Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


Not reading any more trash from a Classic+ advocate. You people disgust me.

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Wrath without flying?
Guess you’ll never be doing ulduar or much of anything in storm peaks.
Need flying to get to those. No Nexus raid to beat Malygos, you need flying to reach that.

TBC no flying? Guess you aren’t killing Al’ar or Kael’thas for that phoenix mount cos OMG, you need flying.

Might needa rethink that whole no flying thing. Wrath had great zones because they had that verticality that accounted for flying. Highmountain in legion coulda been great for that too but welll no. they tried to design that with no flying and it just made it an aggravating hill climb.


No what’s wrong is people already excited about ruining classic with expansions that have nothing to do with the play style of classic as soon as classic is released. Nothing wrong with gate keeping something that got ruined by the same thing - people wanting the game to be more “forgiving” and polished. They got their wish but at what cost? Classic is the best version of WoW hands down no arguments. This forum is called classic discussion…tbc was the first nail in the coffin of a real old school rpg. Tbc is just as far from the original style of WoWs open world and pvp play style as any other of the expansions thus there’s no room for discussing it in classic forums. Tbc is non existent and I hope it remains that way


I do love how 1 person out of the 1-3 million playing states their very very suspect opinion as fact… and anyone that thinks differently are just wrong.

I guess you never took a second to think maybe your opinion… could be wrong?

Pretty hilarious honestly…


Fact: WoW classic has nothing to do with TBC

If youre playing classic just to anticipate a release of a game that has nothing to do with classic’s play style then something is wrong. TBC to us ogs was the turning point of retail and the way rpg and PVP elements got watered down. We got classic back to get those elements back… This was where the push came from. So when people who didn’t start on release in 04 come in and want to talk about making this game turn away from it’s values already…yeah no thanks. We’ve seen this happen already and did everything to get a real version of the game back. Damn right we don’t wanna hear about TBC lol


if it was they would have probably added some stuff like better flight pathing, a guild bank, etc.
we got a remake.

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Classic WoW is a remaster of vanilla WoW. Improved graphics, smoother gameplay.

Of course having much better computers for video gaming nowadays makes a difference,


I don’t think anything after wotlk is wanted. Any possible classic expansions would stop there… with maybe an option to convert to retail.


bookmark it and check back in after this years blizzcon


Classic+ is the same way forward. We have a chance to see a new, better game develop.

All wotlk and bc have going for then are raids, and as classic has shown there is something missing when those raids have been analyzed to hell and back for over a decade.

Let’s see new, horizontal progression that builds on the existing world instead of creating new ones.


“I got what I wanted so the rest of y’all can bite me.”

That is pretty much what you just said.



The issue with classic+ and why I oppose it is fourfold.

  1. It defeats the purpose of wow classic; to go back to a pristine era of 2004 and all of the inherent strengths (community, less features to keep track of for players and the knowledge that the gameplay expierience won’t change seemingly at random due to balance patches).
  2. It ignores players who want to experience other prior eras (such as Burning crusade, Wrath, Cat, Mists, Warlords and legion) as they were at the time of their release out of concerns that it will “fragment the base” which… you’re kind of doing right now?
  3. Classic is an outdated platform. I’m not talking about it’s various “features” (like how screwed you are if you want to be a blacksmith and quest in eastern territories for the first 25 levels horde side) but rather that the actual code is archaic and as such you’d need to bring in staff specifically to work on it and who the hell wants “did coding for classic+” on their resume when they’re applying for a job on another project?
  4. Given how whiny and entitled a not inconsiderable portion of Classic’s player base is, How well do you think that classic+ would be recieved?

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You forgot 5:

There is no feature or bit of content they could add that some portion of the players wouldn’t HATE and cause them to quit.

Leaving Classic servers completely alone and making a separate server for TBC (and other servers for anything beyond that) are the best path forward. The chance of losing people who ONLY wanted Classic would be lower, and you might retain some people who want to see something beyond that.


After the last phase they should just update talent trees to TBC. OR

Just create new abilities. or changes to classes and talents , OR

Create new Raids with higher difficulty and lower drop rates so when you get a really cool drop not everyone will have it.
Definitely don’t implement flying mounts

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That is all Classic+, and you would lose a significant portion of the players if Blizzard did that.


Old School Runescape didn’t start over though. They went back to a prior version from 2007, three years after the initial launch of Runescape 2, which itself came out three years after the initial launch of Runescape Classic.

You know where WoW was 6 years into its life? We were just about to head into the Cataclysm expansion.


I actually forgot a 6th point come to think of it; Classic+ would leach resources that could be used for future retail content which would hurt the mainline of the game in favor of what is ultimately a side project.

And once again, I’d like to point out that Classic has been out for less then a month so crying about how people need more content is kind of fascinating to me since it’s impossible to have expierienced the full length and breadth of what’s their within 21 days even if they spent all 504 hours glued to their computer and lost no time for patching.


Only 50 levels. I am 44 and I would vote for LFG and flying.


You ever been global’ed by someone in Naxx gear?

Didn’t think so.

Let’s introduce more raids and an even larger stat/power gap…:rofl:


I’d vote to have the following based on what I’ve seen from my two characters (enhance shammy and Prot warrior):

  1. every zone should have at least one base that can be reasonably reached by players at entry level for the zone without having to run through the whole zone and past orange or red level monsters.
  2. said base should have an anvil and a smelter so that BS and ENG aren’t required to fly to a seperate zone.
  3. Better melee talents for enhance shammy at lower levels; they’re pretty crap until you reach level 25.
  4. Thunderclap moved to the prot tree since dps warriors don’t have any use for it outside of really limited instances while prot warriors can use it for both aggro and damage mitigation.
  5. removal of damage immunity.