Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


first off, going into TBC and wrath will make many players quit, a lot of people came back for the vanilla mechanics, not flying and LFG then bc and wrath brought us.

TBC introduced flying wich helped kill world pvp, anyone who says different is kind of dumb, it killed a lot of traffic on the ground

no TBC!

WOTLK introduced LFG mechanics and a lot of features that helped kill WoW as well

why would anyone want this? we have 1 chance to start over like old runescape and create a alternate universe with fresh vanilla like content. it would be amazing. we have already expirienced tbc and wotlk. do something new.

TBC and WRATH have already been played to death. eventually we hit a wall where no one wants CATA. so were stuck at WOTLK? you make ZERO sense

ganking turns into big fights on servers i played on, world pvp is more then ganking. if enemy faction raids your city, u can just fly up instead of fighting. your defending a crap game mechanic.

All expansions would end and lead us right back to retail…classic+ is the future like JageX did OSRS…

People say WOTLK was the best expansion because it peaked Subs number, but WOTLK was the turning point which killed the MMO and the RPG elements of WoW:

  1. Introducing Dungeon Finder
  2. Heirlooms
  3. Catch up mechanics ( dungeons ) which nullify completely previous raids

So, WOTLK was the Worst Wow expansion, and the rest followed its line

Wotlk had heroic dungeons that were a joke compared to tbc heroics.
It had a reused old raid instead of a new teir. And on top of this the raid was so easy that one could go in with sunwell gear and clear it the moment you dinged 80.
Crafting professions were so irrelevant they were pretty much nonexistant.
Repgrind was over in a week or 2. (except for frostborn but one daily Q hardly occupies one time long).
Flying made the world feel very small.
Wintergrasp was okay i guess, but faction imbalance sucks.
We had time gating inside raids and limited attempts…

Honestly, the only redeming parts of wotlk was ulduar and the leveling.

This is from the perception of someone who plays the game alot.
Im sure wotlk was great if you were a casual player

People who ask for TBC are uninformed tbh.

When Isle of Quel came out, the welfare was so strong that it made every other piece of content pre-Sunwell basically irrelevant.

Is that what ppl want? A server that lasts like 12 months?

At least on C+ it’s a much easier endeavour and lasts longer. Just retune all the bosses +100-200% and add 4-6 new abilities to each boss in raids and dungeons, backporting assets via modern expacs (Classic runs on Legion client)

Argument against TBC ? ANYONE

My thoughts exactly, not every day a world wide phenomena gets a 2nd chance to just start over from scratch.


Your opinion is wrong, please move on.


Oh my god. Just enjoy Classic for now!

(Sedryn) #5

I wonder how many of the people making these threads will still be playing by the time this topic begins to actually matter.


why is it wrong? its the only opinion that makes sense


Makes sense to you maybe, not to me. I’m waiting for TBC, there was plenty of world pvp even with flying. Learn where people farm or do dailes. Camp dungeon instances… Being able to get somewhere a little bit quicker doesn’t mean it breaks the game…



Why you so mad?


0 indication of being mad.

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Classic+ is contrary to the entire point of Classic: recreating the Vanilla experience. It is doomed to fail, which is completely obvious if you read any ‘Classic+’ thread full of atrocious suggestions that history has proven will ruin the experience. Yet people are too blind to see this and will gleefully walk down the same path of destruction the game already took once. And 2019 Blizzard can’t be trusted to not screw it up.

TBC and Wrath separate servers, on the other hand, serve the same function as Classic: capturing a specific time in WoW’s history.


if you want flying so bad you clearly dont care about wow that much. world pvp kills ground traffic and potential world pvp encounters. stop this none-sense. who cares if you want to get somewhere quiker. ride your mount and stop being lazy

(Ziryus) #12

Oh… no there were less people to gank.


again, certian realms like grobuluss have world pvp guilds and a culture of world pvp guild rivalrys (came from emerald dream) just because you only know to gank doesnt mean there isnt more to world pvp. get your head out of your butt. world pvp is an important part of wow. sounds like you cant handle pvp.

(Ziryus) #14

Then they should find plenty of wpvp regardless of flying.

(Speedred) #15

Yes it does. Isle of queldanas was the best world pvp in tbc. Guess what that area didnt have…



No doubt bruh

(Tentaclatrix) #17

Classic+ ain’t ganna happen.

Enjoy your inevitable BC servers.


classic wasnt supposed to happen either. you never know, one thing we do know is forum goers like you know next to nothing.

(Beaupeep) #19

Actually you’d be wrong.

TBC and Wrath are the BEST path forward.

Why? Because Classic+ is a mess they should NEVER touch.

What do you put in? What do you leave out? Who is right about those questions and who is wrong?

Blizzard would be wise to never try to detangle that question because no matter what they do they will NEVER get it right.

(Pict) #20

Blizzard can’t make good games anymore. Classic+ would be a disaster, and even with flying, BC would still be 100x better than whatever modern Blizzard could squeeze out.