Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


Yep. What you’re asking for is a world in which WoW just slowly declines until we’re right back to where we are.

Thanks for confirming all you really want is to buy time and do nothing with the new chance we’ve been given. This conversation will go nowhere.


Let us know when you can get 280,000+ petition signees to Blizzard on Classic+ like we did bringing Vanilla Legacy servers to Blizzard. Right now it is a very small crowd.


Exactly not even enough to populate one full server. There just simply is not enough people in favor of it to justify going that route. Especially not if it overwrites Classic. Have fun playing on a server with only a handful of people lmao :joy:


Yeah, 134 likes on this post? :rofl: People must want it!

There’s no way I’d feel comfrotable having the current WoW Dev team making Classic+ content. Hell no.


And you’re going to be right back in retail even faster with the voting system so really what difference does it make??? At least with the expansions we will have the choice on how much retail crap we wish to endure… In the case of Classic+ not so much


They just need to accept the fact that the expansions are the official plus content. They need to get out of this mind set that its a new type game to be modified/expand upon.


Like Ron White says… You can’t fix stupid :joy::joy::joy:


That’s fine, but that doesn’t apply to me.

…I’m not trying to convince you otherwise…

I’m arguing that the community as a whole isn’t 100% on the issue and that some people DO want changes - regardless of what you’re saying.

Isn’t true at all. Some people do want changes. Not to make it like retail, but to go past what original Classic provided. And that’s valid. Their opinions matter too. Not just yours.


Your statements aren’t accurate. You are conflating the vanilla private server players with people who are in favor of Classic+. Anyone who wants changes to Classic is Classic+ enthusiasts… And no their opinions don’t matter when what they are proposing is meant to replace Classic entirely.

The vanilla private server players who are the returning community that I mentioned earlier do not want changes in the game whatsoever…those people, myself included, are in the #nochanges crowd.

  1. It’d be relevant because it’s relevant is some fine circular logic.
  2. Lack of flying would make multiple raids inaccessible in both of those expansions and when group finder dropped it was considered a god send by everyone since it allowed you to cue up for a handful of dungeons and save a ton of time; the only people who complained about it back in wrath were numbskull DPS that didn’t like waiting for half an hour in ques while tanks and heals got insta ques prompting a bunch of fake heals and tanks to appear. That having been said, we also were limited to the server we were on so you still had community unlike now.
  3. It runs on an archaic version of the engine that has no transferable value on the resume of a programmer in 2020.
  4. It’s critical to the arguement over whether Blizz should invest time in this; Classic is essentially free content for people that requires almost no effort on Blizz’s part to maintain atm, but as soon as you begin flirting with new content all kinds of questions need to be answered; how will this effect subscribers, how in demand are the changes that people are talking about, how will this effect earlier content, etc, etc, etc.

Like, you folks really need to step back and think about these questions.


Couldn’t agree more… And I’ve done the math on just how much money Blizzard stands to lose if they make any modifications to Classic whatsoever. 280k signatures on the petition for vanilla legacy servers times $15 sub fee per person equates to 4.2 million dollars. That is a rather conservative amount considering how full the servers are right now. That number is most likely even higher. Unless Classic+ can bring in even MORE money it’s dead in the water and not worth replacing Classic for.


Unfortunately in your case, it’s not the majority. The majority want Classic to stay as is. Having any additional content seems intriguing at first but with their current team many feel they will botch it. I don’t trust the current WoW dev team at all to deliver a quality experience like vanilla WoW. Also, having the WoW team split into 2 to make original content for retail and classic? That seems like a disaster waiting to happen. There’s a big difference in working on content that is already there (Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath) and updating to work with current Blizzard infrastructure verses making new original content for 2 of the same games.

Blizzard would do better off to learn why people love WoW Classic (Vanilla) and apply some of those philosophies in current retail WoW. That I’m willing to bet is what the majority of people want outta WoW. Not some addition to a game that is over a decade old.


The other thing that people don’t seem to get is that game development is expensive; you need to hire people to build models, write, voice act, do foley, animate, handle leagal work, insurance and a host of other tasks and all of those folks need to get paid for it.

And if it upsets the player base who’s subscribers are only paying a monthly fee (and probably not nearly enough to cover a modest content drop) then it’s effectively money that has been wasted by blizz.


Oh absolutely… The amount of time effort and money put into a project like that would be a huge waste when only a few hundred at most truly want it. Name one time Blizzard has ever released an expansion, or content in general for that matter, that the overall number of people who liked it were so few that they only managed to fill one server with??.. Trick question because it never happened. They’re not going to waste their time with Classic+

(Blasco) #752

Classic+ is an opportunity to make a sustainable Classic experience. Just make more content. No quality of life changes. No rebalances. Nothing. Just add more content. That’s it.


Tell that to all of your fellow Classic+ fans who want all of that crap in the game. And unless it’s kept separate from Classic, it’s not going to fly.

Blizzard isn’t about to give up millions of dollars a month in vanilla fan resub fees for something so stupid

(Blasco) #754

They can keep it separate from Classic. Just give us free transfers to Classic+ and we’ll be on our way.


You aren’t getting Classic +.

There is no way Blizzatd is going to invest money into making more content for Classic.


I would be fine if they did TBC and WotLK without flying, dungeon finder, all the other creature comfort, catch-up mechanisms, and a linear progression from 60-70-80 instead of all your previous raid gears didn’t count because a green item for level 70 would be better, and the awful huge power inflation with every expansion.


And what about the proposed OSRS style voting system that everyone else claims to want??

How do you intend on keeping the retail stuff out of the game if the voting system goes live?

If you happen to be one of the select few that doesn’t want that, then my question doesn’t apply to you… However I’ve seen countless other people who want it. And all it’s going to do is turn Classic+ into retail given enough time