Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


Or we think that a segment of the classic base is overly entitled.


Maybe we are. I want to see how far I can push my entitlement now that for some reason we are stuck in 1.12.



Who is most people? You? The echo chamber that you must live in to actually believe that “most people” don’t want TBC or WotLK servers?

There are enough who do, just like there were enough who wanted vanilla WoW.


I already explained why we have 1.12 for Classic earlier in the thread. Might take some time for you to find it though lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This thread is quickly becoming useless because looking for information in it takes half an hour. Lol.


Essentially, it’s pages of “nuh uh” and “yes huh”.

I’m on the nuh uh side. : )


Okay I’ll give you the tldr version.

1.12 was the only version of vanilla patch data that Blizzard was able to find. They didn’t start actively archiving every patch until TBC came around. During vanilla, only two versions of the game existed… The version on the PTR for testing, and the one that got pushed to live that’s it


But what you Classic+ people fail to realize is… By instituting a voting system for changes made to the game like OSRS, then those features WILL get added… All it will take is time… And then it’s ruined and you’re back to square one


Here’s the thing: you guy’s pulled off a minor miracle getting Blizzard to put out a legacy service that was designed to cater to old schoolers. And despite what some folks like the OP might think based on what I’ve said here and elsewhere: I’m happy for you guys that you get to have this.

But a combination of demanding classic+ (which would rapidly just become a toxic cesspool if handed over to the proposed player voting system) while denying players the opportunity to have legacy servers for other expansions to expierience other eras (and not just BC and wrath but all of them) is some stunning next level hipsterism.


And don’t forget hypocrisy as well


Again Blizzard is releasing TBC and LK.
You want Classic+ you better convince Blizzard that it will not turn out like retail.
By saying flying killed WoW will not convince Blizzard.
Everything players are saying now on what killed WoW. Players wanted in the game at some point.
Now it just seems like players still know what is best. Than I look at retail and well yea the players know best.


O.K. so, basically there are those people who don’t want TBC and want the classic unchanged vs those who want TBC and WotLK…etc.

Here is my solution.

When TBC comes, all of the existing classic servers will remain the same but there will be new TBC servers .

Anyone who wants to play TBC can use the FREE-Character-Transfer service to the TBC servers or level new LvL1 characters in that server, and anyone who doesn’t want TBC can choose to remain in their classic servers.

In the end, there will be clusters of legacy servers, i.e. the Classic, TBC and WotLK.


People really miss the point with OSRS

Runescape made a massive overhaul to the fundamental combat system of the game, and it wasn’t one that was really designed with Runescape in mind. Jagex made a poorly-thought-out attempt to emulate WoW and shoddily copied WoW’s combat system over to Runescape. It wasn’t a good fit, it was poorly implemented even if it did fit, and all the people who liked that sort of combat were playing WoW instead of Runescape and had no reason to switch back. OSRS was a measure to get back to that system.

A lot of people want to play classic WoW and the game has changed a lot since them but at its core it’s still the same game with the same combat. You don’t have that same sort of fundamental upheaval of the very foundation of the game. Most people are playing Classic WoW to experience that version of WoW and classic+ would not be that.

Also, not everyone who likes classic WoW is the same die-hard purist like the OP who bemoans about “le casuls” ruining the game or whatever. Believe it or not, people actually like flying among other things. The argument that the majority of WoW players disliked flying was one we had back in 2015 and you lost that argument. Most of the biggest problems of retail today are pretty recent additions. Stop pretending the majority of people are upset with the entire direction of the game BC onwards because that just isn’t true.


People are gonna quit from boredom anyways. Once they’ve beaten the game, achieved all professions it’s GAME OVER. Now what??? Back to retail? Why not move forward and fix the wrongs with BC and so on.


And that is what all of us have said about this subject…what you are proposing with separate servers is what everyone wants in order to preserve Classic for everyone who doesn’t like the expansions… But all of these Classic+ people are trying to play GateKeeper because they know that nobody will have anything to do with it if the expansions are released and we’re given a choice.


Because “fix the wrongs” is laughably subjective and the point of legacy servers is to be museums and not revisionist.

How hypocritical and selfish is it that all these proud #NoChanges classic folks are demanding changes to their liking to a hypothetical future BC and WotLK server. We respected #NoChanges for Classic even for things we didn’t like so please have some respect for those who want an authentic BC/WotLK experience.


You guys do know BC will be on a server of it’s own. You just copy your character over and BAM game over.


Yes you have figured out what will happened. We will have Classic servers, TBC servers and LK servers and retail servers. It looks like Blizzard is doing what the private servers have been doing.


I wonder how they will deal with splitting up the playerbase like this, as well as less-liked expansions like Cata and WoD (because between that you had MoP which was awesome and I want a MoP server :smiley: )


Chances are you will one day.
I came back for classic and staying for LK.