Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


Yeah okay LMFAO…

Blizzard said it was a museum piece and would remain forever… If you intend for that to replace Classic, then you’ve already lost more than half of your player base right there.

That just goes to show how dumb you are versus everyone else. Everyone who came back to play will quit


how ever you put it, splitting the playerbase into 4 different wow versions is dumb as hell.


Again you are missing the point here. The reason for the retail stuff is to cater for people that cannot play 24/7. What part of that does not register in the brain. Easy groups for dungeons are made for someone like me that doesn’t have much time to play.

Also, ideas they never came up with later in the BC and WOTLK could have easily been in Classic. Then you wouldn’t be complaining about that stuff now. It’s their baby and the final product is how they meant it to be. Minus the artifacts and other crap that broke the game. Other than that, DungeonFinder is not a bad way to keep you having fun when you don’t have the time. Sorry man, I work and I"m a family man. I would love to enjoy the classics with a small perk of retail.


You might consider it to be dumb… But it would be a financial windfall for Blizzard. They will make just as much if not more money than they made on it the first time around… To go with your idea however… Especially when it comes to the fact that you want it to replace Classic, the amount of money that they will make on that will be far less and they will lose more than they gained by releasing Classic in the first place, because if it ever were to replace Classic, people will quit in droves just like they did the first time around and I will quit too. And no I’m not going back to retail regardless… Retail is a dumpster fire and will more than likely remain that way as long as they continue to cater to the lowest common denominator


i dont think enough people will be in each version for it to be sustainable. it would be a big cluster-f%$ck


Good thing it doesn’t matter what you think… what matters is what Blizzard thinks


Blizzard didn’t think there would even be enough people in Classic for it to be sustainable, and I guess we’ll all see what the servers look like 6 months down the line. For right now, though, they’re booming.

If there’s enough interest for a few servers of each type for TBC and WotLK and it keeps people subbing, why not?

They’ve already done most of the work and have already said that releasing TBC would be relatively easy now. Certainly a LOT easier than constantly making changes and adding content to a 15 year old game based on, what… votes? Whatever the fickle community decides they want in their fan fiction version of Vanilla WoW?


I stated this in another post. Classic is the new and only wow killer. Retail will die and blizzard knows that. Expect to see retail in classic. It’s called a do-over. They will get it right the second time around.



The OSRS vote system would be abused to put in virtually every retail feature including flying…and that just defeats the purpose of wanting Classic+ to begin with. It will implode rather quickly


TBC is an existential threat to Classic and, consequently, to WoW itself. Classic+ isn’t. If the game has to progress (and we haven’t concluded that yet) Classic+ is the only way to do it safely.


The second that they make any changes to Classic whatsoever, everyone will quit all over again. Blizzard knows full well that the mistakes they’ve made are what caused players to quit over the years… and they’re not about to repeat them. If they did they would be basically flushing all the money that they made on resubs down the drain

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Eventually, and I’m talking years, Classic will, as every game does, come to an end. However, instead of trying to create something better, like they’ve attempted with the current state of, and failed, they could instead create an expansion that builds onto, but mainly from, Classic.
That would include:

A new storyline
New dungeons
New raids
New gear

It would ultimately NOT include:

Summoning stones
Group Finder
Catchup mechanics
Excessive FP’s
Changes to the GCD
Complete revamps of Classes
And any other QoL changes that were made post Vanilla.

Because, isn’t that what we really want? To play the game the way Classic plays? And not the way retail plays.

I don’t know…


The only people who would leave Classic to play TBC are people who would rather be playing TBC than Classic anyway, and there are a lot of people who came back hoping that we’d eventually get there.

It’s not a threat to Classic at all, since people who want to play Classic… will still be playing Classic.

People who want to play TBC will be playing TBC.

And Blizzard will just continue making just as much, if not more, money from those people.


It wouldn’t work like that. Blizzard would propose a change, we would vote on it, and then the extra content would be developed/added based on the way the poll goes.

And OSRS has a ton of features Jagex wanted to implement but had to kill because they didn’t reach the 75% (maybe too high?) “yes” threshold.


And the second that anything is open to a vote, you have already doomed it to fail because I guarantee there will be people voting to have flying transmog LFG LFR and who knows what else. Not to mention the fact that Jagex put changes into OSRS that the community rejected. By not giving players an actual choice, the voting system is rendered corrupt


This has never been true.


you idiots are still missing the point that tbc and wotlk adds flying, lgf, lfr, heirlooms, catchup mechanics, most people dont want that stuff anymore.


But yet you think it’s a good idea to open the possibility of changes to a vote…If you still reach that point regardless what difference does it make???


But it does work like that in the fact that you would have to develop new balancing changes, new content, new features etc for a 15 year old game. And continue developing that stuff, splitting resources away from the ACTUAL game that they are still actively developing (Retail WoW).

That is a lot more involved than recreating a TBC patch based on existing data after having already done the vast majority of the work for WoW Classic and calling it a day, maybe leaving a small team on there to handle bug fixes.


Like what? They just spent six months working on Warding and had to flush it down the toilet because it didn’t pass lol