Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


If Blizzard believes that they can move forward with Cataclysm and/or any expansion that came afterward in regards to potential profits… Then I am totally fine with it. As long as I’m not forced to take part in any of that content, I’m not going to begrudge anyone the opportunity who does want to. For me to insist that they not make them because they weren’t popular would in turn make me a hypocrite just like all of the Classic+ people demanding that the expansions not happen


Agreed 1000%

Just remove flying mounts and put in flight paths for those hard to reach places

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How does making sure nothing that is not currently in Vanilla get added to an expansion, mean it WILL happen!?

I’m not actually a Classic+ person at all. I do however want to continue to play the game I love, being Classic, however it won’t last forever.

I’m against a voting system. I’m saying “no changes” for future content to keep the game we love going.


TBC improves vanilla in nearly every way. Classic TBC is the only thing that will ensure I stay subbed to WoW. Classic + might as well be TBC because classic is so barebones and simple mechanically that there isn’t much you can do with it


If you aren’t in favor of Classic+, then why did you list all of the things in that post that I replied to? And you might not favor a voting system, but dozens of people that I’ve talked to on this subject are… But they blindly believe in their hubris that the changes they don’t want in the game won’t be approved in a vote on them… I guarantee the people from retail will screw that up very quickly

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Because ultimately, those are the things that ruined the game… hence why loads of people are going back to Classic.
I want to play Classic for as long as it will please me, but I’m not naive to think it will last forever. You will eventually run out of things to do.
So the idea is, that whether they decide to do a Classic+ system or a TBC and so on, leave out the sh*t that messed up the current game we know… ie everything that I listed.


There are two camps here and i think there is away to keep everyone happy.

1.) Leave Classic alone, i am not going to say #nochanges, i think #nomorechanges. When the last phase hits that is it…

2.) Line up TBC to be released when 15 Years lines up for that expansion.
Create a portal on the battle net site where people can go and upgrade their characters to TBC.
This will be a one way trip… Keep the current servers in place but call TBC Servers the same you take up TBC you will be with the players you know on your server.
If they make it per Character that makes life easier, maybe you will keep a toon on Classic to play with Classic friends and a Toon on TBC.

This certainly will bring back Subs to the game, especially those who left when they get bored of Classic and Retail.
For me personally i loved TBC more than Classic, but i get there is a massive user base who want Classic.


That’s fair… As a matter of fact I’m in agreement with you on that subject

But my statement about using the OSRS style voting system for changes to Classic+ still holds true. As long as the retail crowd has access to vote regardless of the restrictions placed on it, they will inevitably destroy it by adding the changes/features you listed. Classic+ enthusiasts don’t want to see or believe this and are woefully blind and arrogant in thinking otherwise in their foolish desires for it to be made real.



Flying stays or we all riot… Remember what happened back in WoD??? I think you need to educate yourself on the events that occurred after Blizzard tried to remove it. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

If you don’t want to deal with people on flying mounts, then don’t roll on TBC or Wrath servers… it’s that simple

  1. No it doesn’t. All of the current content would still be plenty relevant BECAUSE it would be classic+
  2. Flying and dungeon finder being gone are the only big changes people want. These two things being gone would not ruin the experience of BC or wrath. Also even the #nochanges people don’t want anything past Wrath
  3. Classic runs on the current engine this point is moot.
  4. this is nebulous.


And how do you propose to keep flying and the dungeon finder out of Classic+ if the OSRS voting system goes into effect??? I promise you that it will happen… It’s only a matter of time and then your precious replacement for the expansions has been rendered useless. Yeah expansions might be the path toward retail… but if what I predict comes true, you guys will end up playing with retail features much faster


We’ve been over this. You’re a pessimist. You keep talking about things you’re sure will happen. You can’t see the future.


We have literally years of the history of wow to base our predictions on… This has nothing to do with being able to see the future…it’s called looking at trends that have happened in the past. As I said, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it


Just, for the love of everything, go back to Retail and stop trying to change a game that was created on a mandate of no change and has barely been out 2 weeks. How indicative of your ridiculous ADD petulance is that? You guys are parodies of your own arguments.


I’m not trying to change anything, currently.

This is another argument I just don’t get. “Waah, stop trying to change WoW classic!”

We aren’t talking about now. We’re talking about the future. You know for a FACT this game isn’t just going to remain WoW classic as it is now. A decision has to be reached on how to proceed. People want WoW classic for the feeling of the game at this time.

It was more like an RPG. The open world mattered more. Making connections with people mattered more. This is why many of us WANTED classic. To add flying and dungeon finder is to take that away.

In my mind sad as it is, the people who are experiencing classic for the first time and just want to go through all the xpacs shouldn’t matter.


As I told someone else up above, if you don’t like those changes to the game… Then stay on the Classic servers, and you won’t have to deal with them.

Classic is a museum piece and was meant to be that way from day 1. Blizzard stated that as long as retail exists, so will Classic. There will be no changes to it whatsoever, because for them to do so will be breaking the promise they made to us. The quickest way for them to lose all that money they just gained in resubs, is to make any changes to Classic at all beyond exploit and bug fixes


Then let me throw the same argument you keep making to me back to you.

You really trust blizzard to keep that up?


If they know what’s good for them profit-wise yes. They risk losing all of the private server vanilla players who recently came back to play if they make any changes to the game at all. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands if not a million plus dollars lost. If you honestly think that replacing Classic with Classic+ is going to make enough money to offset the massive loss of subs… Then you are a fool and it’s a good thing that you do not have controlling interest in what goes on at Blizzard


Except that’s not the case. Even a bunch of the big name streamers and a HUGE section of this forum and people I’ve talked to in-game want a classic+ situation.

If you think once people run out of content they are just going to continue to stay subbed to log in and do nothing then I have bad news for you and the future of this game.


And that is what the re-release of the expansions is for. Classic+ is crap that I want absolutely nothing to do with