Classic is nerfed on beta

It’s not over till it’s over. We’ll keep fighting the good fight.


Even though I did chuckle (a bit) …I know that Patch 1.12 is the wrong choice. I did “live” through all these patches. My memory might be fading as I and the game age however, when I saw AV being streamed this past weekend I knew it was not what was good about AV! Then I started thinking about exactly where we are regarding dungeons and raiding. It’s NOT the right choice. We got/need to make a change and that can’t happen unless we speak up. I would rather speak up and know at least I tried. /shrug


Cross-realm BGs, else I might agree with you. (Though the reason they gave for layering might give me pause as well.) Also, a ‘Queue All’ button would resolve that. Either people are favoring one BG or the other, or people are queueing into whatever and land where they will. Unless you think the population of Classic will simply be that low, combined with AV being that unpopular.

That said, I don’t have the numbers, and likely neither does Blizzard just yet. Hence why I’m rather flexible on the issue of implementation currently.

I suppose. I was still holding out hope they’d accept rolling the CRBGs back to CP6, as a possible “minimal code” change.

What are you talking about? They are game developers–it’s obvious what they should have done. They should have developed the most fun version of AV possible given the benefit of the past 15 years of conceptualizing what it ought to be and play like. They could easily do that and tell us to suck it up because they’re telling us to suck it up now. That’s a decision on their part. There is no universal law prohibiting them from altering AV, they are choosing not to do so.


You guys are braindead, on par with the “wall of no” people.

You realize that Blizzard is a company driven by profits, A.K.A. consumer demand. If everyone said “I’m not playing this game unless Blizzard does X” and MEANT IT, they would have no choice but to give in.

The reason why Blizzard went with the decisions they did up to this point is because they are trying to best meet the demands of their consumers, not because of some foretold prophecy or something.

Preach! Same here friend.

Then do it.

You’re going to end up like the legions of other crybabies that have given a fake ultimatum on this forum.

The point is that repeatedly spamming “Blizzard already said X” isn’t an argument. If you disagree with what someone is proposing, then actually come up with a valid counterargument or stay out of the discussion.

Otherwise, this is what you’re on par with:



  1. Blizzard does not believe there are enough people interested in utilizing this idea long term to justify the costs necessary to bring it about.
  2. Blizzard feels this idea is counter to the nature of MMO’s; non-progression equates to stagnation and eventual boredom.
  3. Blizzard does not possess the old code. No, they did not save it as a “backup” - they might have for the launch of Cataclysm, but that was over four years and two expansions ago. Even if it were “recoverable” by other means (i.e., see “private” servers” below) it would still require lengthy and expensive rewrite, a task Blizzard denies interest in.
  4. They have no plans or desire to recreate the original version(s). They refer to the notion as “a logistical nightmare,”… and in keeping with #1 above the time, money and resources required are prohibitive and unjustified.
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Then you’re open for more Guild Bank and Graphic debates, right?

I’m not against Guild Banks or Graphics. Congratulations on finding some of the changes that I wouldn’t care to argue against. I don’t join those threads because I don’t have an opinion. I certainly wouldn’t go in there spamming “Blizzard ALREADY SAID X” like a trained monkey.

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Glad to see people still not understanding that 2019 playerbase isn’t going to want to sit through 3-day AV turtle games

Oh the irony.

You don’t see that I’m making the same point in different ways? You should really work on your reading comprehension.

My point there was that people are using “Blizzard said X” as gospel, even though Blizzard’s comments themselves are often contradictory.


Its obvious they are putting the least amount of effort into classic as they can. Hell they won’t even make the unarmored mounts available. The models are already in the game and they have p!ss poor excuses for them not being available. Same as for 1.12 av. The only work they’ve done other than porting 1.12 is layering and gating content.


My bad, I don’t tend to put a lot of effort into responding to soon to be banned, low-effort trolls.

Brought to you by, “everything that I disagree with is a low-effort troll post!” Why stop there? Why not just call me a Russian agent trying to sow discord in the Classic community?

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Fun is subjective, not everybody finds the same things enjoyable. So no, they should not just assume and generalize what people enjoy.

What it “ought to be and play like”? What does that even mean? Conceptualize what? Are you suggesting they should change AV all-together out of pure concept of what people might find fun?

When did they say that exactly? They have actually changed their minds on multiple occasions based on player feedback. The developers are even interacting with players on the beta.

Yeah, there is nothing prohibiting them from altering AV, and I never said or suggested that. I pointed out that it makes sense to use 1.12 from their own original logic and philosophy going into Classic. If players want a different version of AV, it is important for people to speak about it, but in a constructive manner.

You asked what I am talking about, but everything you said is just assumptions, if it even makes sense at all. Perhaps a better approach would be to explain why you feel unheard, or why you feel something should be different in a constructive manner.

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Then those are bugs and you should report them as such.