Classic is nerfed on beta

As you can see I didn’t even make it past lvl 98 cus I got bored

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As usual, when people say this, they don’t understand what “no changes” means.

You see, Blizzard had not originally announced that they were going to make everything 1.12. They originally said that they were going to draw from all of Vanilla before making a decision. As a result, “no changes” did not mean “exactly what Blizzard says”. It meant “no changes that did not occur in Vanilla”, and always included the option of what was called a Frankenpatch, where Classic would take the best version of each game element together into one.


WoW was always intended for casual players.

Not that I disagree, 1.12 AV is a joke. But #nochanges right?

Though it would’ve taken much longer and been much more difficult to do, Blizz should have recreated the Classic feel by releasing the most common perception of Vanilla and creating a new patch, without the pre BC preparations.


So you are an impatient person that is derisive? Even happier that you aren’t going to play.

I don’t think it has anything to do with laziness and everything to do with the Care Bears at Blizzard having to make everything as easy as possible.

Either way I hate it so much lol


Yep - 1.12 AV is a bummer.


No I bought the game because I love wow but lost interest in bfa yes it’s thats simple, you have a lot of salt for no reason, I won’t be responding to your troll comments anymore.

Lol. A stealth nerf that happened in 1.12 Vanilla?
Psst. Blizz designed WoW for casuals. Yea. Even in 2004.

Edit: or 1.10? Either way a nerf in Vanilla. I’d rather they did 1.5 but you’r post made me laugh all the same.


you can still summon bosses.

All Commanders and Lieutenants, such as Commander Duffy and Lieutenant Murp. Each Faction had four commanders and six lieutenants on their sides. These were the elite NPCs that rode around on a mount or were in a tower that would pull when you enter, and they needed to be tanked.

Interestingly enough, 8.1.0 for some reason re-added the Commanders in Tower Point and IWB, the ones that offer that quest to kill each other.

It also removed the additional Commanders that spawn in your base with your General when you burn an enemy tower. So if you are Horde and you burn two bunkers, you get two additional Commanders next to Drek that Ally has to kill in addition to the four you start with (that you lose when your team loses towers).

It also nerfed the remaining NPCs by taking away their Elite status (like Mine NPCs, which were all elite previously, preventing anyone from solo-capping a mine).

Imagine getting angry at blizzard about 1.12 av when it has been stated they were going to use it for a year, if not longer. Slowpoke alarmists lmao


It’s a stealth nerf since the majority of players will have no clue and be unaware that this is not real classic.

Giving us the most easiest iteration of classic upon release is a complete cop out.


Yeah, glad blizzard stuck with it. I’m there to rep grind, AV was never the pinnacle of classic and 8 hour battles/turtles are HORRIBLE.

I don’t think Blizzard is attached to, “how easy do we have to make it”. I really think they’re more attached to, “We told them it’s 1.12, so it’s 1.12”

Originally Blizzard said they would put out 4 phases. There was tremendous feedback that it wasn’t enough. We provided reasons 1-1001, and Blizzard changed their minds. It’s possible they will change their minds here as well.

So keep up the feedback, we should know by now they read it - just make sure you’re not inflammatory when you do it.


Classic is still a frankenpatch just one that uses 1.12 for most of it. If you’re only able to do Onyxia and MC in classic at the beginning which wouldnt be true to 1.12 there’s no reason why they can’t go back to an older, much more liked version of AV other than laziness.


Yes, I was unaware 1.12 was this heavily nerfed, had I known I would be been upset with the rest, and as you can clearly see, many other posters were unaware how nerfed it was also.
No need to be a dick about it.


Lemme cry and scream about something that I have no technical skills to show how the job should be done right. Just like that commercial with a dental monitor. But let us refer to the excellent skill of classic forums to see how they would graft 1.5 av into classic. Obviously there are some top notch coders here.


Don’t be so thin skinned. The adult reaction to classic would have been to research it before playing, instead of jumping in head first and finding the pool isn’t to your liking.

Also what happened you not talking to me anymore.


Lol. It’s been known for awhile now. We’ve had multiple mega threads on it.
Not real classic? Guess everything else in 1.12 isn’t real classic either right?

You should have been here when this forum first went up. The whole 1.1-1.12 progression vs. Static 1.12 “pserver” version of progression.
The 1.12 threat mechanics making MC a cakewalk. 1.1z 1.12 progressive patches vs. 1.12 frankenpserver static patch and so much more.
Now all we talk about is not getting beta access and streamer hate. Lol.
Guess better late than never. It’s still not a stealth nerf.

We’ve known about 1.12 for a long time now. You missed this discussion by a year or two. Lol


There’s a reason so many of us were passionate about using earlier forms of AV. 1.12 is the same AV you can experience right now. And it’s even easier to zerg since Drek and Vann aren’t aggro linked to the npcs around them. So you don’t have to take down towers/bunkers. And there’s no stacking buff from those towers/bunkers either.