[Classic] Can't transfer character, mailbox full

I’m told I can’t transfer my character Ln because they have mail. I have checked my mailbox and it says that all of my mailboxes are empty across my entire account.

You likely have pending mail from one or more recently completed quests. A couple of the Winterveil quests do that as well as one out in Western Plaguelands. They should arrive in 24-48 hours. Once they do just delete the mail and you should be able to transfer.


Can you delete the mail so I can transfer today?

No, I’m afraid not. This is not a contact point for in-game support. You can submit a ticket and a Game Master can take a look though. You can use this category, just be sure to fill out the description that you want the quest mail deleted so you can transfer.


I have the same issue, made a ticket that hasn’t been responded to yet. I even abandoned all quests

That won’t address mail that’s already been sent by a quest NPC. :frowning:

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I only had uncompleted PVP quests. I tried this last week and it didn’t work. So i’ve waited WELL over 24-48 hours.

Do you have any players on Ignore? The mail could be from them.

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Not a single person is on my ignore list

kk, then hopefully a blue (or a Game Master if you open a ticket) can clarify it. :slight_smile:

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Did you resolve the issue, Mancowmoo? it looks like you abandoned the tickets you had in.

I don’t see any mail on the character, so hopefully it was able to be cleared or no longer is an issue.

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I am having this exact issue- can’t transfer, because it says I have mail. But have none, at all!

I have opened a ticket over a day ago (US81476647) but so far no news?

Haven’t done a single quest pending an NPC mail that I can think of. Even canceled my entire quest log.

I’'m not in a guild, not in a PVP team, no auctions, no COD’s.

I managed to move 5 toons from Netherwind to faerlina, except this one!!! (Exarch, 70 BElf Pally). Any leads? Thanks!!!

You completed Honoring a Hero last week, which sends you a letter with the Bounty of the Harvest attached, looks like about a week later. It should actually show up around 8 pm pdt today. Once you receive it you should be able to clear out your mailbox.


Hey, that makes total sense. Phew.

However, I think I turned that in only 2-3 days ago! Is it literally A WEEK after?! :oof:

I really need to transfer before thursday… reckon that will be possible?


Sorry, looks like it’s a 48-72 hour delivery time on that one. I was looking at when you picked the quest up, not when you turned it in.


Oh, wait, so it’s 72Hs. from now still? Isn’t there a way to remove this incoming mail, or cancel it?

It’d be terrible to miss raid, and be unable to transfer, because of this dynamic. Really a big inconvenient as we do this once a week and It’d imply me losing like 10 days.

There’s also a transfer discount i’d be missing on, and so forth.

I beg of you, can’t you manually push this or move my toon somehow?

As I mentioned in my first response, the mail should be delivered around 8 pm PDT today.


If that is the case, problem solved…! Thanks a whole lot. Will keep an eye open for it.

Have a great one ahead!


same, I am stuck on a 6 hour Q time on grobbulus and can’t use the free transfer to go to a lower pop server so I can actually play the game. Honestly, just want the mail deleted so I can actually play

I’m having the same issue - Have to assume it was a quest that sent me mail but it’s been over 24 hours since I finished one that would prompt it and still not able to transfer.