Dungeon Difficulty: Poll


No changes.

Even suggesting changes means you don’t belong in classic.

And speaking this way means you don’t have a brain.

No changes from what? Vanilla? Vanilla is a moving target with variable difficulty, with 1.12 being the easiest patch and thus, not a good representation of Vanilla as a whole.

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And Blizzard once said that legacy servers will never happen. Picking out a single excerpt from a panel doesn’t really prove anything, other than indicating their intentions at a specific point in time.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion falling outside of that. Learn to think for yourself.

I think you can have all the opinions you want. They aren’t changing mob values for this project. Its the museum piece they said it would be.

Accuracy above all.

You want to lobby for some other kind of Classic++ or whatever, fine. But it probably belongs on general instead of trying to change THIS already existing product into some bastardized version of the game you want, and that we don’t.

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Ahhh… the museum piece only states their intent at the time they said it… Am I doing it right Aladonia?

Then how do you explain one of the Devs saying that they would be up for additional content (e.g., BC progression, 1.13) if that’s what the community wants?

Doesn’t really add up with the museum thing, does it?

One of the devs also gave a hard no to that (the additional content). All the devs agreed TBC was likely.

TBC probably wouldn’t be a forced change either.

Well, well. What do you know? Sounds like it’s not as simple as “someone said X at X point in time”. Sounds like it might be an MMORPG. Sounds like Blizzard might actually be a company with the intent to make money and feed their families. Sounds like CUSTOMER DEMAND might be a factor here.

A museum piece where they might progress into TBC? A museum piece with eventual new 1.13 content?

You’re failing to understand that, the message they wanted to deliver with the museum line is that they were not going to change the game as many feared. They’re making Classic because people DEMAND the Vanilla experience and will pay for a subscription for it.

Again, 1.12 is not a good representation of Vanilla’s difficulty as a whole. It’s the easiest rendition of a continuous trend.

Blizzard feels 1.12 is the best representation of vanilla. As they stated, but we know that it won’t matter to you what they said. As they were merely stating their intentions at the time.

Classic is the frozen yogurt version of Vanilla.

Now this I do somewhat agree with. Although, there were some great mobs in Stratholme that were obvious casters, so you tried to LoS pull them… then they just stood there summoning imps.

However, LoS pulling only trivializes the dungeon if the tank is able to hold all the mobs, and back then they didn’t have nearly the AoE tanking ability they do now. I understand people are able to do so by doing things like using dps abilities and two handers in low level dungeons. If that works in high level dungeons, then I would say it should be tuned.

Otherwise… your basic pull of 4 mobs, CC 1-2 of them, LOS pull the others and focus fire them down, ain’t rocket science but it’s harder than just blindly zerging along.

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Nintendo hard.

Another funny thing… in another thread I noticed somebody suggesting using “raid markers”. Those definitely did not exist for the overwhelming majority of vanilla. Maybe 1.12 is when they were added, but I know my guild entered MC only in March 2006, and we had to engage in endless shenanigans to, e.g., distinguish the individual adds on Garr.

In dungeons you referred to mobs by name or by left to right, etc. Was funny when raid markers came out and I realized nobody would ever refer to a mob by name again.

One of the holiday bosses awarded an “Elune Stone” as a quest reward that allowed you to spotlight a location. This was absolutely huge… :slight_smile:

So much farming and daily CDs to make stones so we could tell everyone If you get [Mechanic] go to the light!

Raiders first raid marker by Elune’s Blessing. Coming to a Lunar Festival near you! (not really, hope you lowbies have the FP or cave of death rep)

All these whiners about 1.12 & easy-mode (which if true is wonderful.)

You know they’ll still be playing when Classic hits.

Either that, or they are paid private server shills just trying to keep people from playing Classic by doomsaying and making sure the private servers continue to get “donations”.

Yes, it does actually. Did you even watch the video? Or just skim through it. They were talking about adding servers with TBC content in addition to vanilla, not transitioning the classic servers to other expansions. The TBC or Classic++ servers would be completely different servers.

Ha… or are a druid…

I was there.

  • Scholo as a Warlock, there’s a room that lots of zombies come and you need to AOE them down. You die. No excuses. Healers can’t keep you up as you inferno. If this isn’t happening, it’s not Classic.
  • LBRS. There are mobs who charge. If you get aggro, they’ll charge and 1-shot you. If this doesn’t happen, you either is very geared (Tier 2) or it’s not Classic.
  • Druids can only heal L60 dungeons with very good gear, not the crap you obtain while questing.
  • They can’t tank too. No way.

Classic Dungeons and zones are deadly. Capisce?
Otherwise it’s not Classic. I was there. I know and I remember.

The dungeons being easy is not that big of a deal, but the raids being easy is a major problem. Raids were designed to be challenging and only the most dedicated and skilled guilds cleared current content. If MC and Ony are tuned like the dungeons, every guild with close to 40 people at or close to 60 will be able to clear it as long as they have dowsers and a MT with a set that has 315 - 15 - 60 - 81 = 159 Fire Resist unbuffed.