Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


Yeah that’s not going to happen


If Classic didn’t get any modifications neither will the rest… otherwise what is the point? Expansions should be kept as they were when they were released. That includes features talents and classes and how they related to each other ability-wise… all must remain the same.

If you don’t want any of that in the game, then stay on Classic.


When you start off by insulting people who think differently than you, you instantly lose em.

Dumb post.

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Come back in 4 years when people are burnt out from Classic. The demand for Classic+ will grow.

Some voting system can exist for retail, but it doesn’t have to affect Classic or Classic+. Classic+ would literally just be Classic except with more content.

The thing that risks Classic turning into retail is when Blizzard starts making little quality of life changes to our gameplay in some form. Classic+ would have the same gameplay as Classic, just with more content.

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funny when wrath is considered the highest quality of game we have ever had…

while flying was problematic later on in TBC it wasnt an issue. Could easily dismount a player when they were near ground (gathering/killing/questing/etc)

also it didnt killworld pvp… TBC’s nagrand pvp city was thriving. it was fileld with both factions murdering each other.

run trial or the icc trio. …heck even gun’drak heroic was deadly if you didnt pay attention.

TBC heroics were mainly “cc these 2 mobs and kill other”. Not hard…just more cc usage.

this is problem across every xpac.

or…do content undergeared and make the content u want challenging w/o them doing naythign :thinking:


No Classic+! Stop refreshing the same content over and over again with inflated numbers like they did in Diablo 3. It would totally kill immersion. No mythic or heroic Ragnaros! Ragnaros should just be Ragnaros! He shouldn’t be stronger or weaker because you clicked a button in your interface. Create a new branch of lore in WOW in classic, make new contents in classic. Say it’s a different universe like they did in Marvel universes. Develop contents such as Mount Hyjal, that one gate at the southern portion of Tanaris. Develop new Cavern of time.


The point of classic is that it isn’t supposed to change, and whether it succeeds or fails in 4 years is kind of a moot point considering that that’s like 2 more expansions for retail away.

And if classic withers away then it withers away.

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We could let the Classic servers wither away, while the players who still enjoy the Classic gameplay can migrate to the Classic+ servers and continue having fun.


We will see TBC servers emerge before that 4 year time frame has elapsed…there will still be a dedicated number of Classic players regardless


Or Blizzard can apply those same philosophies to retail from classic (vanilla) too and get any additional lore in the current game when it makes sense. You’re wanting Blizzard to add more to a game that they do not have the team to do it in a reasonable time. They are all currently working on retail content, the place that needs the most work. Not classic wow as it in itself does not need changing or does not need focusing.


Or Blizzard will re-release the expansions and make millions more dollars and not have to spend an arm and a leg in time money and resources to make content for only a handful of people and have the potential to ruin it completely because the current developers don’t know what the hell they’re doing with regard to Classic style content

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They can release TBC and that has some sustainability, but Wrath doesn’t. Wrath suffers too much from catchup mechanics that invalidate its previous raid tiers, so it wouldn’t be a lasting server. Remember how incredibly burnt out we got from ICC waiting for Cata? It’ll happen again. Then what’s your plan? Hope retail goes in the direction of Classic? It absolutely won’t.

Classic-like content would be much cheaper than retail’s content anyway. They don’t need that big of a team.


I was sitting down with a friend (both of us has played vanilla to Cata or at the very least tbc to cata) and it’s really hard to try and piece together what would in evidently be good for the whole. We talked about Group Finder and Raid Finder and agreed that needed to not happen again.

The problem is there are so many crap mechanics that came about mixed in with a lot of good QoL changes. Honestly I would love to see us get to the other expansions; but I do agree that there’s a problem of “when does it stop being classic?”. Definitely need to think on all of this for sure.


That’s not the only expansion that experienced a content drought. It was the very same at the end of MoP when everyone ran Siege of Orgrimmar for months… And the same thing happened in WoD with Hellfire Citadel.

And you may not have liked Wrath for the reasons you stated above… But there are many other people who did like it… Myself included.

The problem with invalidating gear and raid progression exists to this very day in retail. And over the years Blizzard has only made it worse by catering to the hardcore raiding community by releasing content more and more often. This was done to counteract the number of players who would quit until the next wave of content and then resub. The only issue with it is the fact that it only made the number of cyclical players higher in number by doing that.

At least in BC and Wrath, your gear was not invalidated so soon after you collected it. There was a great deal of time that took place in between each raid tier. And in some cases the items that dropped in the next raid tier weren’t necessarily always an upgrade. In the case of Wrath however… Trial of the Crusader was when you were able to get a piece of gear that you needed without having to rely on the RNG heavy loot tables with standard drops. It made a big difference in the speed at which you could gear up a toon, and encouraged people to roll alts.

In the first several months of Legion nobody wanted to make alts because the AP system and the class order Halls and their associated tasks were a massive grind. I for one am glad that they added catch up mechanics in that sense… And I don’t mind them in Wrath either


This is one of the biggest reasons I won’t be moving to a progression server, if ever there is one. BC completely invalidated Vanilla in every way. It’s the worst kind of power expansion. The very first green that dropped for me on the other side of the portal replaced a raid epic. That’s how absurd it was.

I have no issue with there being progression servers if that’s what others want (though it will fragment the player base). But I won’t be going past Vanilla personally. I’m happy to stay in the original Azeroth for years.


There’s nothing that says that you can’t keep your god tier 60 on Classic, and just roll a fresh toon on TBC. That way you don’t have that gut punch feeling with the first green that you pick up.

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Yes they all suffer from that problem. That’s why it’s not sustainable to just create TBC servers and Wrath servers, or rely on just Classic servers. We’ll get to the end of them eventually and get burnt out. Then what?

Classic+ would be a way to keep a gameplay system that we know works, while getting more content to play it with. It’s just important that I iterate that Blizz CANNOT touch anything about our gameplay no matter how minor or quality of life it would be; only add content in Classic+.

Don’t get me wrong though. I love TBC and Wrath, and I would very much play them again, but I’m aware that these expansions have conclusions and we will get burnt out from them eventually. We need a WoW that creates new content but preserves the old gameplay. Retail won’t do it, but Classic+ could. That’s all I’m saying.


In 2 years, when all of Classics Phases are out, you have to wonder what the player base will be. If it’s still as in demand as it is then I’d say you’ve got a good shot at Classic+.

But if it’s dying out, I would imagine they would just release TBC, Wotlk (if anything). They KNOW people would come back, even for just a little, and they wouldn’t have to do much to do it.

Re-releasing TBC/Wrath would give them a nice boost of subs, and everything they need they already have.

Personally, I hope we see Classic+. No QoL crap, but new content that we never got to.

Also zones like:
Gilneas, Hyjal, Wildhammer Homeland all “un-Catalized”.
Kul-Tiras, Zandalar but not so Retail cartoony.

Sadly, I don’t see Blizz being capable of doing this.

Edit: Blasco, you nailed it, imo. Classic gameplay, new content. 2 very different games serving 2 somewhat different types of players.


Well if you can manage to convince all of your Classic+ constituents to give up their desire for the OSRS style voting system, and their desire for retail QoL features to be included AND to have it be separate from Classic and/or the expansions when they get re-released… Then you might actually have a shot at getting other people to give it a try.

You are the first person that I have encountered that doesn’t want any of those things and merely wants new content. If more Classic+ people felt the same way you do…the Classic community wouldn’t be so abrasive towards them… myself included


I mean, I still say no - not because in theory it couldn’t work, but because there is no way today’s Blizzard could do it service. Blizzard doesn’t even really understand why Classic is so popular, only that it is. All the designers and visionaries most responsible for it have moved on. The only sure thing to do is leave it be. This is why I and others are:


It’s not a kneejerk, thoughtless response. In fact it’s the precise opposite. It’s a stance based on a great deal of play, thought, discussion and - most importantly of all - experience with today’s Blizzard.


I’m excited about the idea of C+. I completely agree with Blasco. I think that’d be the only way to have C+.

I think a lot of players are just experiencing Classic for the first time and are enjoying it more than Retail, and that’s without the QoL. Assuming that’s true, I think they’d continue to play + version if Blizz created new content and kept QoL stuff out (Edit, sorry it’s late, brain isn’t finishing complete thoughts).

Unless people are strictly playing for QoL, I think it’d be pretty easy to keep them on board if they (Blizz) managed to make honest Vanilla-style, new content.