Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


I agree.

Personally I think they should go the Classic+ route, and or just release fresh realms every 2 or 3 years.


Well if we are getting into the classes - trap launcher for hunters, real feign death and real shadowmeld.


Best part of all of these suggestions is that we’re basically just repeating what players said 15 years ago; that we want our classes to work better and to be less tied down by tedium.

Which is stuff that was fixed in future expansions.


I agree 100%.

I’ll be the first to say that I adored TBC; however, over time I have come to understand that some of the groundwork started there led us down the path of a terrible retail game. Specifically the intriduction of flying mounts and daily quests come to mind.

I would love TBC without these two infant cancers, but then it also feels weird taking a scalpel to something beloved as TBC. Classic+ seems like the only viable way forward.


Retail doesn’t really have flying you will have to find something else to blame for your dislike of retail.



How are people NOT getting this?


I’m all for this. One way to approach it is this:

  1. Keep a true classic server with absolutely no new content for those who want a real vanilla experience to always be there.

  2. Have this Classic + approach implemented.

How could Classic + work in a way that the community is on board with? I think the answer to this is by having the community directly involved in the decision making.

OSRS did this, as an example, and it worked out very well. Players (lets say above level 45) could be allowed to vote on proposed ideas. If an idea has a majority vote it goes through.

That could be something that gives new content to our classic flavor of the game.

But again, this is a while off. Fun to entertain the idea of it regardless.


No, absolutely not. If you want Classic+ that already exists, it’s called BFA.


Looking at the activity on the forums classic vs retail and the viewers on Twitch. Classic is way more popular than retail.

People prefer the gameplay in classic, Blizzard will see this and make decisions on the data. As opposed to what is retail now which caters to the lowest denominator.

Outside of mythic retail is trivial and unchallenging for the most part. People are showered with gear and other stuff and the pace is too fast.


exactly. hopefully retail is changed for the better. this might be a wake up call for blizzard


Yeah, I would.

But I have faith in the returning community that your specific scenario wouldn’t be an issue. /shrug


LOL I just love how so many people bringing up OSRS so soon after my post discussing why it’s a bad idea…apparently nobody can be bothered to read the whole thread and just want to jump into the convo with their .02 cents…so here it is again :

I see countless people in favor of Classic+ touting OSRS as the greatest thing since sliced bread and that it should TOTALLY happen in WoW too…There are plenty of reasons why this shouldn’t happen, but let’s look at a couple of the obvious ones shall we?? The voting system on changes to OSRS is a HORRIBLE idea since even retail players could vote, which would screw it up for everyone all over again. Furthermore, many of the changes proposed to the OSRS community that were REJECTED, the devs chose to disregard the voting results and put the changes in anyway. How do you propose to keep the same thing from happening to WoW?? How do you keep Flying/LFG/LFD/transmog etc. OUT of the game if they get voted in?? You are already opening the door for Classic+ to be turned into retail by doing so. And no putting some arbitrary requirement to vote won’t help at all…Retail players will do whatever it takes to get the ability to vote and then turn the game into retail mark my words…all it will take is time


On retail right now you could not fly till Patch 8.2 Where was all the Wpvp from Aug of 2018 till July of 2019??? If flying was the cause where was it for almost a year of no flying? The entire thread is based on BS that is easily proven by the fact that every Xpac since MoP there has been no flying in the most current zones except Tannan and now in 8.2 . So the rest of the time the vast majority of us were playing with no flying. Yet there was not the resurgence of Wpvp in all that time. Your point has already been proven for the last 4 years.


Agreed, but the wpvp enthusiasts apparently have a massive raging hate-bøner for flying and refuse to accept facts…they’re just butthurt because they can’t gank and corpse camp people anymore when they can fly away after they rez


Why don’t we just see what things are like after phase 6 is launched and then have a discussion about what’s next?


who are these most people all i see is a loud minoirty crying about flying


Pointless debate since the ONLY patch data for vanilla that Blizzard had access to in order to reference everything properly was patch 1.12. This was not some arbitrary decision they came to and said “You’re getting 1.12 and that’s that.” It was more like “We apologize, but all we have is 1.12 so it’s that or nothing” We knew full well going in that 1.12 was going to be massively nerfed content due to that, but it is still better than retail


The returning community doesn’t want ANY changes in the game and likes the game the way it is without them. The ONLY people in favor of changes are the retail folks, and the Classic+ people who want retail features added and some new miraculous never-before seen content that’s going to blow their socks off…but they’re asking the CURRENT devs who can’t make good content AT ALL…to make it for them.

(Patchs) #636

You know, it’d be interesting since Blizzard has the complete patch data for TBC onwards if they could actually do progressive patching.


Exactly…It can only get BETTER from here. Patch progression would be awesome to see