Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


No thank you.



I also hope they OSRS classic WoW. Old School Runescape has like ten times the population of “retail” Runescape, and their updates really keep the classic feeling alive.

There is also A LOT of content that was meant to be added to the game but never was due to the TBC expansion. Classic can be the beginning of something great.

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In the last Classic+ thread post, I’m not a sore believer of Classic+ nor this will convince me to believe in something which has a chance to fail or fail in the long run when looking at bad content handling and practice in Retail, can’t trust the devs to sh*t on making good content nowadays for WoW, even if Blizzard adopted a voting system like OSRS, there is a chance like Welfare upgrades, LFG or problems from Retail coming to Classic+ if majority voted for it. Again you can try to convince me to believe in this Classic+ vipe but in the end, it is doomed to fail and even some my guidlies say Classic+ is essentially a retail 2.0. If Blizzard ever does Classic+ and its starting to have issues after launch, subs dropping, content from retail… thank me later in a couple of years.

Now with TBC and Wrath… Yes there was content that helped to kill what Classic had, Convenience over actually working for it but atleast Its… tolerable… You might come to say to me that these expansions have been played to death and what I said before that helped to kill the wheel of what made Classic good but even I played it to death back in the day, I will play it again despite the content, systems and convenience which No hard core Classic fan (Which I’m not of them) would never want. I never liked LFG and dont get me wrong, I would like to be disabled till ICC is on farm on both difficulties.

Both pills to Swallow, Classic+ which has a chance to fail, greater scale. TBC and Wrath which it is easier to do but splits the playerbase (even though it will be on the same sub as Classic and Retail), Content which helped to kill the wheel that made WoW popular but atleast during my time, find it fun to play despite me not liking LFG. Whenever Blizzard chooses to do, I will be either with it or not with it.


Did you seriously not read any of this thread before posting your comment?? I already addressed the issues with the OSRS voting system.

Bad idea and will only turn the game into retail… It’s only a matter of time before it happens


raises hand slowly I-- haven’t played either… I’m one of those crazy people who sneered at WoW back in the day cause I was young and into FF11 & EQ.

So, for me, this is all pretty much a first.

That saaaaaid…

I do agree that there should, maybe be, a WoW AU, however maybe after they see how long Classic here goes for. I feel like we are in this strange test period, where if things go REALLY well for several months, even a year onward, Blizzard might then dump resources into something for the future.

Who knows! They might even do another Cata event on Retail and kick it back to the stoneage, just cause how well Classic is doing. Or they won’t!

All we do know is Blizzard is probably sitting back, observing, while talking to the investors about this, and only they know really where they will go from here-- Once they get that confused look off their face and see that this isn’t some strange dream (or nightmare maybe depending on who you ask).


Ignore all the retail babies who literally see classic as a path back to tbc and wrath. Classic happened not because of casuals who wanted tbc but because of those of us who were against any quality of life improvements and mostly playing for MAJOR PVP. If you scrubs are playing just waiting for your sick dungeons and raids in burning crusade please leave classic now.

The game became trash as soon as tbc came out. I didn’t play everquest for a reason. Could never play a game without all out unhinged PVP. There should be no saftey for the opposing faction… No flying. No dungeon finder, no lfg, nothing. Classic + or nothing at all


These people want their flying mount so they can stop getting ganked like scrubs. They want to erode the faction hate. Notice most allies want tbc? They’re scrubs who are already getting rekt at pvp on every realm lol.


Who is we? The community? The community that got this game made wants it to stay as it is, as Classic. That was the whole point of the 10+ years of discussion and private servers it took to get this here.

Or do you mean the people who came from Retail to try it out and now want to hijack the game and recreate their version of it? Are you kidding? They can’t even decide upon what they want (it changes every day and with every new post), let alone understand the processes that make it all a bad idea and an inevitable trip to Retail 2.0.

Or do you mean today’s Blizzard most of whom can’t even understand why Classic is such a good game, let alone how to create more content like it.

Nope, if you want any of that there is Retail, or pick any of all the MMOs currently available besides Classic. This game is unique in the industry right now. Leave it the ever-loving hell alone.

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Classic WoW.


People like you are what is wrong with this game and the world as a whole…

Man… if I thought like you did I wouldn’t be able to even get out of bed in the morning…


Classic+ is the worst idea possible. Leave these outstanding classic realms alone.




what u just said is so perfect


Idk, What is Classic+ exactly anyway? The way I see it. Classic can be stretched out pretty far with the addition of extremely minor things. There is a boatload of content that was conceptualized that never made it into the game. I mean, if they added a long level 60 quest to learn friendly faction languages, would that really break the game?

If they created a new seasonal event, maybe an anniversary of classic, would that really break the game. Small additions like this is what I think of when I hear Classic+. These changes do nothing other than distance classic from the Private server experience and add content.

Sure, a new raid would be nice, but I don’t think it is really all that necessary. Small additions here and there that keep classic feeling “alive” is really all I am looking for in the future.


Surely TBC servers are a worse idea? If the game has to progress Classic+ is the only way to do it. Let’s have some faith in a voting system.


Holy… oh my goodness no.

Voting system… just wow.


Old School Runescape has like 10 times the “retail” runescape population, and the game itself is amazing. It has been made possible by a team that understands the game and a well-managed voting system that requires a reasonably advanced account to participate in.


Oh, another OSRS drone who thinks Classic WoW has to be ruined by following the same steps as that terrible game.

Leave. Classic. Classic. LEAVE IT ALONE.


Your opinion is the antithesis of mine.


Btw, I predicted a lot of issues we are having right now, and I advocated for a 1.9 release. Do you think the game is in an ideal state?