I can kill the other player whenever I would like an amount just adds to it


The prequel is Warcraft the RTS, though.

And flying wasn’t what killed WPvP, but it certainly had a negative effect on it, which combined with bgs, arenas, etc, did ruin a lot of what it was. People who love WPvP for the massive battles don’t want to be able to just plop down on people and kill them, then fly away.

Anyway, I doubt I’ll ever worry about that again since I don’t play retail.


Yeah, I understand why and I respect that. I however want things for retail to get better and not be in the state it is in now. I would be more comfortable with the current WoW team trying to make things better on retail than to put faith into that same team making something like a Classic+.

I have little to no faith in the current WoW dev team on a Classic+.


It’s not just flying. People legit just whine and complain about people who have more time to do something in the game having an advantage over them or a certain faction getting one class while the other doesnt. The burning crusade made PVP less about faction hate and fluid pvp and more about spamming arenas to show how viable your spec is. The game became less about the world and more about being able to jump on and get right into raiding. It came from legit a company catering to people who play an RPG…yet don’t have time for rpgs lol.

It’s like if I join a baseball league and start b1tching about how long the inning is and it should be timed like hockey because I don’t have time and it’s not fair that those that do have time are beating me. Lame af

You mfers ruined the entire genre a game was founded around with and half of you were nowhere to be found during it’s creation. Horde paladin’s? First off that fits nowhere lore wise and it erodes a big aspect of role playing elements with game play too. People wouldn’t understand though… they just want mobas and trash dungeon crawlers. This generation has some trash gaming taste.

Love retail baby’s complaining about how RPGs are too time consuming. WoW classic really? Have you played eq,doac, or even a tabletop dice game that you put over 12 hours into ? Oh no you don’t have time? Then GTFO the RPG genre and let those of us that been in love with it keep it


Sadly, I agree. My opinion on them may change in the months/years of Classic’s phases being released. I’d love to take Blizz seriously again.


No, they are not.


It’s called go play Warcraft 3…

Although I guess taking the story of actual warcraft and making it part of the game could be interesting.


The major things that currently run Retail were either in a prototype phase or straight up added in TBC and WOTLK.

If you want to see how those systems played out it’s right there in retail.

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I want that Classic + baby!


Negative…spells and talents that were prevalent when TBC was current are vastly different than what is in retail. The stats on items didn’t have versatility back then either…quit talking out of your @ss. The crafted BS specialization weapons we had back then were amazing but ended up getting removed from the game. That’s why they brought back the designs in MoP.

The retail TBC is but a shadow of it’s former self…yes the quests and zones are all the same, but it’s a completely different animal now than it was then…the same thing goes for Wrath. Stats on items, spells, and talents were vastly different and not even remotely the same.


lol these kids are legit using classic as a bus stop for the beginning of the features that we feel ruined world of Warcraft as an rpg AGAIN and then getting mad when we want to gate-keep. damn right we want to gate keep… because we saw blizzard cave into this bs one time already.

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“oh no, other people might have fun on their own servers ahhh”

Also people tend to be super reductive when it comes to TBC and WoTLK’s flaws, as though they were the only things of note in each expansion. Yes they introduced problems that persist in retail today, but as a package I’d say they’re better games than Classic.


yes, but will those people be willing to release TBC, but instead of leveling, the entire zone is a contested warzone that breeds faction based honor again. no flying mounts, no alliance shaman, no horde paladin. no new races.

or will they be upset that they cant have their blood elf pally?


You Classic+ people are still in the first stage of grieving 1)Denial and isolation.

We need to move you along so that when they come out with TBC/WotLK servers you will have moved to the final stage, acceptance.

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Only one of those I’d argue is a good change to TBC.

People want TBC, not your personal fan-edit of the content.


i wouldnt mind added races if they fit the factions.


which change is that? they all sound good to me. imagine wanting to play an mmorpg void of forced world pvp.

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imagine the millions of people on PvE servers who did and do just that, all the way back to vanilla.


I know. there’s a reason i liked DOAC better than eq.


Retail is to far gone. U think they will remove crz, heirlooms, warmode exc…