Classic is nerfed on beta

Not sure if this is intentional.
But on the av beta there are no npcs apart from archers and luitenants.
There are also no land mines.

Is this a stealth nerf or will these be added later in beta weekend?


Theyre using the 1.12 version which had A LOAD of npcs removed youre probably seeing the actuality of what we will get.


Yeah this is basically retail AV. I was excited.


Well than this version of av is watered down trash what an absolute joke.
We get av nerfed into the ground.
Bravo blizzard on finding ways to make the game easier without people noticing.


people noticed, we’ve been complaining since they announced it


Same, this sucks, I’m worried for classic now, if 1.12 was nerfed this hard I’m left worried how trivial 1.12 MC and BWL will be.


To be fair, they announced well over a month ago that they were going with the 1.12 version of AV. It was stickied at the top of these forums for a while. Many people are quite unhappy about it.

While I’m honestly not the biggest fan of AV, AB is by far my favorite, I do wish they had went with the earlier version as it seems it’s definitely the version most were hoping for.


Its Still to classic per-say so its not a “nerf to classic” just a nerf to early vanilla nostalgia if that makes sense. They were just avoiding having the 24 hour unending av games we had back in early vanilla. It wasnt intended to make it easier persay but make it able to be completed in the same general time it was in 1.12, i know #nochanges though. but its not to make it easier to complete but easier to play. Not easier to complete in the sense of you still need to play every aspect that was in the game aside from picking up items which is how 1.12 was, if they nerfed it to be easier to complete compared to their focal point it would have even less npcs or aspects from modern wow where the tower design was changed.


Yup. This is accurate to 1.12 AV and is the reason why everyone who knew the difference was very disappointed in their choice.

I would rather have a good-faith best-recreation of an earlier AV, even if it’s not perfectly accurate, than have 1.12 AV exactly as it existed.

(Note: This is not an argument for changes. This is just me accepting that humans are fallible and not everything is going to be perfect, even if they do their best to have no changes.)


Same, I thought 1.12 just made the npcs hit a little less hard, they removed npcs completely.

I was just watching tips afk in front of a bunker, multiple archers were shooting him for about 5 seconds before he realized.

He barely lost half his hp…

This AV is an absolute joke and I now have legitimate concerns for classic, if 1.12 av is this easy you can bet the rest of the 1.12 classic is also.


Oh well. We’re getting 1.12, and this is what 1.12 AV was like.

I don’t want to set a precedent for choosing which patches we should use for each bit of content. It’s a lot easier to say “this was the last patch of vanilla, so that’s what we’ll use” instead of subjective criteria for what was the best version.


Agreed, they need to go with an earlier version of AV. This is a pretty bad screw up by blizzard.


Why is everyone acting like they didn’t know this for months now? This is the version that was in 1.12.


1.12 AV is literally just retail AV without reinforcements. Blizzard is being incredibly lazy with this.


Towers got redesigned as well in Cataclysm to avoid horde being shot by archers while getting the flag where alliance didnt.

After watching this I think they should start with patch 1.0 and progress classic the proper way.

1.12 is a cop out by blizzard so they can release a casualised form of vanilla to the masses.

Classic is going to be water down garbage.

This is crap because now everyone is going to play vanilla, the difficulty will be cheese, and everyone will say “yup vanilla was easy, you just think it was hard because of your rose tinted goggles”

But really it’s because we literally are getting the most nerfed form of classic possible, on a freaking catch up patch that trivialized content to prepare for tbc :confused:


Eh. Most of the catch up content isn’t going to be available in Phase 1.

Unless you think class balance changes and itemization changes are catch up mechanics? I’d say most of that is actually just Blizzard’s idealized version of vanilla.

As for 1.12 AV, I can’t imagine how that was in preparation for TBC. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but what about it could possibly be related to TBC?

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I don’t think it was specifically made for TBC preparation so much as it was just generally changes made to make AV easier to play and easier to end games*.

Theoretically, however, you could argue that these changes were made as part of preparation for the honor system changes for BC, to let the battleground more easily and accurately generate honor per hour relative to the other BGs.

*(I do not necessarily think these are good things, though they are commonly used today as good descriptors.)

They don’t have the source code for OG AV, and they’re not going to be creating it from scratch.

This is dumb to keep arguing for. They’ve not once reverted anything else back, in the sense that they’ve had to do it from scratch…so why would they with something as massive as AV?


What I meant is this mean we will be getting a highly nerfed mc and bwl.

If 1.12 changed the difficulty of av this drastically I’m worried just how nerfed mc and bwl were in their 1.12 state.

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