Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!

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I’m gonna be honest I haven’t really met many of them, as I only have my own ideas of Classic+ and haven’t interacted much with other people suggesting it.

I do share your sentiment that Blizz can’t be trusted with our gameplay. Even a minor QoL change I consider a dangerous slippery slope, so on the idea of C+ I have to insist on a hard line of what Blizzard can’t touch. That’s the only way to keep it from turning into retail. I’m hoping that philosophy for C+ gains traction.


I think a new separate server for TBC would be awesome. I’d love to play and progress through both.


That’s likely everyone’s biggest issue when it comes to Classic and Blizz. It’s honestly hard trusting them to do right.

What Awenn says is completely true, too. I certainly don’t blame anyone who feels C+ would just be another chance for Blizz to ruin something great. We finally have something that we have been asking for (all along thinking that we do, but don’t /facepalm), and the thought of New Blizz touching it doesn’t sit well with people.

Still, talking about what COULD come next for Classic is interesting, at the least.

Also, you’d think it’d be obvious what makes Classic so enjoyable: the world, the social atmosphere, the rpg elements, hell the adventure - knowing that if you want to do something, you actually have to step out of the inn, city, etc, and GO OUT AND DO IT (among many other things).

Personally, it’s my favorite version, so it’s hard not to imagine what could be.


As long as it remained separate from Classic, stayed free from retail features, and didn’t have the voting system for changes later on like so many other people have proposed…then I don’t see a problem with it.

If THAT were the Classic+ philosophy to begin with… I’d have no complaints at all.

To each their own…live and let live. Classic should not have to be sacrificed for Classic+ to be born… same thing applies to the expansions.

Choice is what should unite us in our passion for the game…not divide us


gee idk, maybe the fact that wow went from 10 million subs to under 1m has something to do with the crap changes…DUH


Sure outside of the part where blizz literally said they want this to be it’s own polished experience seperate from retail at the outset.


And what do you think separate from retail means??

What separates Classic from retail?? Changes and QoL features


LOL no…it was 12 million not 10. And that 12 million was during WRATH…NOT Vanilla. No matter what narrative you are trying to spin, you can’t change facts.

Wrath was at the very HEIGHT of WoW’s popularity just before Cataclysm came out and it took a nosedive


Then how is it you have achievements for Cataclysm, Mists, Draenor, and Legion raiding? Cut the BS dude.

You never “returned” because you never left.


Those peaks were during the expansions that I mentioned, though.

WoW was never at 1 million subs during the TBC or Wrath eras. It’s highest peak was at the end of Wrath.

Obviously the most people enjoyed playing the game during those times. Those numbers only dropped off sharply shortly after Cata came out.


While I agree classic + is a very interesting concept it seems unlikely it’ll happen. Also world pvp wasn’t killed by flying. Let’s be honest world pvp consisted of lowbies getting ganked by max lvl d bags 99% of the time. No way to show your e peen better then ganking someone 40 levels below you. That’s about all world pvp was after battlegrounds were introduced. So if you wanna gripe about true world pvp not existing anymore blame Bgs.


If you’re talking about Mark Kern (does not work for Blizzard) or that interview then that does not mean they are “actually” doing it. It was said as jest and as a “what if” notion. People take the nuance of what people say the wrong way. There is no confirmation of any kind of Classic+.

So this

Show your source on what you are talking about.


This man speaks the truth. If we have new content let’s do classic+ instead if rehash of old mistakes.


You classic+ guys are really mistaken what needs to be fixed. Retail needs to be the intended focus and where it needs to be fixed. Not our past expansions, They have already been made as is and just like the classic crowd of #nochances, the people that want TBC and Wrath wouldn’t want to change anything either. If LFD and Flying is to be removed for example, then that means anything is up for modifying/removed. People will say, "Well you removed flying/LFD, why not modify some class design damage/healing, Arena resilience, raid boss difficulty. The list goes on and on, people will take the opportunity to the full extent. Do you really want to open Pandora’s box on a possible future legacy expansion servers? Classic didn’t and took the good along with the bad.

Classic is not a opportunity to fix the mistakes of the past expansions. Blizzard is wasting their time doing such thing as modifying anything on old expansions. The history of those mistakes have already been written. Blizzard needs to fix what people want fixed now already and that is retail. Blizzard want people to play the current game and if people feel that LFD and Flying are a detriment to the game then people need to make their complaints heard.

As far as Classic+, People do not want Classic to ever change. It is to mirror vanilla in every way possible. Classic+ is asking to change all that. To not only add to the game but in order for that to happen changes will have to be made too. Blizzard is wasting their time doing any thing such as a imaginative Classic+.


Wow gained popularity due to word of mouth and advertisement of course it was more popular after vanilla. Features that were brought into wotlk and beyond made it crumble. Stop saying dumb things bro. Splitting wow up into 4 versions makes no sense.


Would love to see Classic+. A whole new direction for WoW. The way it should have gone… or even just make Retail a game classic players want to play by removing the bs that caters to the no-effort gamer


There’s no way they could fix retail for me in a way I’d ever want to play it.

If they wanted Classic+ they could make it a server for 60’s ONLY and make you progress through Classic. Now you’re funneling players through Classic, keeping the pop strong (maybe even keeping some players there), and then they transfer that char to the C+ where the new content/zones are at.

Just my thoughts. Edit: Faith in development is my #1 concern.


No, I’m not. You’re assuming everyone who comes from a private server thinks like you do. That’s not the case.

Your opinion isn’t any more important than theirs.

Again, you have no way of knowing that EVERYONE coming from a private server community shares that opinion. I’m done debating with you because you’re either trolling or ignorant and it’s a waste of my time.


as much as i love tbc, i would simply like a plus version reason being to see some innovation, throw in some arenas, fine tune vanilla balancing fixing talent trees using the ideas or updates from tbc etc.



We need a PREQUEL

I want to see what “knocked all this stuff down”

I walk around classic and see ruins. I want to see them brand new, before the war.

I’m no WOW lore professor but I think it would be a good idea