Classic is Overtuned

Not like it matters, but I’m just curious. 1.12 will still be 1.12. Not unless Blizzard does low level itemization “progression”. LOL. I kid i kid.

I don’t know what level BiS is for tanking warriors … anyone know? Maybe we can dig something up if something has changed. Although I don’t know how we’d be able to go back in time to look at that up if it’s not in patch notes.

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Did you even play vanilla?

Mage blizzard bomb kiting 10+ mobs was common and not for “highly skilled players”.


I used to beg mages to let me in when I saw them doing that. As I sat on my rogue watching from afar killing 1 mob at a time and praying I didn’t body pull something while keyboard turning and mouse clicking abilities.

Go to you log in client, click on you Beta access do not hit play. Look to the right side of the play rectangle. What patch numbers does it say that it’s using. For mine it says So, according to my Beta access client they aren’t using version 1.12, they are actually using version 1.13. Get YOUR facts straight!

lol… solid dude. I see you have very little understanding of how blizzard and this game work.

But I should believe you over blizzard and all the info to the contrary of your statement.

In case you are also color blind, that’s a blue post.


Im just checking;

Has anyone claiming the damage is too low ever ever ever actually provided proof of it? Like in this thread about SM. Has anyone actually brought irrefutable video with them? Or do people just continue to try and use their memory as some sort of citation.

Just wondering, dont really want to sift through a whole new thread only to be disappointed.


No, the answer is no not a single person has. It is all just ‘muh feelz tell me it is wrong SO IT IS!’


Okay a blue post said they are using 1.12, but my client is saying 1.13. How is that summed up by saying I don’t know how Blizzard and this game works?

ps I don’t want to argue, I want to understand.

Classic is based off of the 1.12 patch. Yet you are saying 1.13 makes that a lie when last time I checked 1.12 is .01 places away from 1.13 making any troll post point you had inane.

Dirty, did they really clear cath? Is the last boss lvl 40 iirc? Or was it 38? Who did it and what was the group make up? That does seem like such a stretch. Wish it was harder than that.

I couldn’t find the video of cath but they took 9 mins to kill Herod using Esfan, their pally DPS, to off heal.

They have decided to call this 1.13 so as to differentiate it internally from 1.12, but it is using as much data as possible from 1.12.

It is for the coders more than anything and for the players to understand they are in classic and not some timewarp return to 2006.

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Thank you for explaining that. At least someone is still decent on here.

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Thanks, I assumed that was the intent behind 1.13 but I didn’t want to take a hard stance w/o knowing for sure.

That is a super good way to get people to be decent towards you. Pro strats.

Thanks, I figured as much. I was just wondering. Kind of crazy how the community won’t call people out on this the way they should. Its a little… convenient, that NO ONE can provide proof.

But you had tried to anyway!


I’m at work atm. I didn’t see it happen. The guild blew up over it when they were fighting herod in armory and then I remember them saying asmongold’s group finished the dungeon.

I’m not sure what level the bosses are in armory or cath. I wanna say 38 for cath and 40 for armory but that’s based off 15 year old memories.

I’ll try to find footage when I get time. Gotta get off work and spend time with family first. Might have time later tonight to find the proof. I’ll even ask in guild and screen shot their responses if i have to.